Internet addiction is actually a social intention

Internet addiction is actually a social intention

The General Hospital of Beijing Military Region has created the so-called “Internet addiction diagnosis and treatment standard”, which defines Internet addiction as a mental behavior disorder and replaces the diagnostic sample of mental illness.

So-called, the standard has passed the expert demonstration organized by the Medical Administration of the Ministry of Health of the General Logistics Department of the PLA, and it is planned to be promoted to hospitals across the country after it is reported to the Ministry of Health.

  After the media reported the incident, it caused some controversy.

Most voices oppose the rate of replacing Internet addiction with mental illness. However, unfortunately, these voices are suddenly pale due to a lack of analysis of the formation mechanism of Internet addiction.

Watching a large group of people gesticulate around a hot topic, muttering a bunch of nonsense, and there are still people paying for such nonsense, is really a fun thing.

  The author also does not mean that Internet addiction is included in the category of mental illness. Although Internet addiction can cause mental behavior disorders, the cause of its formation cannot be attributed solely to psychology or mentality, and it may not be cured by the treatment of mental illness.Good internet addiction.

Perhaps converting Internet addiction to the local part of mental illness will bring considerable benefits to the mental hospital or the psychological clinic of the hospital, but that’s all.

The soft ribs of the “Internet Addiction Diagnosis and Treatment Standard” only look at Internet addiction from the physical and psychological dimensions, and just ignore the most important aspect of Internet addiction, the social dimension.

  In a sense, adding Internet addiction to the psychiatric site is actually a “demonization” of the Internet, and it is even a sign of another psychosocial disorder, the “Internet phobia.”

Since the majority of Internet addicts there are adolescents aged 13 to 17 who are online game addiction patients, here I take this group as an example to analyze the social dimensions of Internet addiction, and perhaps to treat Internet addiction.Not without help.

  According to statistics, there are currently about 40 million under-age Internet users in China, of which there are 4 million “Internet addiction teenagers”, accounting for about 10%.

In fact, there are very few people with Internet addiction in western countries. If it is only from a psychological and physical level, it is difficult to explain why there are so many people with Internet addiction in China, especially young people, and the proportion is so large.

In a certain country, “Internet addiction” is often regarded as the same thing as “drug addiction”. Naturally, many people are called “detoxification” in the same way to help young people quit Internet addiction, that is, using the “isolation method””, To keep them away from the Internet,” seeing nothing and keeping the mind out of the way “-this” firm wall and clear field “thinking is even reflected in some government regulations or policies, such as stipulating that Internet cafes cannot accommodate minors.

It must be said that this is a stupid way of “headache, foot pain and foot pain”, and the effect can be quite limited-because the cause of Internet addiction among teenagers is not the Internet itself, or even the InternetSeek from other places-the Internet is only a medium, and it can only show its various functions and effects, whether it is positive or okay, when it is integrated into a certain social and cultural context.

  In my opinion, the “Internet addiction” of adolescents is actually the product of the intersection of traditional Chinese culture and modern civilization, especially the Internet-in a sense, every Chinese person is a potential “Internet addict”Because traditional Chinese culture is inherently immune to the destructive side of the modern medium, the Internet.

Adolescents are more likely to become addicted than adults. In addition to their lack of judgment and self-control, it is more important that they do not encounter so many trivial issues in the adult world.

  China’s traditional culture values collectives rather than individuals, and even does not even have the concept of “individuals.” Naturally, it lacks the respect that people should have as individuals.

Thousands of years of feudal autocracy has shaped the nation’s severe slavery, and their deep sense of weakness and incompetence has captivated them, making it easy for them to gain some kind of psychology by controlling or abusing similar paths that are weaker than them.Compensation-Moreover, when a minion becomes a master, he is often more brutal than his original owner (this kind of cruelty can be a virtual violence in online games)-this is the most important socio-psychological basis of Internet addiction.

  Mr. Tao Hongkai, a visiting professor at Central China Normal University, who is famous for helping young people to quit internet addiction, said in a “deep breathing in mind” speech to more than 500 minors and their parents in Yinchuan:In people, the root is the unsuccessfulness of family education, the failure of exam-oriented education and the influence of bad social culture.

There is no panacea for quitting Internet addiction. It requires families, schools and society to take responsibility.

In fact, the reasons that Mr. Tao Hongkai said are mainly because our “adult-oriented” society affected by feudal dictatorship lacks due respect for human rights and does not regard them as “persons” with self-conscious individuals.”Looking at the cause-culture is quite inert and is the most difficult thing to change. The traditional” authoritarian cultural field “makes everything in it operate in the same direction of spin.

The Internet is diffuse, democratic, autonomous, and interactive. These characteristics of the Internet have made young people who face the oppression of the adult world in real life and lack autonomy find the feeling of being the master or controlling and manipulating others.So that the mental energy accumulated by them found a legitimate vent.

But slaves are still slaves after they belong to the master. If he cannot emerge from the dual structure of master / slave – the “master” of the virtual world of the network will eventually become the slave of the network.As an independent individual, he entered the network as a virtual “master”.

  In addition, the increase in population density resulting from the urbanization wave and the continuous increase in living space is another important cause of Internet addiction.

The increase in population density does not mean an increase in human-to-human communication. On the contrary, it means an increasingly brutal competition for survival and the loss of sincere relationships between people.

In modern urban society, man is lonely and lonely. Although he is a member of the crowd, it still does not help-he has become an atom.

This atomic existence makes people yearn for communication, whether it is a real or virtual substitute.

  A small reader of Ningxia’s “Huaxing Times” once wrote to the newspaper by e-mail-“I really want to thank the Internet!

Without the Internet, maybe more of us will fall into criminals or psychopaths.

Mom, I love you, and I can only tell you on the Internet, do you know?

I’m very lonely.

I long for the communication of the heart, when I am hurt, when I long for freedom . I don’t feel your love for me at all.

Did you know?

Sometimes I hate you.

I’m like a lifeless puppet, all my words and deeds can’t shrink the track you embed for me.

As a life, I bear the hope of the whole family, and this responsibility has crushed me.

It’s not hard to find out that the voice of this little reader has condensed almost all the causes of “Internet addiction”-contrary to what the “Internet addiction diagnosis and treatment standard” thinks, “Internet addiction” is notPsychosis, even the treatment and prevention of various types of mental illness, is actually a way of self-protection for those who are close to collapse to cope with or avoid the harm of reduced environment.

  Doctors have made clear the pathogenesis of a certain disease in order to prescribe the right medicine and better cure the body’s diseases.From the analysis of the mechanism of “Internet addiction”, we can trim it and try to quit the Internet addiction or avoid the destructiveness of the Internet with the “isolation method” of “not seeing the desire and disturbing the mind”.Is not a wise move-reality has also proven that this method has little effect.

The treatment of “Internet addiction” is a huge systematic project. Only by improving the social and cultural environment and eliminating the various social and cultural factors that produce “Internet addiction” can most people, including adolescents, be guided reasonably.Use the Internet and play a huge role in promoting social development.

Crying at the right time means being brave

Crying at the right time means being brave

“Crying” is often regarded as a shameful thing, or a full manifestation after a disaster. “Crying” makes people feel obscure and sad. In short, everyone hates “crying”!

In fact, the occasional “crying” is very good for your physiology. Have you heard of this?

  A study by psychologist William Fry of the University of Minnesota on crying for 5 years shows that men can cry up to 7 times a month and women cry more than 30 times.

Hasson, an evolutionary biologist at Tel Aviv University in Israel, says crying is a highly evolved act of humans.

Like language, only humans cry in the true sense.

  Although sorrow and mourning are the most powerful “tear bombs”, in addition to this, joy, anger, and fear of tears for everyone, such as too scared to cry, too happy to cry, and angry to cry.

It should be said that all these are a normal behavioral response of human beings.

  A recent Hassan study has found that tears can even send a signal of self-protection.

It can obscure people’s sight and prevent themselves from aggressive behavior towards others; at the same time, it can show their fragility, reduce mutual alertness and hostility, and not cause casual behaviors; further, the other party sees a watchA tearful face can also trigger pity and long unconscious support.

  At the same time, crying is an important means of emotional communication, which can establish a connection between people.

When you burst into tears in the face of others, you are sending a signal: I am sharing my most vulnerable emotions with you, and you see the most true side of me.

The other party sees all this and expects that if you trust him, both parties can become friends.

  Of course, crying does not always mean fragility, it can help the body release stress, and it is of great benefit to maintain physical health and mental balance.

For example, babies use crying to promote lung growth, and women love to cry and live longer than men.

  Fry did an interesting experiment: he let a person watch a moving movie and collect the tears they shed because of being moved; another group of people cut the onion and collected the tears they left because of spicy eyes.

It was found that catecholamines were contained in “emotional tears” that shed as a result of touching, but not in “reflective tears”.

Fry pointed out that catecholamines are a chemical released by the brain under emotional stress. If too much is accumulated in the body, it is likely to increase the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  ”Crying” is an emotional release. When you want to cry, you don’t have to be patient. At this time, you can eliminate “tears” in time and relax your body and mind.

So don’t “give laughter and swallow your tears!”

“The timely” crying “is also a sign of courage!

How the common brain responds to old age

How the common brain responds to old age

Mr. Zheng was originally an editor of a magazine. After retirement, he continued to write, and prose, poems, etc. appeared in the newspapers. He also often encouraged and persuaded his friends with “common brain, not old”.

However, one night, he got up for a small solution, and suddenly felt that his left leg was weak and almost fell.

At the hospital the next day, the doctor asked him to do an MRI, and the result showed brain atrophy.

Zheng Lao actually pressed a big rock in his heart, becoming dull and depressed, lethargic, let alone write an article, and even too lazy to speak.

  Brain atrophy is a condition in which the brain tissue cells are correspondingly reduced, and the brain volume is reduced and changed to varying degrees.

Heredity, traumatic brain injury, encephalitis, brain dilation, cerebral hypoxia, gas poisoning, alcoholism, etc. can cause brain atrophy and lead to neurological dysfunction. Its clinical manifestations are decreased memory, decreased thinking ability, emotional apathy, and muscle stiffness.Uncoordinated movements, etc.

The senile atrophy of the brain is mainly due to cerebral arteriosclerosis and long-term destruction of cerebral blood vessels.

  When people reach old age, all organs have entered a natural decline process. This general trend is irreversible, and the human brain is no exception.

This causes wrinkles in the skull, like the white hair on the head, which is a natural law of aging.

But does a decrease in brain cells affect one’s intelligence?

Relevant research data suggest that there are more than 100 billion human brain cells, and more than 90% are dormant, and less than 10% of the cells are involved in functional activities of the brain nerves.

This shows that the potential of brain cells is large, and a small decrease in brain cells does not affect the exertion of human intelligence.

Alzheimer’s brain atrophy is a slow stepwise process, and it is one of the signs and causes of Alzheimer’s disease, but it is not equal to Alzheimer’s disease. This boundary cannot be replaced.

  How to deal with senile brain atrophy?

  First, don’t be afraid.

“They come, the security”.

The more ideological pressure, the worse the condition.

If the brain atrophy is detected and treated in time, there will be no ups and downs.

Lacunar infarction is also a senile disease. If the area is small, the lacunar space is separated, and there are no symptoms of focal nerve damage. Generally, there are no major obstacles. Area penetration and multifocal disease are generally good as long as they are treated in timeeffect.
  The second is not to be indifferent.

Despise it strategically, but confirm it tactically.

The cause of brain atrophy should be identified and treated in a timely manner.

If high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. cause or exacerbate brain atrophy, these primary diseases must be treated.

If it is brain atrophy with small stroke, Parkinson’s disease, etc., then these complications must be treated without delay.

  The third is not to leave it alone.

There is no effective treatment for senile brain atrophy.

So are we at a loss?


We can delay the development of brain atrophy and prevent it from turning into Alzheimer’s.

In addition to taking certain brain cell resuscitation agents and cerebral circulation enhancers as prescribed by your doctor, you must also use the brain reasonably.

Use and retreat the brain, but do not use the brain too much; read books, write newspapers, write articles, it is advisable to feel relaxed and happy; do not hold back, do not stand hard, put high demands on yourself.

Develop a variety of hobbies and get a proper rest in the mind.

Get plenty of sleep.

Participate in social activities, collective activities, exchange of ideas, and physical activity within your ability.

Take part in physical exercises that are suitable for you, such as gateball, walking, and Tai Chi.

Pay attention to diet and nutrition, change bad habits such as smoking and alcohol abuse.

  The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University

Children talking back are related to improper education methods

Children talking back are related to improper education methods

Dafan children and their parents talk back mainly in the following situations: (1) Although the child has done something wrong, but is bored by the parents’ boundless and lengthy preaching; (2) the child has shown repentance after the mistake, but the parent ‘sDealing with calmness makes them feel that their parents have some trivial problems; (3) the child did not do anything wrong but was blamed for no reason; (4) the parents forced them to do what they did not want to do or did not want to do immediately; (5) Conflicts between parents, the children are implicated for no reason.

From the above, judging from the children and their parents is indeed “a slap does not sound”, parents correct and reflect on themselves, and put more effort into the education method!

At the same time, we must have a sense of tolerance, because after all, children nowadays have received education early, and they have more contact with the media, and talking back is also a way for children to recover their bad emotions, which can also show that their ability to judge right and wrong is strong.

But talking back is not a good way to solve problems. Once used to nature, it is not conducive to his learning and growth, and even affects the harmony of interpersonal relationships after growing up.

Therefore, as a parent, you need to guide from the following aspects: First, calm down and reward and punish: as a parent, no matter how big a mistake your child makes, do n’t be impatient. You must first understand the context of the matter, and then decide how to deal with it.Jointly suspected, do not turn over the old account.

Before giving rewards and punishments, you must explain the truth and convince your children thoroughly.

Second, attach importance to preaching by words: Children have strong imitation skills. As parents, they should show due respect to their parents or supervisors, and have less disputes with them, otherwise it will affect children.

Third, give children the right to defend: Even if they know that they are quibbling, they must patiently listen to them after they finish speaking, and then use the situation to help them recognize their mistakes.

If conditions allow, they can also choose to make up for their mistakes to make up for their mistakes, which is often their most willing to accept.

How to buy quality toys for your baby-

How to buy quality toys for your baby?

The best way to buy At present, the scale of conventional toy and children’s products companies are different, and the production levels are uneven. The products of some small family workshops and even underground factories cannot be guaranteed for simple quality.

It is best to choose a large shopping mall with high credibility, and it is necessary to obtain and keep a shopping voucher from the merchant to provide a basis for safeguarding possible consumer disputes.

  The general principle of selecting high-quality toys is to determine whether the raw materials are qualified.

Including main raw materials, fillers, coatings, paints, glues, etc. meet national safety standards.

The general judgment is mainly based on good sensory comfort (color, feel, smell, cleanliness, etc.).

  Second, the surface of wooden, plastic and metal toys, especially the edges, has no sharpness, sharp corners, no burrs, notches, and is not easy to be crushed and broken by children.

  Third, plush toys are not easy to remove hair, so as not to damage the baby’s respiratory tract and skin health.

  Fourth, if the small parts are attached, the seams are usually glued firmly to avoid accidents such as accidental eating of the baby.

  Fifth, if you bring a spring, gears, etc., make sure that there is a shielding device that cannot be easily removed by the baby, so as not to pinch your baby’s small hands.

  6. If you have a battery, the battery box cover needs to be securely fixed.

  Seven, if you can make a sound, the sound should not be too loud, so as not to affect your baby’s hearing.

  In addition, the “3C” compulsory product certification has been implemented for 6 categories of toy products such as baby carriages, electric toys, plastic toys, metal toys, catapult toys, and dolls. When purchasing these toys, it is necessary to see whether the products carry the “3C””Sign.

Of course, it also depends on whether the manufacturer ‘s name, address, date of production, materials or ingredients are suitable for the age of the toy, the implementation of the standard number, the certification, etc.

  The last point is that you must pay attention to the safety warnings on the toys and play safely!

Black people have a lot of fun and fitness

Black people have a lot of fun and fitness

Playing sports, aerobics, dancing, boxing, etc. are all familiar fitness methods. Here are some strange fitness methods.

Don’t look at them strangely, it is very good for our body.

  Running on the sand: more whiter running on the sand can stimulate the soles of the feet.

Jogging on the fine grain of sand can stimulate adrenal tissues, promote hormone secretion, and make the skin fair and shiny.

And it is best to choose after the hot bath, because the foot after the hot bath is more sensitive to the transmission of “signal” in the body.

  Reminder: In addition to sand, smooth pebbles are also a good choice.

  Inverted: Decompression of an organ is an inverted posture for the human body.

When the head of each body is inverted, the pressure on the organs is weakened or eliminated, and the muscles in some parts are loosened, and the blood quickly flows to the head.

It can improve the preventive effect on various diseases caused by the cause, improve blood circulation, enhance visceral function, and improve the fitness effect of relaxed muscles.

  Reminder: 1.

Ask someone for help at the beginning.


It’s really difficult to complete. Don’t force it.


Be careful not to hurt your hands.


Cardiovascular disease should not be performed to prevent accidents.


Patients with glaucoma, high myopia, diabetes, or retinal vascular disease should exercise caution because of increased intraocular pressure due to handstand.

  Crawling: A good helper for pregnant women for a long time makes it easy for the human body to induce cerebrovascular disease and spine and lumbar muscle strain.

In particular, moderate crawling in pregnant women can enhance the strength of the abdominal muscles and prevent dystocia. Postpartum crawling is conducive to uterine reduction.

  Reminder: 1.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing when crawling.


You can wear a knee pad for your blood pressure.


Climbing speed should be slow and climbing speed should be small. Repeat 2?
3 times at intervals of 20?
30 seconds.

  Hang upside down: relax your joints with your feet on single, parallel bars, or other fixed shelves, and put it upside down to treat back pain, sciatica, arthritis, etc.

  Reminder: 1.

It is not appropriate to take too long.


Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should not perform this exercise.


People with glaucoma and high myopia should not perform this exercise.

Food | Ninetowns Palace Harvest Season – Buckwheat Health

Food | Ninetowns Palace Harvest Season – Buckwheat Health

Buckwheat annual herb.

The stem is red and soft.

Leaves alternate, heart-shaped, with long stems.

The color is white or reddish.

Fruit thin triangle, with edges.

The fruit can be ground into powder to make pasta.

Buckwheat food is good for the green hills, and the mulberry is full of Fangzhou.

Buckwheat “buckwheat health” buckwheat protein is rich in lysine, iron, manganese, zinc and other trace elements are richer than ordinary grains, and rich in rich fiber, 10 times that of general refined rice; buckwheat is rich in vitaminsE and soluble plasma fiber, together with gluconic acid and rutin (rutose), rutin has the effect of lowering blood lipids and cholesterol, softening blood vessels, protecting vision and preventing cerebral vascular hemorrhage.

Containing niacin components can promote the body’s metabolism, enhance detoxification ability, also has the function of expanding small blood vessels and reducing blood; buckwheat is rich in magnesium, can promote human fibrinolysis, expand blood vessels, inhibit the formation of blood clotsIt has anti-embolic effect and is also beneficial for lowering serum plasma, so buckwheat has a good nutritional and health care effect.

Buckwheat is sweet and cold, has an appetizing wide intestine, and is suffocated.

Treatment of sputum sputum, gastrointestinal stagnation, chronic diarrhea; at the same time, buckwheat can also do noodles, glutinous rice, jelly and other foods.

Buckwheat is rich in nutrients, which can not only give people food, give grass, give poultry, give honey, but also prevent disease and cure health. Buckwheat skin has always been a good material for pillows, and long-term use of buckwheat pillows is clear and hot.eyesight.

The beauty is sweet and crisp, and a spoonful of the heart is melted into the face. The oil is more fragrant, and the new oil cake is the first to taste the noodle cake.

荞 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 , , , , , 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 , , 粑 , 粑 粑 , , , , , , , , , , , , ,Strictly check.


Green health and enjoy a low-key luxury.

Focus on buckwheat harvest processing process buckwheat shelling and milling process flow chart If you like our buckwheat welcome you to order phone: 0477-3117999 read so many buckwheat food and ask you hungry!


Jiuchenggong Tourist Resort, the small two waiting for the guests, you come to the food and crafts, we also have a good view, knocking on the simple game, knocking delicious food waiting for you!

– Autumn Tour Jiucheng Palace – Ike Khan Mongolian nomadic tribe Yuanyuan Inn train camp real people eat chicken specialties Erdos · Jiucheng Palace travel route.

Bus route (Dongsheng District) 26 Road: Bus Station – Zoo – Garden City – Jiucheng Palace – Donglian Animation City.


Self-driving route Baotou: Via Baomao Expressway – Dongsheng District – Zoo – Garden City – Jiucheng Palace Yulin: Jingmao Expressway – Dongsheng District – Zoo – Garden City – Jiucheng Palace Hohhot: Driving along the Beijing-Tibet Expressway 123.7 km, cross the Wudanggou Bridge, head toward Erdos/Xi’an/G65, turn slightly to the right ramp, shift 980 meters along the ramp, and go straight into the Baomao Expressway – Dongsheng District – Zoo – Garden City – Jiucheng Palace source: Jiucheng Palace Tourist Resort

Buzhong Yiqi Cake

Buzhong Yiqi Cake

[原料] 鸡蛋10个、党参、黄芪、红枣各20克、炙甘草6克、当归9克、白术9克、升麻5克、柴胡5克、陈皮9克、生姜15克、白糖600克, 2 grams of soda.

  [制作] 将党参、黄芪、当归、升麻、柴胡、陈皮、生姜、炙草、白术柴胡、红枣去灰渣、加工,烘干研成细末,鸡蛋打入盆内,用掸蛋Add the sugar, continue to simmer, add the egg syrup and the sugar, and add the flour, Chinese medicine powder, and the soda to simmer until they become one.

Place a layer of fine straw paper in the steamer, pour the egg syrup into a flat roll, steam for about ten minutes, take it out and turn it on a chopping board, and cut into 20 strips with a knife.

  [Usage]Serve with meals.

  [Function]Buzhong Yiqi is suitable for early menstruation caused by qi deficiency.

Homosexuality and heterosexuality are a manifestation of love

Homosexuality and heterosexuality are a manifestation of love

Homosexuality and heterosexuality are the same, they are both the expression of normal emotions, but they cannot be accepted by most traditional concepts.

The public should treat homosexuality rationally. It is a complex social phenomenon.

Therefore, when emotions transcend worldly boundaries, please do not discriminate against this innocent love.

  Ennis came to Jack’s tomb, and he wanted to take his ashes away and bring them back to the sprouting place of love: Brokeback Mountain . It was a bright summer, cheerful and outgoing Jack and introverted Ennis were on the ranch.Working part-time, the two young and energetic boys didn’t have much intersection. Under the kind of broken back mountain where no humans shit, the two groups of heat are intertwined.

  In the middle of a cold winter night, stimulated by alcohol and hormones, Ennis and Jack did what they should not do.

It was also from that moment that two 19-year-olds fell in love, one was cooking, the other was raising a sheep, having a long talk by the fire, loving in a tent, and having the pure and true love between the same sex with the two through the best of lifeSummer time.

  God is not beautiful, and their “taboo” relationship had to “separate” after grazing was over.

After returning to normal life, they each have their own families, married and had children, but Ennis and Jack’s deep-rooted love is still inseparable.

  Four years later, Jack accidentally passed by the place where Ennis lived, and the two met again.

After a long reunion, they hugged each other tightly, and their hot emotions burst out like volcanic eruptions.

In the following ten years, the exchanges between the two parties were so great that Ennis’s wife discovered the truth of her husband’s “derailment”, which also caused huge secular prejudices and pressure on homosexuals.

  When Jack was killed for homosexuality, everything was over.

Once in a humble life, innocent love turned into cloud smoke, leaving Ennis alone and wandering alone.

Distressed Ennis came to Jack’s parents’ farm. In Jack’s room, he discovered a secret: when they first met, their shirts were neatly put on the same hanger.

This secret made Ennis burst into tears, how much he called Jack loved him, and how much he loved Jack.

The dream is broken and the only thing that witnesses this intense love is the beautiful and magnificent Brokeback Mountain . Nowadays, gay men are called “broken back” because of this famous film Brokeback Mountain.

In the film, the feelings of the two heroes range from plain to high tide, from high tide to separation, from separation to recombination, from recombination to ups and downs, and finally, life and death.Love is deeper than heterosexual love.

  In the eyes of many people, homosexuality is often considered to be a perverted behavior that violates Chang Lun. In fact, homosexuality and heterosexuality are the same, and both belong to the expression of normal emotions. From a psychological perspective, homosexuality also belongs to the standard of normal emotions, rather thanAbnormal behavior.

Therefore, the public should treat homosexuality rationally. It is a complex social phenomenon. Single individual consciousness, social ethics, or natural laws cannot accurately define homosexual behavior.

  Therefore, when emotions transcend worldly boundaries, please do not discriminate against this innocent love.

Chinese cabbage and radish soup

Chinese cabbage and radish soup

As the saying goes, “Eating radish in winter and ginger in summer” and “radish go on the market, Lang Zhong was laid off.

“It is an irreplaceable proportion on the winter table in many families. In addition to soup, stir-fried vegetables, radishes, there are many new ways of eating and the effect of symptomatic treatment.

Here are a few to recommend to you, I hope to be helpful to everyone.


hzh {display: none; }  ◆白萝卜“越辣”防癌效果越好  白萝卜作为蔬菜佳品,营养成分丰富,富含B族维生素和多种矿物质,其中维生素C含量为梨的10倍.

White radish also has antiviral and anticancer effects.

The crude fiber contained in white radish can stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, the so-called smooth air, reduce the time that feces stay in the body, and prevent colon and rectal cancer.

  The interferon-inducing agent in white radish has a double-bond ribonic acid that is more resistant to enzymes in the oral cavity, is not easily degraded during swallowing, and has no side effects.

Preliminary research by some domestic medical scientists found that the interferon inducer contained in white radish was injected into mice and found that the malignant tumor in the body was reduced by 50%?

  The mustard oil and glucosides contained in white radish can interact with a variety of enzymes to form a spicy anticancer component.

Therefore, the more spicy the white radish, the more such ingredients, the better the anti-cancer performance.

  ◆ Want to use radish as ginseng?

Teach you how to eat the most curative[radish sugar]-relieve sore throat, radish contains a certain mustard, which makes radish contain a natural spicy taste, plus radish itself has anti-inflammatory function, winter caused by a cold throatPeople with pain and stuffy nose can use radish to solve these annoying problems.

You can shred the white radish into juice, prepare a piece of gauze, apply the white radish juice to the gauze, or dip the juice with a cotton ball and stuff it in the nostrils.

Repeat 2 in this way?
Symptoms of nasal congestion will be relieved naturally 3 times, about 5 minutes each time.

If you have a sore throat, you can make “radish candy” by yourself, cut the radish into small pieces, and marinate with an appropriate amount of honey. After the radish rises in the honey, take it out and eat it every time your throat hurts.Certain relief.

  [White Radish Leaf Tea]-Beauty Eat radish beauty, you may not have heard of it, you may ask how much radish to eat to achieve the effect of beauty?

In fact, do not eat too much radish, make a little white radish leaf tea, not only enjoy the nutrition of radish, but also do not eat too much radish.

White radish leaves are rich in various vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and especially the content of vitamin C is more than 4 times that of rhizomes.

Vitamin C can prevent skin aging, prevent the formation of pigmentation, and keep the skin white and tender.

In addition, vitamin A and vitamin C have anti-oxidant effects, which can effectively inhibit cancer and prevent skin aging and arteriosclerosis.

In addition to vitamins, the supplementary fiber content of white radish is very considerable, especially the plant fiber contained in the leaves is more abundant.

These plant fibers can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, eliminate constipation, and trigger detoxification, thereby improving skin roughness and acne.

When making radish leaf tea, we can clean the white radish leaves and dry them for 3?
4 days, after drying, put 30 grams of dried white radish leaves into 1 liter of water and cook. After boiling, change to medium heat, cook for a few minutes, and drink after filtering. If you feel it is not good, you can add a littleThe sugar will taste better.

  [Boiled radish]-Vitamin C in radish is better than gastrointestinal medicine. It can help remove waste from the body and promote the body’s metabolism.

Especially white radish or water radish, the added enzyme can promote digestion in advance.

  Generally, enzymes can absorb the starch in food, and can more effectively dissolve the accumulation of food in the stomach, thereby having a good digestive effect and preventing stomach pain and gastric ulcer.

  In the case of richness at the top, you can make a cabbage radish soup, which not only tastes delicious, but also speeds up digestion and nourishes the stomach and warms up.

The method is very simple. Wash Chinese cabbage, white radish, carrots and tofu, cut into strips of similar size, and simmer them in boiling water for later use.

Set the pot on the fire and add the appropriate amount of oil to the 50% heat. Stir the chilli sauce and pour the broth. Put the white radish, carrot, and tofu in the pot together. Add the Chinese cabbage after the high heat.Season with salt and monosodium glutamate, and sprinkle with coriander.

  [Icing sugar radish]-It can moisturize the lungs and cool the radish, and has a certain effect of moistening the lungs and coughing, especially in winter, some people often have symptoms such as hot and sputum, and lung discomfort.。
  Raw radish is a method that is not only cool and hydrated, but also diuretic and healthy.

At the same time, making some rock radish is especially effective.

Use one of the new white radishes, round and big belly.

Wash the radish, dry it with water, cut a knife across the top 1/3 of the radish, put the top side aside, hollow out the lower center with a small knife, pay attention to the side of about 1 cm, and put rock sugar in the hollow.
Then cover the top of the radish and secure it with toothpicks around. Put the radish in a sealed jar and store it in the refrigerator. Take it out after five or six days. Open the radish, and the rock sugar inside has become a thick juice.

Just put the radish in the right direction, the water will run out when it is crooked.

This radish juice has a good nourishing effect on the lungs.
  Radish skin treats rheumatism, and the analgesic effect of radish is very good. This is mainly because radish has good water function and can be used to reduce swelling.

  In winter, if you have muscle or joint pain, you can cut the radish skin directly as a dressing and apply it to the affected area. You can also put the radish skin in a gauze bag for hot compresses.

When you have a toothache, you can put a hot pack on the surface of your cheeks, or you can dipped a bit of radish juice in an absorbent cotton ball and place it on the gums of your bad teeth.

  People often eat too much meat in winter, and it is easy to get sputum and get angry.

When eating meat with a little radish, or make some radish-based dishes, not only will not get angry, but will also perform a good nutritional nourishing effect.