Northbound funds net purchases of more than $ 30 billion this week hit a nine-week high

Northbound funds net purchases of more than $ 30 billion this week hit a nine-week high

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  Original title: Northbound funds ‘net purchases this week exceeded 30 billion, a record high of nearly nine weeks, and the A-share market fluctuated and closed on February 7. It has increased for four consecutive trading days.

  However, Northbound funding turned to a net reduction.

As of the close of February 7, the total amount of northbound funds was reduced by 32.

9.9 billion yuan.

Among them, Shanghai Stock Connect has a net transparency of 8.

27 yuan, Shenzhen Stock Exchange net decrease of 24.

7.2 billion.

  In the five trading days of the Chinese Lunar Year, there was a net inflow of 300 funds from the north.

600 million yuan, of which, the net inflow of Shanghai Stock Connect was 180.

9.3 billion yuan, with a net inflow of 119.

At $ 6.7 billion, weekly net purchases hit a record high of nearly nine weeks.

  Among the top ten stocks traded on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets, the top three net purchases were Longji (601012), Shanghai Airport (600009), and Ningde Times (300750), which had net purchases of 2 northbound funds.

5.5 billion, 2.

1.2 billion yuan, 1.

7.5 billion yuan.

  The top three net sales were Midea Group (000333), Hikvision (002415), Yili (600887), and the net sales amount was 5 respectively.

3.9 billion yuan, 2.

8.1 billion yuan, 2.

7.6 billion yuan.

  From the top ten active trading stocks listed on the Shanghai-Shenzhen Stock Connect on the daily list, from February 3 to February 7, a total of 32 stocks were listed on the active trading list. The 佛山桑拿网 largest transaction amount was Guizhou Maotai (600519)., This week a total of 162 transactions.

9.6 billion; followed by Ping An of China (601318), with a cumulative turnover of 110.

2.8 billion; Gree Electrical Appliances (000651) and Ningde Times have higher turnover.

  In terms of net purchases and sales, among the stocks listed this week, the largest net purchase amount is also Moutai, Guizhou, with a net purchase amount of 35 this week.

09 trillion, followed by Gree Electric, Ningde era, the net purchase amount was 20.

8.5 billion, 20.

6.2 billion.

Among the net stocks sold, Lixun Precision (002475) had the largest net sales amount, with a net sales amount of 6 this week.

8 billion.

  Among them, Ningde Times recently announced that it has reached a two-year cooperation with Tesla to supply lithium-ion power 上海夜网论坛 battery products to it from July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2022.

  As the global leader in lithium batteries, Ningde Times rose 3 on February 3.

67%, the next two trading days recorded two daily limit, rose again on February 6 nearly 4%, just four trading days, the Ningde era has continued to soar more than 30%.

  From the perspective of the industry, among the active stocks listed this week, the pharmaceutical and biological industry is the most concentrated, with 5 stocks on the list.

  Guoxin Securities believes that foreign countries, as a typical “smart” fund, have ceased the layout of A shares in the past six months. This is a market behavior under the global replacement of assets. What is more behind it is that the current A shares haveHigher costs. At the current point in time, the fact that the institution believes that A shares have higher allocation value is still valid, and the trend of continued foreign inflows will also continue.