Don’t commit the contraindication of Chinese medicine and western medicine

Don’t commit the contraindication of Chinese medicine and western medicine

The combined application of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine is very common in clinical practice, and there are also contraindications between Chinese and western medicine.

The contraindications between the compatibility of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine antibiotics are as follows.

  Chinese medicines containing organic acids: such as schisandra, honeysuckle, dogwood, ligustrum, ume, peony, hawthorn, coriander, papaya, tangerine peel, etc.

  Avoid compatibility with aminoglycosides and macrolide antibiotics, because these traditional Chinese medicines can increase the acidity of urine after metabolism in the body, and weaken the antibacterial efficacy of these antibiotics.

  It is forbidden to be compatible with thiamine drugs and acetyl compounds, because it can lead to an acidic environment, reduce the solubility of sulfa drugs, cause sulfa drugs to precipitate in the urinary system, form crystals, and cause crystallized urine, hematuria, urinary closure, etc.

  Basic alkaline Chinese medicines: such as jellyfish, keel, oysters, corrugated seeds and some proprietary medicines such as rhubarb soda tablets, Wubeisan, etc.

  配 Compatibility with aminoglycoside antibiotics can increase the absorption of aminoglycoside antibiotics, increase blood concentrations, enhance effects, and increase toxic and side effects at the same time. Pay attention to dose adjustment and monitoring for long-term compatibility applications.

  Avoid using with penicillins, cephalosporins, tetracyclines, furantoin, etc. The alkaline environment can affect the absorption of these drugs and reduce the degree of action.

  Traditional Chinese medicines containing metal ions: such as gypsum, mother-of-pearl, keel, oysters, talc, Mingshi, vermiculite, magnets and other shell minerals.

Avoid using in combination with tetracyclines and macrolides, so as not to reduce or disappear the efficacy.

  Chinese medicines rich in metabolites: gallicia, gardenia, pomegranate skin, edible elm, etc. Compatible with drugs such as tetracycline family, lincomycin, etc., can easily form precipitates and make the drug lose its curative effect.

At the same time, because these sulfides have certain toxicity to the liver, they can be used together with hepatotoxic drugs such as erythromycin, tetracycline, rifampicin, isonicotine, and can aggravate liver damage.

  Traditional Chinese medicine with antibacterial effects: such as honeysuckle, dandelion, Coptis chinensis, Cotinus coggygria, Forsythia, Houttuynia cordata, etc., it is forbidden to be used in combination with bacterial preparations such as lactase, yeast tablets, intestinal growth, and enzyme-enzyme tabletsCan inhibit or reduce the activity of fungal preparations.

4 conditioning medicated meals for patients with liver disease

4 conditioning medicated meals for patients with liver disease

The pace of winter is getting closer and closer, and the temperature is gradually falling. What should you eat in your health? What should you pay attention to before the arrival of solar terms?

  What to eat in the health regimen

Eat more staple foods, eat mutton, quail and sea cucumber protein appropriately, trace amounts and carbohydrates are called thermogenic nutrients.

Therefore, in winter, we must appropriately increase the supplement of staple foods and oils to ensure the supply of high-quality protein.

Dog meat, lamb, beef, chicken, venison, shrimp, pigeon, quail, sea cucumber and other foods have a small amount of protein and produce a lot of products, and the best effect of cold protection.


Kelp, seaweed can promote thyroxine secretion and produce thyroid hormone secreted by the human body called thyroxine, which can accelerate the oxidation of many tissue cells in the body, increase the body’s heat production capacity, increase the basal metabolic rate, accelerate skin blood circulation, andCold and cold, and foods containing iodine can promote thyroid hormone secretion.

Foods rich in iodine are: kelp, laver, hairpin, jellyfish, spinach, Chinese cabbage, corn, etc.


Animal livers, carrots can increase cold resistance, cold climates cause significant changes in human vitamin metabolism.

Increased intake of vitamin A and vitamin C can enhance cold resistance and adaptability to cold, so that blood vessels have a good protective effect.

Vitamin A comes mainly from animal liver, carrots, dark green vegetables, etc. Vitamin C comes mainly from fresh fruits and vegetables.


Sesame, sunflower seeds can provide the essential elements of the human body cold resistance Bai Maogen lean broth ingredients: 250 grams of lean pork, 60 grams of Bai Maogen.

  Measures: (1) Wash the white grass root and cut into sections; wash lean pork and cut into pieces; (2) put all the ingredients together in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil the fire slowly, simmer slowly until the meatReady to eat.

  How to eat: Daily or every other day.

  Efficacy: clearing away heat and dampness, strengthening the spleen and stomach.

It is suitable for those who are active in damp and hot during the active period of chronic hepatitis. It is evidenced by jaundice, unfavorable urination, and general nausea.

  Ingredients for Poria porridge: Poria powder 30 grams, previously rice 100 grams, and jujube 20 pieces.

  Measures: (1) Wash the rice and jujube separately, put them in the same pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook them into porridge; (2) After cooking porridge, add Poria powder and cook for a few times before serving.

  How to eat: Warm and fasting, or add brown sugar according to taste.

Take 2 times daily, morning and evening.

  Efficacy: spleen and nourish the liver, dampness and dispel evil, its medicinal properties are peaceful, nourishing but not greasy, beneficial but not harsh, suitable for patients with various types of chronic hepatitis.

  Quinoa stewed black chicken Ingredients: 1 female black chicken, astragalus 30?
60 grams, 2 Cordyceps sinensis.

  Method: Remove the viscera, hair, and wash the black chicken. Add astragalus and cordyceps, and boil it over high heat, then simmer it with low heat. When cooked, put in salt, MSG and other spices.edible.

  Efficacy: strengthening the spleen and nourishing qi, filling deficiency and filling essence.

It is suitable for those who suffer from deficiency of qi and blood and lack of liver and kidney in chronic liver disease. They have shown fatigue, shortness of breath, easy to catch cold, and pale tongue.

  Ligustrum medlar lean broth ingredients: 250 grams of lean meat, 30 grams of Ligustrum lucidum, 15 grams of medlar, 5 jujubes.

  Method: (1) Wash Ligustrum lucidum, Chinese wolfberry, jujube (denucleated), wash and cut the lean pork; (2) Add all the ingredients to the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil the fire, thenSlow cook 2?
After 3 hours, season and serve.

  How to eat: Eat meat and soup, eat in moderation.

  Efficacy: Nourish liver and kidney, suitable for those with chronic liver and kidney yin deficiency.

Symptoms include liver pain and discomfort, backache fatigue, dizziness, hot flushes, night sweats, five upsets, thirst, red tongue and less moss, and pulse count.

  Kernel porridge ingredients: 60 grams of barley kernels, 60 grams of yam, 200 grams of previous rice.

  Method: Wash the barley kernels, yam, rice before, add the right amount of water, and cook into porridge.

  How to eat: Take it daily with the amount.

  Efficacy: Spleen and stomach.
Applicable to those with chronic liver disease, spleen deficiency, and unsuccessful spleen, evidence of abdominal distension, loss of appetite, thin stools, thick tongue coating, etc.

  Lidong tonic precautions Lidong tonic, don’t blindly “tonic” diet and maintenance must follow the ancient training of “autumn and winter nourishing yin”, “no disturbance to the yang”, “the mediocrity makes up for the cold, the chilly is warm”, with the change of climateAnd regulate your diet.
Eat less cold, but also not hot, and some purposely eat some Ziyinyangyang, scattered supplement is appropriate, but also eat more fresh vegetables lack of vitamins, such as: beef and mutton, black chicken, catfish, drink soy milk, milk,Eat more radishes, greens, tofu, fungus, etc.

It should be noted here that the developing countries have a wide range of members, different geographical environments, different people’s lifestyles, and both belong to the winter season. The climate conditions in the northwest and southeast coasts are different.

  The northwestern region is cold in winter. Tonics should be warm and hot, such as cattle, sheep, dog meat, etc. Although the south of the Yangtze River has already entered winter, the temperature is much milder than that in the northwestern region. Tonics should be supplemented with clear tonics.The taste of warmth, such as chicken, duck, and fish; is located in the plateau and mountainous areas, where the rainfall is reduced and the climate is dry, you should use fruits and vegetables of sweetness and health, rock sugar.

In addition, it should be different from person to person, because there are grains, fruits and vegetables, people are different from men and women, young and old, and the body (physical constitution) is based on the fact that the body is cold and hot.Re-education, middle-age readjustment, old age re-insurance, delay re-delay.

Therefore, “Winter Order Tonic” should be selected according to the actual situation of clear, warm, small, large, and must not blindly “tonic.”

Essential anti-fatigue foods

Essential “anti-fatigue” foods

Here are some “anti-fatigue” foods that not only ensure a balanced diet, but also maintain good health, so that you can work 100% more mentally!
  Biscuits: The main ingredient of biscuits is wheat. The energy provided by biscuits comes from their carbohydrate content.
In breakfast, the energy provided by ordinary biscuits, butter biscuits or biscuits dedicated to breakfast can ensure that people are energetic until lunch.
If you eat another fruit, an egg, and a glass of milk, it is a complete and energetic breakfast, which will ensure that you are full of energy throughout the morning.
Afternoon refreshments, a few biscuits and a drink can keep you full of work enthusiasm until after work.
  Fruit: Provides vitamins. The brain needs multiple vitamins and minerals to function properly.
B vitamins and vitamin C are particularly important for maintaining the body’s intelligence and strength.
Folic acid is an indispensable vitamin for the growth and development of the human body and the functioning of the nervous system, which is beneficial to improving learning ability and memory.
Green leafy vegetables (such as lettuce, lettuce, spinach, etc.), melon and strawberry have the highest levels of folic acid.
Vitamin C helps keep cognitive activities (memory and learning) effective.
Vegetables and fruits with high vitamin C content include guava, parsley, sweet pepper, kiwi, strawberry, and orange.
So make sure to eat 1-2 fruits and 500 grams of vegetables every day.
  Dried fruits: Energy supplements: After physical activity (hiking, playing tennis, etc.) and mental activities, you can chew some dried fruits or dried fruits, etc., to quickly replenish your strength.
So you should always put some dried apricots, almonds or hazelnuts in your school bag in case you need them.
  Dairy products: Essentials of the body Dairy products can provide you with protein, vitamins and calcium, and will not contain too much fat.
In addition, during insomnia, drinking a glass of warm milk half an hour before going to bed each night helps sleep.
  Beverage: Selective use Moderate drinking mineral water is very effective for replenishing minerals.
Mineral water contains more or less mineral salts (the content of calcium, sodium and magnesium varies), so it can meet our daily nutritional needs.
Magnesium helps the regular conversion of substances in the body. Calcium can supplement the deficiency of dairy products, and sodium can prevent the body from dehydration.

5 best cosmeceutical brand skin care products


5 best cosmeceutical brand skin care products

Looking around, not only the various medicines are displayed inside, various skin care products have also set up counters: Vichy, LRP Laroche-posay, AVENE, Uriage and Freeplus . Many consumersGive them a common name-cosmeceuticals.

Natural plant brand Fleursine safe skincare Freeplus Fleurs does not contain hot spring water, but it is currently developing rapidly in China.

It is a cosmeceutical brand attached to Kanebo cosmetics in Japan.

In the Japanese market, it has the highest market share among competing products.

Nine counters have been opened in Chengdu.

Vichy: To make healthy skin healthier The hot spring water used by Vichy is sulfuric acid-based hot spring, but it is not effective and is more suitable for healthy skin.

Vichy’s hot spring water contains the most minerals and trace elements, especially rich in calcium, copper, iron, and manganese, which can promote the regeneration and healing of epidermal and dermal molecules, “firm” the natural protective barrier of the skin; keep the skin young and active.
La Roche-Posay: Designing strengths for problematic skin: oil control, acne-removing, sensitive skin, photoaging skin careThe field of treatment.

Avene: Gentle repair of sensitive skin Strengths: Poorly tolerated skin, dehydrated skin, special dry / atopic dermatitis care Avene’s hot spring water is also based on the content of silicon dioxide, so you can use Avene skin care with Avene skin careProducts, focusing on allergic / sensitive skin care, can help fragile damaged skin repair and rebuild the natural protective barrier-hydrolipid film.

Yiquan: natural extracts have significant strengths: oil control, acne, freckle, anti-wrinkle Yiquan Dermatology Laboratory focuses on the development of functional skin care products, and among the added active ingredients, it is particularly beneficial to the extract of natural plants, And the effect is relatively obvious.

Feeding your baby to drink Chinese medicine can not add sugar

Feeding your baby to drink Chinese medicine can not add sugar

Traditional Chinese medicine decoction works very well, but it is bitter. Needless to say, it is difficult for adults to drink.

So some people think, in order to cover the bitter taste that is difficult to swallow, can you add some sugar to the soup?

This refreshing approach should not be promoted, otherwise the lighter will reduce the efficacy and the more serious will have side effects.

In each prescription, the composition of the medicine is different from “acid, bitter, sweet, acrid, and salty”, and the medicinal properties are also different from “cold, hot, warm, and cold.”

And sugars also have certain medicinal properties and effects. For example, sugars have the effects of nourishing the lungs, replenishing the spleen, and slowing the liver.Carbohydrates are also used in Chinese medicine.

However, it is also contraindicated in clinical use.

First of all, eating more will help heat. If the patient has full abdominal distension, dampness and heat stagnates the body, sputum accumulates in the body, thick tongue coating, etc., you can generally add sugar to avoid adverse reactions.

People with sputum should not take it.

In essence, white sugar is cool and brown sugar is warm. If white sugar is added to warm medicine, or brown sugar is added to cold medicine, it will attenuate the medicine, inhibit the full absorption of the effect, and affect the efficacy.

Thirdly, the chemical composition of traditional Chinese medicine is relatively complicated. Sugars, especially brown sugar, contain a large amount of elements such as iron and calcium. Proteins and metabolites in traditional Chinese medicine can be combined with them to cause chemical reactions.

Some active ingredients in the medicinal solution are coagulated and denatured, which in turn produces turbidity and precipitation, which not only affects the efficacy of the medicine but also endangers health.

Finally, some medicines work better by stimulating the secretion of the digestive glands by using bitterness.

Coptis chinensis, for example, excites the excitement of the taste analyzer and increases the excitement of the appetite center, which causes the secretion of gastric juice to increase reflexively, thereby exerting the effect of strengthening the stomach.

If you add sugar, this effect will be lost, and the effect of treatment will not be achieved.

A bowl of soup to see your single love index

A bowl of soup to see your single love index

In the midwinter season, many people like to boil some pretty soups to nourish.

Did you find yourself having a soup habit while enjoying the soup?

  1. The soup bowl usually contains more soup residue than soup. When you like a person, you usually prefer to hide it in your own inner world, because usually the objects you “think” about are more than some achievementsFor example, when you are studying, do you enter the senior class, or even the teacher is particularly fond of it; after entering social work, you usually pay attention to the supervisor or boss around you.

  After all, there is a distance between each other’s backgrounds, so you feel that you cannot develop this love at first, so you would rather be a single lover who silently appreciates the other person.

In this case, is it time to think about the difference between single love and love, don’t live again and again in your longing.

  2. No special selection, but generally there are too many soups. The soup is only decorated from small to large. You also think that you must be loyal to your own ideas. You don’t think that people can do one’s standard for others.

Therefore, if you do not get what you want, you will lose your temper and your emotions will become extremely volatile.

In love, when you like a person, you will become desperate. For example, you will change yourself to accommodate each other, desperately use Siberian, auntie policies, and even use the method of entanglement.Try your best to confess your emotions to each other, so when it comes to unrequited love, it is NOWAY for you!

  However, it is important to know that willfulness and love are only a few times behind. Are you careful to think that your love is due to personal possessiveness, or whether you really care and need each other.

  3, the habit of careful selection, usually only choose to eat the vegetables in the soup and say that you have a love lover, it is better to open up the truth that you are a “flower radish”.

In your past experience in dragging and dropping, you should choose A, B, or C. The story is gone, so you begin to say to yourself, it is better to keep going alone, so as to avoid subordinates.

  However, the ostrich policy is not the ultimate solution to a problem. A person has continuously learned to understand himself. Although love and friendship sometimes have gray areas, the boundaries are not always so difficult.

If you often have the right to have a two-minded mentality to love, it may end up being nothing more.

  4. The soup bowl will only be used to hold the soup. The soup will be eaten separately. You do everything, including emotional matters, and you want to get immediate rewards. So, in your mind, you do n’t know about unrequited loveWhat is it.

When you like one, you also need to know immediately that the other person is also interested in yourself. You would rather eat lemons refreshingly than wait for the answer painfully.

With regard to love, you can say that you have an indomitable spirit. After each “showdown” fails, you can quickly stand still and re-enter another “challenge”.

Your advantage is that you don’t get horny in terms of feelings, knowing that feelings need two people to go together.

  5. I will never be pregnant, and I will not eat soup residues. Although you hate unrequited love, somehow this seems to happen to you from time to time.

It is unknown whether the world is really so coincidental. Many times you think that the people who see the eye are already famous and have their own hearts.

Therefore, you have no choice but to accept the fact of unrequited love.

Even if you have thought about it, modern love is mostly fragile. In short, if a man is unmarried or a woman is unmarried, he has the right to continue to choose.Would rather wait for the next true love opportunity to come.

Five magic weapons to depress the working mother

Five magic weapons to depress the working mother

One of the magic tricks: keep in touch with friends. Modern mothers must not use their own family and career development as a reason to close themselves in the small space of the family. They must use open eyes to accept themselves and the people around them.

For example, moms can meet with friends once a month, call friends on holidays and ask for a good one, or substitute for a helping hand when friends are in trouble.

In this way, when you feel very nervous and worried, you can easily find a person to talk to, and friends can give a lot of specific help.

  Magic No. 2: Keep communicating with your family. Moms are better off making a plan to talk to their husbands about their worries and distress, and there are certain aspects that require their husbands to cooperate with themselves.

Once a week for about half an hour.

Communication can take place before bedtime or while watching TV.

When the child is 3 years old, the communication with the family should include the child.

Find a fixed weekend and spend half an hour on a family communication meeting.

If your child has some bad habits, such as picky eaters, you can discuss with your child how to solve this problem.

Children can also give their parents views and hopes.

  Magic weapon three: Self-consciousness of all kinds of pressure Moms can record their recent five major stresses according to their nervousness and severity of worry.

For example, a baby is sick and often works overtime .

Then, think about it one by one: These pressures will have some kind of impact on me. What is the worst result?

When mothers record these worst results one by one, they will find that these pressures are not so much, so that mothers will have the courage and confidence to face them.

  The fourth magic weapon: self-suggestion. When moms are in a bad mood, make self-suggestions before getting up in the morning and before going to bed at night, and persist for one to two months.

Take a deep breath first, then say aloud to yourself higher than the following sentence: “I’m a competent mother,” “I have confidence in myself”, “My mood will get better and better”, “I have the ability to do everythingEvent “and so on.

  Fifth magic weapon: treat stressful events with a positive attitude. For example, the mother dragged her tired body home, but the child is always entangled in the mother.

At this moment, the mother may feel very irritable, think that she is very hard, the child is annoying, and the husband has no sense of family responsibility.

If the mother changes her perspective at this time, she thinks about it this way: This shows that the child has a good relationship with me, but I can let the husband play with the child first. This not only meets the child’s needs, but also makes the child learn to be considerate of the adult.Hard work really kills two birds with one stone.

After changing your way of thinking, everything suddenly becomes relaxed and happy.

Anti-plaque starts at the age of 5

Anti-plaque starts at the age of 5

Whitening is a compulsory task of a woman’s life. As the saying goes, there is no ugly woman but only a lazy woman. Therefore, if you want to get rid of the spots thoroughly, you must understand the cause of the spots and the time period when the spots are prone. In this way, targeted whitening and freckle will be more effective.

  Children must be sun-protected when they are 5 or 6 years old. Otherwise, their skin is damaged and it is difficult to recover freckles. It is a congenital genetic disease.

Mostly appear at the age of five or six, and gradually increase with age.

The depth of freckles is related to the sun, dark in summer and light in winter.

Therefore, the best way to prevent freckles from increasing or deepening is sun protection.

Currently the safest way to remove freckles is liquid nitrogen freezing and laser treatment.

  16-20 years old is the easiest to keep acne scars to avoid squeezing women into puberty.

Due to the strong secretion of sebaceous glands, “acne” is very long. After the “acne” subsides, it is easy to leave “acne marks” on the part, which is medically called “pigmentation after sterilization”.

The spots are caused by local infection and inflammation that stimulate melanocytes in the basal layer of the epidermis to overproduce and secrete melanin.

Therefore, in the acute attack period of “acne”, anti-inflammatory should be eliminated, the condition should be controlled quickly, and at the same time avoid squeezing to effectively reduce the occurrence of “acne marks”.

  25-year-old women are stressed and prone to plaques.

If you work hard in the workplace, if you are in a bad mood, lack of long-term sleep, high mental stress, excessive fatigue and neurological dysfunction, decreased adrenal sebum function will also cause skin pigmentation.

Therefore, it is very important to adjust your mindset, combine work with rest, and cultivate good habits.

  Postpartum women are prone to plaques, which can subside naturally after delivery. Women who are pregnant are prone to chloasma.

Melasma, also called liver plaque, is the most common pigmented skin disease in women.

Both hair and crotch are prone to different shades.

Melasma in pregnant women may be related to the activation of a series of complex physiological processes after elevated levels of estrogen and progesterone in the body, which often disappear after delivery.

  A 40-year-old woman who has some estrogen and progesterone supplements can eliminate spots over the age of 40.

Near menopause, ovarian function gradually declines, women’s hormone secretion is insufficient, and women may also have chloasma.

You can follow the doctor’s advice to add some estrogen and progesterone, which can treat melasma and delay skin aging.

  Menopause is the age at which the female genitals (ovaries or uterus) are benign, and malignancies are prone to occur. These diseases may cause melasma to appear quietly.

Therefore, the sudden increase of melasma in the face of middle-aged women must not be taken lightly. Gynecological and pelvic B-ultrasounds should be performed in time to rule out the possibility of tumors.

  Age spots are a normal response to skin aging in women in their twilight years.

Age spots develop, which is a normal response to skin aging and is also related to family inheritance.

Some people have senile plaques protruding from the surface of the skin, also known as senile moles. Freezing with liquid nitrogen is the best way to get rid of them.

  I think that every age group is in danger of developing speckles. If we want to completely fight the stains, we must prepare for anti-spots from the age of 5. How can you say that you are over the age? It does n’t matter from now on, loveBeauty is never too late.

Excessive tension can disrupt normal pregnancy

Excessive tension can disrupt normal pregnancy

Early in the morning, Xiao Qing cried and ran into my consulting room, her eyes were red and swollen.

Xiao Qing is an “old patient”. At the age of 28, she has been seeing my clinic for treatment since she had a spontaneous abortion six months ago.

  ”what happened?

“From Xiaoqing’s intermittent words, I heard it probably.

It turned out that Xiao Qing had just been diagnosed with a pregnancy last Friday. I gave her a treatment plan to protect her pregnancy. I also told her to pay attention to rest and nutrition.

After returning from me, she has been immersed in joy, but she kept drumming in her heart, worried that she would repeat the same mistakes.

  Xiao Qing choked and said, thinking of her last experience, she couldn’t sleep and couldn’t sleep. “It’s better to go to check!”

“Yes, in order to ensure safety, she reports to the community health center every day, draws a tube of blood, and after receiving the test report, she sees that the indicators are good.

She tests her own early pregnancy test every day.

But this morning, when she went to check again, the indicator suddenly fell down. She was holding a test sheet. The doctor told her the last thing she wanted to hear was “maybe a miscarriage.”

  I was really sad to see her crying in front of me.

After prescribing her, I told her to go back and take a good rest. She was still young and there must be a chance.

  In the clinic, patients often like Xiaoqing are often encountered. They often suffer from loss and gain, often causing psychological infertility or miscarriage.

Because of the stress, the body is in a state of stress, which disrupts the original stability. Disturbances in the body’s neuroimmunity and endocrine system, especially changes in progesterone, cause changes in normal pregnancy.

Progesterone is an important hormone to ensure long-term development and is closely related to the hypothalamus.

The change of human emotion is related to the hypothalamus. When the emotion is in a long-term tension, the progesterone level in the body decreases, and the placenta is not well developed, which is not conducive to evolution.

Moreover, the uterus is in a highly sensitive state, and small stimuli can cause the uterus to contract, which can cause miscarriage.

Ask yourself if it’s time to resign

Ask yourself if it’s time to resign

A person’s occupation lies in his partner, which consumes most of his life’s energy and time. According to estimates, the time spent by a working person in the office and colleagues is about (39 per week).

1 hour) longer than waking up with a partner.

Therefore, people have a reason to choose between looking for a career.

  When you feel like you are living in the job, you should ask yourself the following 6 questions. Is there still a good reason to stay in this position?

  1. Is there any “passion” when you first started working?

  Before you submit your resignation letter, you may wish to think again about why you fell in love with this job in the first place and exclude the worst factors that cause the current bad situation.

  2. Is your labor recognized?

  Wei is a business consultant for a company. She can’t remember when her boss praised her.

“Oh, of course, I often hear them blame me for doing things inaccurately, being late, or having no contracts.

“Weichen refraction,” but I just want to hear positive feedback, and I want to hear it more than once.

But no.

I feel frustrated and just want to go home and stay. ”

Accumulation of all kinds of discomforts at work will evolve into anger, which may cause you to be hit by a boss or colleague in a violent storm one day, which can only put yourself in a more passive state.

Maybe you two don’t know exactly where you are lacking.

The so-called bystanders are clear.

May wish to talk to your boss, explain to him how you feel, and ask him how you can do better.

You may be able to figure out from your supervisor’s words how far you can go in this business.

  3. Do you think you have a great future?

  In other words, do you think you could be promoted?

Or is it a dead end ahead?

Sometimes your career is like the opposite sex friend you make, and you always want to know if you can get a meaningful promise one day, otherwise, you should withdraw and quit.

  Lu Yan was a former employee of an advertising company. She said, “I have been an ordinary employee in that company for two years, and then I found another company. They promised me a higher position.

Out of the nostalgia of the previous company, I asked my boss again if I had the possibility of promotion.

The leader expressed regret and said that I am afraid it will have to wait a few years.

I was completely disappointed and did not stay again.

I think I got it right, I shouldn’t stay in a place where my dreams can’t be realized for a long time.

“4, do you still want to learn as you go?

  Faced with a hopeless career, you may no longer care about what you can learn from your job.

And in a work of amazing heart, people look for continuous development.

When you stop learning, you will be stagnant.

Only continuous improvement can push people to make new evaluations of their needs.

Perhaps it may be appropriate to request some industry training.

New knowledge and cognition can stimulate people and keep you from falling behind in the game.

  5. Do you feel that work brings you happiness?

  Some people, because of their introverts, are particularly reluctant to speak in front of everyone. Whenever they encounter such occasions, they feel that they are being punished. Others feel overwhelmed by the armed work and suffer from invisible pressure.

  Wang Ying has been a lawyer before and is now the head of the marketing department of a company.

She said: “When I was a lawyer, every Sunday afternoon I was surrounded by a sense of helplessness.

Eventually, I confirmed that I was no longer suitable as a lawyer and re-trained.I never regret the alternative I made.

“Sometimes, some small adjustments can often change the stereotype of work.

  6. Do you feel you are no longer loyal to your job?

  You hate your current job and don’t care about it.

You look elsewhere, write back to some recruitment advertisements, go to some recruitment consulting offices to inquire about the news, and accept interviews.

All this shows that you have betrayed your original work.

At this point, is there any room for recovery?

  In fact, even if you have got a new job, before you leave, you always ask your boss if they are willing to pay you a higher salary to retain you. Of course, the attitude must be sincere, low-key, and earnestDon’t yell with madness.

You can tell him that someone wants you to work for them, but you still have no idea what to accept.

After all, I should be nostalgic for the place, I don’t know if the company has other better opportunities for you and so on.

You will most likely get the most sincere and heartfelt retention.