Liuzhou Iron & Steel (601003): Performance in line with expectations

Liuzhou Iron & Steel (601003): Performance in line with expectations

This report reads: The company’s 2019H1 performance is in line with expectations, the volume and price of its profile products have risen, and the overall profitability has rebounded.

Land bias is expected to be weak but can be substituted in the second half of the year. As the leading steel company in Guangxi, the company’s performance will help maintain a high level.

Investment Highlights: Maintain “Overweight” rating.

The company achieved operating income of 228 in the first half of 2019.

7.8 billion, up 1 every year.

30%; net profit attributable to mother 12.

65 trillion, down 38 a year.

00%, of which the net profit attributable to mothers in the second quarter was 8.

8.1 billion, an increase of 129.

64%, the company’s Q2 performance rebounded, as a whole in line with expectations.

Considering the further deterioration of the market’s expectations for macro demand, the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 is maintained at 1.



52 yuan, giving the company a 5x 2019 PE estimate and lowering the company’s target price to 6.

25 yuan to maintain the “overweight” level.

Volume and price of profile products rose in the second quarter, and the company’s profitability rebounded.

In the second quarter of 2019, the company’s small material sales were 180 inches, an increase of more than 17.


In the second quarter of 2019, the average sales price of the company’s small materials was 3,567 yuan / ton, surpassing the increase of 4.


The gross profit per ton of steel of the company in Q2 2019 was 756 yuan / ton (excluding billet), which corresponds to a net profit of 404 yuan / ton per ton of steel, which increased by 350 yuan / ton and 181 yuan / ton respectively from the previous quarter.

It is expected that steel demand will be weak in the second half of the year but can still exist, and the company’s performance is expected to remain stable.

R & D expenses continued to increase, and operating cash flow increased significantly.

The company’s R & D expenses for the first half of 2019 were 5.

640,000 yuan, an increase of 111 compared with 2018.

20%, reflecting the company’s determination to enhance innovation, pursue product quality and optimize product structure.

As the company increased the proportion of bills payable for purchases, the company’s operating cash flow in the second quarter of 2019 was 27.

34 trillion, a significant increase of 1771 over the same period in 2018.


Total land gains, leading performance of regional steel companies maintained a high level.

Real estate inventory is at a low level and sales are slow. We do not expect a rapid decline in land demand. In the second half of the year, downstream demand is generally weak but can be replaced.

As the leading steel company in Guangxi Province, the company has strong steel demand in the province, and the company’s performance 四川耍耍网 has maintained a good level.

Risk warning: the macro economy is accelerating to decline; the supply side rises more than expected.

Ping An of China (601318): The overall financial indicators are bright, the number of agents and income are potential concerns

Ping An of China (601318): The overall financial indicators are bright, the number of agents and income are potential concerns

Investment points “Agent + Full Ecology” traffic and frequency of customer introduction rate slightly shifted, the group’s overall financial indicators are expected.


Ping An’s current integrated financial model relies on the “flow + frequency” of agents and the five major ecosystems. In the first half of 2019, the Group’s new customers in 2009 decreased gradually.

2%, of which 33.

8% comes from the five major ecology.

Customer operations continued to advance, and the number of customers holding multiple accounts increased by 0 compared to the initial period.

8 points to 35.

4%, the average number of passengers per contract increased by 2% to 2.

58, the average operating profit of passengers reached 340 yuan, exceeding the growth rate of 21%.


Driven by investment and budget policies, Ping An’s net profit performance was dazzling, and life insurance operating profit was slightly overestimated.

Ping An’s 2019H return to mother’s net profit increased by 67 led by life insurance (108% year-on-year) and property insurance (yoy101%).

3% to 977 ppm, of which other assets management sector due to the weakening of the macro economy, the next part of assets will be impaired (2019H impairment 31).

32 trillion in the same period last year 2.

8.5 billion), the first half of the net profit from zero.

83%, the technology sector increased by 42 due to expenditure.

45% increase net profit down 33.

35% to 2.8 billion yuan.

After correcting short-term factors, the operating profit of the group’s mother company increased by 23.

8% to 734.

600 million, exceeding market expectations.

However, we found that even considering the increase in tax-free share of life insurance investment income in the first half of the year and the 18-year deferral effect, the operating profit of the life insurance sector.

The tax rate of 78% is still low. If the tax rate is adjusted to a level that we consider reasonable to be 18%, the actual growth rate of opat in the first half of the year should be 26.

About 5%, we did the same for property and casualty insurance, and finally concluded that the Group’s actual return to operating profit growth in the first half of the group was about 14.



The embedded value is in line with expectations, and the Group’s dividends predict operating profit.

At the end of June 2019, the Ping An Group’s net assets and embedded value attributable to mothers increased by 12 earlier.

3% and 11.

05%, group roev11.

2%, both in line with expectations.

The initial dividend is 18 of the group’s operating profit after tax.

At 6%, the Ping An Group’s dividend benchmark since 2018 has been targeted at operating profit which has improved the stability of investors’ expectations.

  Life insurance NBV4杭州夜网.

The 7% growth rate is in line with expectations, but the decline in the number of agents and income is a potential concern.


Ping An Life Insurance 2019H 4.

The 7% NBV growth rate was higher than the same period last year.2%, but 6.

  3% formaldehyde 1.

5pct, as expected.

The growth rate of NBV in the life insurance core agent channel was 2 in the first half of the year.

5%, and the main driving force comes from the value rate of a single product, long-term protection, value rate of short-term storage and long-term storage increased by 2 respectively.

3, 8.

4 and 19.

5 points.


The first half of Ping An’s agent data is a potential concern.

First, the average monthly number of agents dropped by 5.

5% to 1.23 million, followed by a decline in agent income by 3.

7% to 6617 yuan, taking into account the activity rate for three years.

  The decline of 2pct was 76 in the first half of 2019.

30,000 people, down 10 every year.

2%, the decline in the number of agents is the long-term protection of new orders in the first half of the additional 8.

5% preliminary; we expect that Ping An will make some adjustments to its main body, product system and training system in the second half of the year.


Because Ping An’s measurement of the cost of effective business capital is based on the size of the company rather than the policy scale, the earlier dispersion effect in the data is stronger. The dispersion effect in 2019H is 80bp lower than in 2018H, and the contribution of new business to the remaining margin slightly decreases;In addition, the operational deviation of half-year life insurance has been reduced, which has reduced the remaining marginal growth rate and roev.

16pct and 1.

67 points.

Affected by the initiative to increase the dividend insurance and universal insurance account settlement interest rates, the Ping An interest margin income in the first half of the year decreased by 41.

8%, and growth is expected to resume from 2020.

  The property insurance commission rate has dropped significantly, and the optimization of the actual tax rate has significantly increased thick net profit.

In the first half of the year, Ping An Property & Casualty increased its original premiums for three years.

7% to 1305 ppm, of which auto insurance increased by 9%, while the original premium of the second largest insurance credit insurance decreased by 5.

6% to 153 ppm; affected by the integration of the reporting bank and regulatory approval to the responsible person, the commission rate of 2019H P & C insurance is only 17.

02%, much lower than 24 in the same period last year.

98%, some of the expenses were tampered with to the management fee subjects, the overall expense ratio fell by 1%, the decline in the handling fee rate and the actual tax rate of the financial insurance business in the first half of the year was only 6.

4%, a substantial increase in net profit increased by 100.

8% to 1.18 million yuan.

  Investment returns have been optimized on a sequential basis, and long-term financial investments have accelerated.

The Group’s 2019H net investment yield and total investment yield are 4 respectively.

5% and 5.

5%, previously Q1 3.

9% and 5.
1%, we believe that Ping An ‘s Q2 investment yield has bucked the trend and concluded that when Ping An calculates the investment yield, Ping An only treats the annual deposit index, bond coupons and investment property rental income on an annualized basis.The coupon income of 2019Q2 may increase; 2.

Ping An continued to increase long-term financial investments. Until now, Ping An has raised a total of 12 companies. The current market value of its shares is about 210 billion yuan, accounting for 80% of total stock investments.And real estate stocks, this year’s new Jinmao brand.

We are optimistic about Ping An’s subsequent developments in asset and liability duration gap, cost coverage and cash flow.

  In summary, in the first half of the year, Ping An’s overall financial data performed well under the two benefits of investment income and returns. However, the agent of the core life insurance business is a potential worry. I believe that Ping An’s ability to evolve and adjust itself is still a good track for life insuranceGood choice.
The group’s ev growth rate is expected to be 18 at the beginning of the year.

78%, the current pev is 1.

34 times, continue to maintain the BUY rating.

  Risk reminder: The equity market has fallen sharply, the long-term risk-free rate of return has continued to fall sharply, and the growth rate of new single premiums has not been as expected.

Gezhouba (600068): Construction and environmental protection business initially caused profits to exceed expectations.

Gezhouba (600068): Construction and environmental protection business initially caused profits to exceed expectations.
Performance review 2018 results exceeded expectations Gezhouba announced 2018 results: realized revenue of 100.6 billion US dollars, replacement range5.8%, realizing 合肥夜网a net profit of RMB 470,000, which will be extended by 0 every year.6%; In the fourth quarter of 2018, revenue reached 33.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 2.2%, achieving a net profit of RMB 190,000, which is more than ten years.7%; due to slow progress in overseas construction business and renewable resources business, performance was lower than our expectations.  The initial income in 2018 decreased, of which the construction and environmental protection business income decreased further4.3%, 27.2%, due to the implementation of scheduled replacements of some international projects and the significant changes in the renewable resources market under the background of Sino-US trade friction; and led to an increase in gross profit margin.3ppt, mainly due to strong growth in gross profit from cement doping upward (at least +76.7%); the total annual growth of assets and credit impairment losses increased by 990%, mainly due to the increase in bad debt losses and inventory depreciation losses; net profit margin was realized.6%, a year increase of 0.2ppt.  In 2018, the company’s net operating cash inflow was 1.3 billion US dollars, a significant improvement from the previous year’s net decrease of 8 trillion, which was mainly due to the improvement in receivables; the net expansion of investment cash expanded by 47 trillion to 139 trillion, mainly due to the increase in PPP investment and foreign investment.  Development Trends Construction business signings and revenues are accelerating.Newly signed contracts for construction in 2018 totaled 232.1 billion yuan, one year -1.3%, including multiple territorial / foreign projects +1.1% /-5.6%, double for hydropower / non-hydropower projects +25.5% /-6.7%.The company plans to sign 232 billion new contracts in 2019, implying a slight increase over the years4.0%.We believe that the domestic infrastructure recovery is underway in 2019, the international environment is stabilizing, and the company’s new construction contracts and revenue recognition are expected to accelerate.  The investment business is expected to continue strong.In 2018, the company’s highway / water investment business income increased by 20 respectively.4%, 91.2%, continued strong.The company’s investment plan for 2019 is USD 81.9 billion, which implies an increase of 54% over many years. It also proposes that the highway business can improve the integrated management capability and the water business can expand its merger and acquisition efforts.We expect to gradually stabilize the domestic PPP market, and the company’s investment business income is expected to continue to grow strongly.  Earnings forecast Due to the worse-than-expected progress of the construction and environmental protection business, we have lowered our net profit forecast for mothers in 201910.6南宁桑拿 % to 50.700 million, meanwhile, the net profit forecast for 2020 is 55.300 million.  It is estimated and suggested that the company currently can sustainably correspond to July 2019.4x P / E (based on EPS after excluding perpetual debt interest).We maintain our “Recommended” rating and target price of 8.9 yuan, corresponding to September 2019.1x P / E, implying 23% space.  The progress of risk environmental protection business was slower than expected, and the recognition of PPP revenue was slower than expected.

Northbound funds net purchases of more than $ 30 billion this week hit a nine-week high

Northbound funds net purchases of more than $ 30 billion this week hit a nine-week high

For stocks, please read Jin Qilin analyst research report, authoritative, professional, timely, and comprehensive, to help you tap potential potential opportunities!

  Original title: Northbound funds ‘net purchases this week exceeded 30 billion, a record high of nearly nine weeks, and the A-share market fluctuated and closed on February 7. It has increased for four consecutive trading days.

  However, Northbound funding turned to a net reduction.

As of the close of February 7, the total amount of northbound funds was reduced by 32.

9.9 billion yuan.

Among them, Shanghai Stock Connect has a net transparency of 8.

27 yuan, Shenzhen Stock Exchange net decrease of 24.

7.2 billion.

  In the five trading days of the Chinese Lunar Year, there was a net inflow of 300 funds from the north.

600 million yuan, of which, the net inflow of Shanghai Stock Connect was 180.

9.3 billion yuan, with a net inflow of 119.

At $ 6.7 billion, weekly net purchases hit a record high of nearly nine weeks.

  Among the top ten stocks traded on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets, the top three net purchases were Longji (601012), Shanghai Airport (600009), and Ningde Times (300750), which had net purchases of 2 northbound funds.

5.5 billion, 2.

1.2 billion yuan, 1.

7.5 billion yuan.

  The top three net sales were Midea Group (000333), Hikvision (002415), Yili (600887), and the net sales amount was 5 respectively.

3.9 billion yuan, 2.

8.1 billion yuan, 2.

7.6 billion yuan.

  From the top ten active trading stocks listed on the Shanghai-Shenzhen Stock Connect on the daily list, from February 3 to February 7, a total of 32 stocks were listed on the active trading list. The 佛山桑拿网 largest transaction amount was Guizhou Maotai (600519)., This week a total of 162 transactions.

9.6 billion; followed by Ping An of China (601318), with a cumulative turnover of 110.

2.8 billion; Gree Electrical Appliances (000651) and Ningde Times have higher turnover.

  In terms of net purchases and sales, among the stocks listed this week, the largest net purchase amount is also Moutai, Guizhou, with a net purchase amount of 35 this week.

09 trillion, followed by Gree Electric, Ningde era, the net purchase amount was 20.

8.5 billion, 20.

6.2 billion.

Among the net stocks sold, Lixun Precision (002475) had the largest net sales amount, with a net sales amount of 6 this week.

8 billion.

  Among them, Ningde Times recently announced that it has reached a two-year cooperation with Tesla to supply lithium-ion power 上海夜网论坛 battery products to it from July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2022.

  As the global leader in lithium batteries, Ningde Times rose 3 on February 3.

67%, the next two trading days recorded two daily limit, rose again on February 6 nearly 4%, just four trading days, the Ningde era has continued to soar more than 30%.

  From the perspective of the industry, among the active stocks listed this week, the pharmaceutical and biological industry is the most concentrated, with 5 stocks on the list.

  Guoxin Securities believes that foreign countries, as a typical “smart” fund, have ceased the layout of A shares in the past six months. This is a market behavior under the global replacement of assets. What is more behind it is that the current A shares haveHigher costs. At the current point in time, the fact that the institution believes that A shares have higher allocation value is still valid, and the trend of continued foreign inflows will also continue.

33 skincare tips for women younger

33 skincare tips for women younger

How to stay young for ten years?

It seems unrealistic to completely avoid and stay away from this kind of invasion and hide in the deep forest. It is only practical to constantly explore and find a truly effective way to protect yourself, reject the stain and erosion of time, and take a look at the secrets of maintaining youth.

  First, the top 5 tips for skin care1. First of all, we suggest that there should be a set of ideal and correct skin care procedures, which play an important role in skin care, and long-term use of high-quality skin care products is the secret of beautiful skin.

  2. Nutrition: You should determine what type of skin, hair and fingernails you have, but pay attention to any adverse reactions you may have to skin care products when nursing.

  3, moisturizing: Do not let the skin dry, drink water often, drink 2 liters of water almost every day, take a bath every day, care for the skin.

  4, sleep: ensure sleep, regular life, so that people immediately recover mental and physical strength.

  5. Some skincare methods for some celebrities.

  Second, the secrets of youthful details 6, facial care: massage the facial skin from bottom to top, once in the morning and evening.

  7, pay attention to the care of high blood pressure, use skin care creams with oil content such as essence, so as to control the obvious horizontal lines.

  8. Before going out, apply a hot towel to your face to activate capillaries and soothe wrinkles.

  9, apply some products containing vitamin c, keep the complexion rosy, even without lipstick is also very spiritual.

  10. When applying eye cream, do not ignore the stains around the corners of the eyes, otherwise they will deepen over time.

  11, nails also need to use nutrition cream to prevent yellowing.

  Third, makeup young tips 12, bright complexion: When makeup, be careful not to use darker foundation than dark.

  13. If the skin tone is too bright, the face will be very oily, so don’t apply too much foundation, otherwise it will only make the wrinkles on the shoulders more obvious.

  14. Avoid using too cold or too dark shades. Bronze will make people suddenly pale, while darker lipsticks will make the lips thinner.

  15, use eye shadow as little as possible, first eye cream and then eye shadow to avoid eye injury.

  16. If the eye makeup is well applied, the eyes will be more energetic, but be careful to use green eye shadows carefully.

  17. When applying makeup, use a light-colored concealer under the bags under the eyes, and apply a dark concealer at the bulges to blur the boundary between the bulges and depressions to cover the bags under the eyes.

  18. Appropriate hairstyle: The short and slender wrinkles look more visible and older.

So you can keep it on your shoulders and cut it a bit. It’s natural.

  Fourth, the spirit of young tips 19, maintain your body shape, swollen figure and full body aunt make you look old.

  20, when acquaintances exchange greetings, they should straighten their bodies, maintain their posture and mental appearance, and the other party will cast their appreciation.

  21, avoid contact with those who are naturally depressed, so as not to affect their emotions.

  22. Keep yourself fresh about new things from the outside world. Having such a life attitude and mood can be astonishing.

  23. Don’t deliberately imitate the words of those young students, trying to make yourself young, there is a difference between young and naive.

  Fifth, young tips and small tips 24, apply gauze or cotton with essence or moisturizing water on the face for 20 minutes, so that your skin is full of water overnight.

  25, tired eyes: use a spoon to immerse in warm water, and then put it on the eyelids for 5 minutes, until the temperature of the metal spoon slowly cools down, this set of simple procedures to restore fatigue is complete.

  26, insist on doing some eye care exercises, you can try it in the office or before going to bed.

  27. Lip care: apply toothbrush with honey on the lips and leave for 2 minutes.

  28. Use a lip balm before going to bed, apply it lightly around the lips after moisturizing, and gently massage with a tap to make the lips smooth and diffuse.

  Six, anti-aging good habits 29, aroma skin call therapy: maintain adequate sleep, and massage therapy with peppermint oil.

  30. Adhere to a good and regular lifestyle, drink less water before bedtime, and do eye massage when you have time to eliminate puffiness of the eyelids and keep the eyes from aging.

  31. Do a facial particle scrub once a week, or use some acid acid skin care products, or use an exfoliating cream to remove the aging cutin, so that the skin will return to gloss.

  32, insist on using sunscreen every day when going out, uva in the sun is the culprit that causes skin aging, it is necessary to maintain effective sun protection.

  33. Persist in eating vitamins every day, such as cabbage, cabbage, and peanuts containing vitamins c and e, which can help to dilute and break down the melanin that has formed.

Eight kinds of soup porridge moistening and dampness comprehensive conditioning_1

Eight kinds of soup porridge moistening dryness and dampness comprehensive conditioning

Tangfang dehumidification: Chixiaodou Pork Ribs Soup Material: 150 grams of Chixiaodou, 500 grams of ribs (3 servings) Method: Fly the ribs with water and cook with Chixiaodou for 2 hours.

  Efficacy: spleen, dampness, and water.

  Moisten dryness and dispel dampness: Raw earth Poria couscous material: 30-50 grams of raw land, 100 grams of Poria cocoa (3 servings) Preparation method: The soil Poria is first boiled out of water, and then boiled with raw land and turtle for 1 hour.

  Efficacy: The raw land can clear heat, cool blood, moisturize, soil Poria to clear heat and dampness, torture yin and reduce fire, both prevent Qiuzao and eliminate.

  Runzao, lungs: carrot carrot horseshoe bamboo cane soup materials: 250 grams of carrots, 200 grams of horseshoe, 500 grams of bamboo cane (3 servings) method: cook the materials together for about 1 hour.

  Efficacy: Carrots contain vitamins and crude fibers, which can improve dry mouth, dry constipation, horseshoes to clear heat and moisten lungs; soup with high water content, thirst for quenching thirst; sugary, high energy, and relieve lack of autumn.

  Nourishing the lungs and clearing heat: Bawanghua pork bone soup Material: 50g of wanghuahua, 400-500g of pork bone (3 servings) Preparation method: Boil the ingredients together for 1-2 hours.

  Efficacy: moisturizing the lungs and clearing heat.

  Runzao, Yifei: Taizishen and Lily Lean Broth Material: 100g of Taishen, 50g of lily, half of Luo Han Guo, 150g of lean pork Method: After the ingredients except lean meat are boiled together and put into lean meat,Boil for 1-2 hours.

  Efficacy: Qingrunfeizao, Yifeishengjin, suitable for qi deficiency and lung dryness, cough and shortness of breath, dry mouth and thirst drink, dry and hot lung injury discomfort.

  Congee recipe ● Huaishan porridge Ingredients: Huaishan 30 grams, rice amount (1 serving) Method: Huaishan and rice with the same porridge.

  Efficacy: Strengthen the spleen and nourish the spleen and yin, suitable for people with abdominal distension, weak spleen and stomach, and rotten stool.

  ● Lianzi porridge material: 30 grams of lotus seeds, rice amount (1 serving) method: lotus seeds and rice to cook porridge.

  Efficacy: strengthen the spleen, nourish the heart, soothe the nerves.

  ● Yuzhu porridge material: Yuzhu 30 grams, rice, lean meat (1 serving) method: Yuzhu and rice, lean meat cooked into porridge.

  Efficacy: Suitable for those who have bloating, weak spleen and stomach, and rotten stools, can astringent and change stools.

Five magic weapons to depress the working mother

Five magic weapons to depress the working mother

One of the magic tricks: keep in touch with friends. Modern mothers must not use their own family and career development as a reason to close themselves in the small space of the family. They must use open eyes to accept themselves and the people around them.

For example, moms can meet with friends once a month, call friends on holidays and ask for a good one, or substitute for a helping hand when friends are in trouble.

In this way, when you feel very nervous and worried, you can easily find a person to talk to, and friends can give a lot of specific help.

  Magic No. 2: Keep communicating with your family. Moms are better off making a plan to talk to their husbands about their worries and distress, and there are certain aspects that require their husbands to cooperate with themselves.

Once a week for about half an hour.

Communication can take place before bedtime or while watching TV.

When the child is 3 years old, the communication with the family should include the child.

Find a fixed weekend and spend half an hour on a family communication meeting.

If your child has some bad habits, such as picky eaters, you can discuss with your child how to solve this problem.

Children can also give their parents views and hopes.

  Magic weapon three: Self-consciousness of all kinds of pressure Moms can record their recent five major stresses according to their nervousness and severity of worry.

For example, a baby is sick and often works overtime .

Then, think about it one by one: These pressures will have some kind of impact on me. What is the worst result?

When mothers record these worst results one by one, they will find that these pressures are not so much, so that mothers will have the courage and confidence to face them.

  The fourth magic weapon: self-suggestion. When moms are in a bad mood, make self-suggestions before getting up in the morning and before going to bed at night, and persist for one to two months.

Take a deep breath first, then say aloud to yourself higher than the following sentence: “I’m a competent mother,” “I have confidence in myself”, “My mood will get better and better”, “I have the ability to do everythingEvent “and so on.

  Fifth magic weapon: treat stressful events with a positive attitude. For example, the mother dragged her tired body home, but the child is always entangled in the mother.

At this moment, the mother may feel very irritable, think that she is very hard, the child is annoying, and the husband has no sense of family responsibility.

If the mother changes her perspective at this time, she thinks about it this way: This shows that the child has a good relationship with me, but I can let the husband play with the child first. This not only meets the child’s needs, but also makes the child learn to be considerate of the adult.Hard work really kills two birds with one stone.

After changing your way of thinking, everything suddenly becomes relaxed and happy.

5 things you can’t sleep before going to bed

5 things you can’t sleep before going to bed

Introduction: Some people sleep while lying down, but some people ca n’t sleep over and over. Do you know why?

This may have a lot to do with your bedtime habits.

TCM reminds you why you can’t sleep, 5 things you should not taboo before going to bed!

  First, talking before bed because talking too much can easily stimulate the brain and active thinking, which makes it difficult for people to fall asleep.

  Second, drink strong tea before bedtime, coffee strong tea, coffee is a stimulant drink, contains caffeine and other substances that can make people excited, drinking before bedtime can easily cause sleep difficulties.

  Third, emotional excitement before bedtime can easily cause nerve center excitement or confusion, making it difficult for people to fall asleep, and even cause insomnia.

Therefore, before going to bed, try to avoid being overjoyed or worried and annoyed, and make your mood stable.

  Fourth, after the person who eats before going to sleep enters the sleep state, the rhythm of some body activities slows down and enters a state of rest.

  If you eat before going to bed, your stomach, etc. will be busy again, which will increase their burden, and other parts of your body will not be able to get a good rest.

  5. Excessive use of the brain before bedtime. If you have the habit of working and studying at night, you should finish the more inconvenient before going to bed, and do something easier before going to bed to relax your brain, so that it is easy to fall asleep.

Otherwise, the brain is in an excited state, and it is difficult to fall asleep even in bed, and it is prone to insomnia for a long time.

  Therefore, if you want to have a perfect sleep, you must know what you can’t do before going to bed.

Why can’t you sleep? 5 things you shouldn’t do before bedtime, don’t make mistakes.

Education for twins must be fair

Education for twins must be fair

Having a cute twin babies is naturally very happy.

But there were two more children in the family all of a sudden, so I often accidentally messed up, and sometimes I had to put one of them up to support my relatives.

As time goes on, the child naturally gets closer to the person who raised him.

Although she returned to her home, she was rusty, so it was normal to cry.

  Your eldest sister is raised by your grandmother, and your little sister is raised in your own home.

Although you love them the same.
But the eldest sister lived in her grandmother’s house for a long time. For her, it was her most familiar place. It was not suitable for her to go home, so she would often cry.

I want my mother to hug her. There is another person (little sister) in her mother’s arms, to share her caress with her, which makes her sad, so she will cry and want to go back to her grandmother’s house to find comfort.

From the side of the little girl, who could have monopolized her mother, how could anyone personally share her mother’s love?

It’s intolerable for her!

So the subconscious fear and jealousy caused her to explode. She wanted to “rob” her mother, so she didn’t accept the caress of others, as long as her mother.

  I suggest you better take your big sister back to your own home.

Over time, they will gradually establish a “sisterhood.”

If there is really no way to raise and raise two at the same time, we must pay special attention to fair treatment, and we should give more care to the big sister, so that she realizes that although she is not often with her parents, her parents love her very much.

Homosexuality and heterosexuality are a manifestation of love

Homosexuality and heterosexuality are a manifestation of love

Homosexuality and heterosexuality are the same, they are both the expression of normal emotions, but they cannot be accepted by most traditional concepts.

The public should treat homosexuality rationally. It is a complex social phenomenon.

Therefore, when emotions transcend worldly boundaries, please do not discriminate against this innocent love.

  Ennis came to Jack’s tomb, and he wanted to take his ashes away and bring them back to the sprouting place of love: Brokeback Mountain . It was a bright summer, cheerful and outgoing Jack and introverted Ennis were on the ranch.Working part-time, the two young and energetic boys didn’t have much intersection. Under the kind of broken back mountain where no humans shit, the two groups of heat are intertwined.

  In the middle of a cold winter night, stimulated by alcohol and hormones, Ennis and Jack did what they should not do.

It was also from that moment that two 19-year-olds fell in love, one was cooking, the other was raising a sheep, having a long talk by the fire, loving in a tent, and having the pure and true love between the same sex with the two through the best of lifeSummer time.

  God is not beautiful, and their “taboo” relationship had to “separate” after grazing was over.

After returning to normal life, they each have their own families, married and had children, but Ennis and Jack’s deep-rooted love is still inseparable.

  Four years later, Jack accidentally passed by the place where Ennis lived, and the two met again.

After a long reunion, they hugged each other tightly, and their hot emotions burst out like volcanic eruptions.

In the following ten years, the exchanges between the two parties were so great that Ennis’s wife discovered the truth of her husband’s “derailment”, which also caused huge secular prejudices and pressure on homosexuals.

  When Jack was killed for homosexuality, everything was over.

Once in a humble life, innocent love turned into cloud smoke, leaving Ennis alone and wandering alone.

Distressed Ennis came to Jack’s parents’ farm. In Jack’s room, he discovered a secret: when they first met, their shirts were neatly put on the same hanger.

This secret made Ennis burst into tears, how much he called Jack loved him, and how much he loved Jack.

The dream is broken and the only thing that witnesses this intense love is the beautiful and magnificent Brokeback Mountain . Nowadays, gay men are called “broken back” because of this famous film Brokeback Mountain.

In the film, the feelings of the two heroes range from plain to high tide, from high tide to separation, from separation to recombination, from recombination to ups and downs, and finally, life and death.Love is deeper than heterosexual love.

  In the eyes of many people, homosexuality is often considered to be a perverted behavior that violates Chang Lun. In fact, homosexuality and heterosexuality are the same, and both belong to the expression of normal emotions. From a psychological perspective, homosexuality also belongs to the standard of normal emotions, rather thanAbnormal behavior.

Therefore, the public should treat homosexuality rationally. It is a complex social phenomenon. Single individual consciousness, social ethics, or natural laws cannot accurately define homosexual behavior.

  Therefore, when emotions transcend worldly boundaries, please do not discriminate against this innocent love.