Delusional personality

Delusional personality

Paranoid personality is also called delusional personality.

Its behavioral characteristics are often manifested as: extreme hypersensitivity, grievances about violations and injuries; stubborn thoughts and behaviors, sensitive and suspicious, narrow-minded; love bullying, nervousness about others’ achievement or honor, jealousy, not provocationQuarrel is to talk blandly behind, or openly reject and blame others; self-righteous, pretentious, overestimating one’s ability, accustomed to blame others for failure and responsibility, often overstatement in work and study; at the same time inferiority, Always demanding others too much, but never trust others’ motives and desires, think others have bad intentions; can not correctly and objectively analyze and point out that if there is a problem, it is easy to start from personal feelings and subjective one-sidedness; if you build a family,Often suspected of spouse infidelity and so on.

People with this personality cannot be harmonious at home, they cannot get along well with friends and colleagues, and others have to stay away from him.

  First, the performance characteristics In order to facilitate the diagnosis, the “Chinese Mental Illness Classification Scheme and Diagnostic Standards” describes the characteristics of paranoid personality as: 1.
Extensive suspicion, often misunderstanding others’ unintentional, non-malicious and even friendly behaviors as hostility or discrimination, or without sufficient basis, suspecting that they will be used or harmed by others, so they are overly vigilant and defensive.

  2.Interpreting surrounding objects as “conspiracies” that do not fit the actual situation has gradually become a concept of overprice.

  3.Prone to sickly terrible jealousy.

  4.Overconfidence, blaming people for setbacks or failures, always thinking they are right.

  5.It is terrible to hate others, and tolerate wrongdoing to others.

  6.Depart from actual arguments and hostility, and stubbornly pursue personal “reasons” or interests that are not reasonable enough.

  7.See through or distrust objective evidence that is inconsistent with the patient’s mind.

It is actually difficult to change the patient’s mind with reason or fact.

  A patient’s symptoms must meet at least three of the above items before a diagnosis of paranoid personality disorder can be made.

  People with paranoid personality rarely have self-knowledge, and they have a denial attitude towards their paranoid implementation. Therefore, the number and proportion in society is really unknown.

It is said that the data from the Shanghai Mental Health Survey of 1998 showed that the number of such personality disorders accounted for 5.8% of the total number of mental disorders, and the actual situation may exceed this proportion.

It was also found in surveys and studies that men with paranoid personality disorder are predominantly men, and most of them have bile or extrovert personality.

  Second, the treatment method for the treatment of paranoid personality disorder should be based on psychological treatment to overcome paranoid sensitivity, stubbornness, insecurity and self-centered personality defects.

There are the following methods.

  1.Awareness raising method.

Because patients do not trust others, they are sensitive and suspicious, and they will not accept any kind advice. Therefore, they must first establish a trust relationship with them, exchange emotions on the basis of mutual trust, and fully introduce them to the nature, characteristics, and harmfulness of their personality disordersAnd corrective methods to make them understand themselves correctly and objectively, and consciously intervene to produce the desire to change their personality defects.

This is a prerequisite for further psychotherapy.

  2.Dating training method.

Encourage them to actively engage in dating activities, learn to trust others in making friends, and eliminate anxiety.

The principles and essentials of friendship training are: (1) Meet sincerely and make friends with sincerity.

I must adopt a sincere and honest attitude to make friends.

We must believe that most people are friendly, good, and trustworthy. There should be no prejudice or distrust towards friends, especially close friends.

It must be clear that the purpose of making friends is to overcome paranoia, seek friendship and help, exchange thoughts and feelings, and eliminate psychological obstacles.

  (2) Attempt to give various help to friends who are intimate.

This helps to exchange heart for heart, gain trust from each other and strengthen friendship.

Especially when others have difficulties, they should help each other and know the truth in times of trouble, so as to gain the trust of friends and enhance friendship.

  (3) Pay attention to the principle of psychological friendliness in making friends.

The similarity and consistency of personality and temperament help to be psychologically compatible and make good friends.

In addition, gender, age, occupation, cultural accomplishment, economic level, social parts and hobbies also have “psychological compatibility” problems.

However, the most basic condition of psychological compatibility is the similarity and consistency of the ideological consciousness and outlook on life, that is, “like-minded”.

This is the psychological basis for developing cooperation and consolidating friendship.

  3.Self therapy.

People with paranoid personality like to go to extremes, which is related to irrational ideas in their heads.

Therefore, in order to change paranoid behavior, paranoid personality patients must first analyze their irrational ideas.
Such as: ① I cannot tolerate the slightest infidelity of others.
  ② There are no good people in the world, I just believe in myself.

  ② To attack others, I must stand up and fight back in advance, and let him know that I am stronger than him.

  ④ I can’t show tenderness, it will give a feeling of not being strong.

These ideas have now been transformed to remove the most extreme elements.

  ⑤ I’m not saying that there is no one king, and occasional infidelity of others should be forgiven.

  ⑥ There are good people and bad people in the world. I should trust those good people.

  ⑦ Attacking others, it is not necessarily the best way to counterattack at once, and I must first distinguish whether or not I have actually been attacked.

  I dare not express true emotions, which is a sign of weakness in itself.

  As a result, when the state of mind re-emerges, it is necessary to meditate on the transformed rationalized ideas in order to prevent one’s extreme behavior.

Sometimes I unknowingly showed a biased behavior, and I should re-analyze the thoughts at the time afterwards. I came up with the irrational ideas at that time, and then restructured them to prevent the next crime.

  4.Hostility corrects training.

Patients with paranoid personality disorder are prone to be hostile and distrustful of others and their surroundings. The following training methods can help overcome the hostile confrontation psychology.

  (1) Always remind yourself not to get stuck in the vortex of “hostility.”

Self-remind and warn in advance, and pay attention to correction when dealing with others. This will obviously eliminate hostility and strong emotional reactions.

  (2) To understand the basic principle that only respect for others can be respected by others.

Learn to say thank you to those who have helped you, instead of saying “thank you” without itching, let alone ignore it.

  (3) Learn to smile at everyone you know.

You may be unaccustomed at first and do it unnaturally, but you must do it and work hard to do it well.

  (4) Learn to be patient and patient in life.

Living in a complicated world, conflicts and frictions are inevitable. At this time, tolerance and restraint must be tolerated, and hostile anger cannot be burned and turned into anger and anger.

4 conditioning medicated meals for patients with liver disease

4 conditioning medicated meals for patients with liver disease

The pace of winter is getting closer and closer, and the temperature is gradually falling. What should you eat in your health? What should you pay attention to before the arrival of solar terms?

  What to eat in the health regimen

Eat more staple foods, eat mutton, quail and sea cucumber protein appropriately, trace amounts and carbohydrates are called thermogenic nutrients.

Therefore, in winter, we must appropriately increase the supplement of staple foods and oils to ensure the supply of high-quality protein.

Dog meat, lamb, beef, chicken, venison, shrimp, pigeon, quail, sea cucumber and other foods have a small amount of protein and produce a lot of products, and the best effect of cold protection.


Kelp, seaweed can promote thyroxine secretion and produce thyroid hormone secreted by the human body called thyroxine, which can accelerate the oxidation of many tissue cells in the body, increase the body’s heat production capacity, increase the basal metabolic rate, accelerate skin blood circulation, andCold and cold, and foods containing iodine can promote thyroid hormone secretion.

Foods rich in iodine are: kelp, laver, hairpin, jellyfish, spinach, Chinese cabbage, corn, etc.


Animal livers, carrots can increase cold resistance, cold climates cause significant changes in human vitamin metabolism.

Increased intake of vitamin A and vitamin C can enhance cold resistance and adaptability to cold, so that blood vessels have a good protective effect.

Vitamin A comes mainly from animal liver, carrots, dark green vegetables, etc. Vitamin C comes mainly from fresh fruits and vegetables.


Sesame, sunflower seeds can provide the essential elements of the human body cold resistance Bai Maogen lean broth ingredients: 250 grams of lean pork, 60 grams of Bai Maogen.

  Measures: (1) Wash the white grass root and cut into sections; wash lean pork and cut into pieces; (2) put all the ingredients together in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil the fire slowly, simmer slowly until the meatReady to eat.

  How to eat: Daily or every other day.

  Efficacy: clearing away heat and dampness, strengthening the spleen and stomach.

It is suitable for those who are active in damp and hot during the active period of chronic hepatitis. It is evidenced by jaundice, unfavorable urination, and general nausea.

  Ingredients for Poria porridge: Poria powder 30 grams, previously rice 100 grams, and jujube 20 pieces.

  Measures: (1) Wash the rice and jujube separately, put them in the same pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook them into porridge; (2) After cooking porridge, add Poria powder and cook for a few times before serving.

  How to eat: Warm and fasting, or add brown sugar according to taste.

Take 2 times daily, morning and evening.

  Efficacy: spleen and nourish the liver, dampness and dispel evil, its medicinal properties are peaceful, nourishing but not greasy, beneficial but not harsh, suitable for patients with various types of chronic hepatitis.

  Quinoa stewed black chicken Ingredients: 1 female black chicken, astragalus 30?
60 grams, 2 Cordyceps sinensis.

  Method: Remove the viscera, hair, and wash the black chicken. Add astragalus and cordyceps, and boil it over high heat, then simmer it with low heat. When cooked, put in salt, MSG and other spices.edible.

  Efficacy: strengthening the spleen and nourishing qi, filling deficiency and filling essence.

It is suitable for those who suffer from deficiency of qi and blood and lack of liver and kidney in chronic liver disease. They have shown fatigue, shortness of breath, easy to catch cold, and pale tongue.

  Ligustrum medlar lean broth ingredients: 250 grams of lean meat, 30 grams of Ligustrum lucidum, 15 grams of medlar, 5 jujubes.

  Method: (1) Wash Ligustrum lucidum, Chinese wolfberry, jujube (denucleated), wash and cut the lean pork; (2) Add all the ingredients to the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil the fire, thenSlow cook 2?
After 3 hours, season and serve.

  How to eat: Eat meat and soup, eat in moderation.

  Efficacy: Nourish liver and kidney, suitable for those with chronic liver and kidney yin deficiency.

Symptoms include liver pain and discomfort, backache fatigue, dizziness, hot flushes, night sweats, five upsets, thirst, red tongue and less moss, and pulse count.

  Kernel porridge ingredients: 60 grams of barley kernels, 60 grams of yam, 200 grams of previous rice.

  Method: Wash the barley kernels, yam, rice before, add the right amount of water, and cook into porridge.

  How to eat: Take it daily with the amount.

  Efficacy: Spleen and stomach.
Applicable to those with chronic liver disease, spleen deficiency, and unsuccessful spleen, evidence of abdominal distension, loss of appetite, thin stools, thick tongue coating, etc.

  Lidong tonic precautions Lidong tonic, don’t blindly “tonic” diet and maintenance must follow the ancient training of “autumn and winter nourishing yin”, “no disturbance to the yang”, “the mediocrity makes up for the cold, the chilly is warm”, with the change of climateAnd regulate your diet.
Eat less cold, but also not hot, and some purposely eat some Ziyinyangyang, scattered supplement is appropriate, but also eat more fresh vegetables lack of vitamins, such as: beef and mutton, black chicken, catfish, drink soy milk, milk,Eat more radishes, greens, tofu, fungus, etc.

It should be noted here that the developing countries have a wide range of members, different geographical environments, different people’s lifestyles, and both belong to the winter season. The climate conditions in the northwest and southeast coasts are different.

  The northwestern region is cold in winter. Tonics should be warm and hot, such as cattle, sheep, dog meat, etc. Although the south of the Yangtze River has already entered winter, the temperature is much milder than that in the northwestern region. Tonics should be supplemented with clear tonics.The taste of warmth, such as chicken, duck, and fish; is located in the plateau and mountainous areas, where the rainfall is reduced and the climate is dry, you should use fruits and vegetables of sweetness and health, rock sugar.

In addition, it should be different from person to person, because there are grains, fruits and vegetables, people are different from men and women, young and old, and the body (physical constitution) is based on the fact that the body is cold and hot.Re-education, middle-age readjustment, old age re-insurance, delay re-delay.

Therefore, “Winter Order Tonic” should be selected according to the actual situation of clear, warm, small, large, and must not blindly “tonic.”

A bowl of soup to see your single love index

A bowl of soup to see your single love index

In the midwinter season, many people like to boil some pretty soups to nourish.

Did you find yourself having a soup habit while enjoying the soup?

  1. The soup bowl usually contains more soup residue than soup. When you like a person, you usually prefer to hide it in your own inner world, because usually the objects you “think” about are more than some achievementsFor example, when you are studying, do you enter the senior class, or even the teacher is particularly fond of it; after entering social work, you usually pay attention to the supervisor or boss around you.

  After all, there is a distance between each other’s backgrounds, so you feel that you cannot develop this love at first, so you would rather be a single lover who silently appreciates the other person.

In this case, is it time to think about the difference between single love and love, don’t live again and again in your longing.

  2. No special selection, but generally there are too many soups. The soup is only decorated from small to large. You also think that you must be loyal to your own ideas. You don’t think that people can do one’s standard for others.

Therefore, if you do not get what you want, you will lose your temper and your emotions will become extremely volatile.

In love, when you like a person, you will become desperate. For example, you will change yourself to accommodate each other, desperately use Siberian, auntie policies, and even use the method of entanglement.Try your best to confess your emotions to each other, so when it comes to unrequited love, it is NOWAY for you!

  However, it is important to know that willfulness and love are only a few times behind. Are you careful to think that your love is due to personal possessiveness, or whether you really care and need each other.

  3, the habit of careful selection, usually only choose to eat the vegetables in the soup and say that you have a love lover, it is better to open up the truth that you are a “flower radish”.

In your past experience in dragging and dropping, you should choose A, B, or C. The story is gone, so you begin to say to yourself, it is better to keep going alone, so as to avoid subordinates.

  However, the ostrich policy is not the ultimate solution to a problem. A person has continuously learned to understand himself. Although love and friendship sometimes have gray areas, the boundaries are not always so difficult.

If you often have the right to have a two-minded mentality to love, it may end up being nothing more.

  4. The soup bowl will only be used to hold the soup. The soup will be eaten separately. You do everything, including emotional matters, and you want to get immediate rewards. So, in your mind, you do n’t know about unrequited loveWhat is it.

When you like one, you also need to know immediately that the other person is also interested in yourself. You would rather eat lemons refreshingly than wait for the answer painfully.

With regard to love, you can say that you have an indomitable spirit. After each “showdown” fails, you can quickly stand still and re-enter another “challenge”.

Your advantage is that you don’t get horny in terms of feelings, knowing that feelings need two people to go together.

  5. I will never be pregnant, and I will not eat soup residues. Although you hate unrequited love, somehow this seems to happen to you from time to time.

It is unknown whether the world is really so coincidental. Many times you think that the people who see the eye are already famous and have their own hearts.

Therefore, you have no choice but to accept the fact of unrequited love.

Even if you have thought about it, modern love is mostly fragile. In short, if a man is unmarried or a woman is unmarried, he has the right to continue to choose.Would rather wait for the next true love opportunity to come.

Excessive tension can disrupt normal pregnancy

Excessive tension can disrupt normal pregnancy

Early in the morning, Xiao Qing cried and ran into my consulting room, her eyes were red and swollen.

Xiao Qing is an “old patient”. At the age of 28, she has been seeing my clinic for treatment since she had a spontaneous abortion six months ago.

  ”what happened?

“From Xiaoqing’s intermittent words, I heard it probably.

It turned out that Xiao Qing had just been diagnosed with a pregnancy last Friday. I gave her a treatment plan to protect her pregnancy. I also told her to pay attention to rest and nutrition.

After returning from me, she has been immersed in joy, but she kept drumming in her heart, worried that she would repeat the same mistakes.

  Xiao Qing choked and said, thinking of her last experience, she couldn’t sleep and couldn’t sleep. “It’s better to go to check!”

“Yes, in order to ensure safety, she reports to the community health center every day, draws a tube of blood, and after receiving the test report, she sees that the indicators are good.

She tests her own early pregnancy test every day.

But this morning, when she went to check again, the indicator suddenly fell down. She was holding a test sheet. The doctor told her the last thing she wanted to hear was “maybe a miscarriage.”

  I was really sad to see her crying in front of me.

After prescribing her, I told her to go back and take a good rest. She was still young and there must be a chance.

  In the clinic, patients often like Xiaoqing are often encountered. They often suffer from loss and gain, often causing psychological infertility or miscarriage.

Because of the stress, the body is in a state of stress, which disrupts the original stability. Disturbances in the body’s neuroimmunity and endocrine system, especially changes in progesterone, cause changes in normal pregnancy.

Progesterone is an important hormone to ensure long-term development and is closely related to the hypothalamus.

The change of human emotion is related to the hypothalamus. When the emotion is in a long-term tension, the progesterone level in the body decreases, and the placenta is not well developed, which is not conducive to evolution.

Moreover, the uterus is in a highly sensitive state, and small stimuli can cause the uterus to contract, which can cause miscarriage.

Crying at the right time means being brave

Crying at the right time means being brave

“Crying” is often regarded as a shameful thing, or a full manifestation after a disaster. “Crying” makes people feel obscure and sad. In short, everyone hates “crying”!

In fact, the occasional “crying” is very good for your physiology. Have you heard of this?

  A study by psychologist William Fry of the University of Minnesota on crying for 5 years shows that men can cry up to 7 times a month and women cry more than 30 times.

Hasson, an evolutionary biologist at Tel Aviv University in Israel, says crying is a highly evolved act of humans.

Like language, only humans cry in the true sense.

  Although sorrow and mourning are the most powerful “tear bombs”, in addition to this, joy, anger, and fear of tears for everyone, such as too scared to cry, too happy to cry, and angry to cry.

It should be said that all these are a normal behavioral response of human beings.

  A recent Hassan study has found that tears can even send a signal of self-protection.

It can obscure people’s sight and prevent themselves from aggressive behavior towards others; at the same time, it can show their fragility, reduce mutual alertness and hostility, and not cause casual behaviors; further, the other party sees a watchA tearful face can also trigger pity and long unconscious support.

  At the same time, crying is an important means of emotional communication, which can establish a connection between people.

When you burst into tears in the face of others, you are sending a signal: I am sharing my most vulnerable emotions with you, and you see the most true side of me.

The other party sees all this and expects that if you trust him, both parties can become friends.

  Of course, crying does not always mean fragility, it can help the body release stress, and it is of great benefit to maintain physical health and mental balance.

For example, babies use crying to promote lung growth, and women love to cry and live longer than men.

  Fry did an interesting experiment: he let a person watch a moving movie and collect the tears they shed because of being moved; another group of people cut the onion and collected the tears they left because of spicy eyes.

It was found that catecholamines were contained in “emotional tears” that shed as a result of touching, but not in “reflective tears”.

Fry pointed out that catecholamines are a chemical released by the brain under emotional stress. If too much is accumulated in the body, it is likely to increase the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  ”Crying” is an emotional release. When you want to cry, you don’t have to be patient. At this time, you can eliminate “tears” in time and relax your body and mind.

So don’t “give laughter and swallow your tears!”

“The timely” crying “is also a sign of courage!

Chinese cabbage and radish soup

Chinese cabbage and radish soup

As the saying goes, “Eating radish in winter and ginger in summer” and “radish go on the market, Lang Zhong was laid off.

“It is an irreplaceable proportion on the winter table in many families. In addition to soup, stir-fried vegetables, radishes, there are many new ways of eating and the effect of symptomatic treatment.

Here are a few to recommend to you, I hope to be helpful to everyone.


hzh {display: none; }  ◆白萝卜“越辣”防癌效果越好  白萝卜作为蔬菜佳品,营养成分丰富,富含B族维生素和多种矿物质,其中维生素C含量为梨的10倍.

White radish also has antiviral and anticancer effects.

The crude fiber contained in white radish can stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, the so-called smooth air, reduce the time that feces stay in the body, and prevent colon and rectal cancer.

  The interferon-inducing agent in white radish has a double-bond ribonic acid that is more resistant to enzymes in the oral cavity, is not easily degraded during swallowing, and has no side effects.

Preliminary research by some domestic medical scientists found that the interferon inducer contained in white radish was injected into mice and found that the malignant tumor in the body was reduced by 50%?

  The mustard oil and glucosides contained in white radish can interact with a variety of enzymes to form a spicy anticancer component.

Therefore, the more spicy the white radish, the more such ingredients, the better the anti-cancer performance.

  ◆ Want to use radish as ginseng?

Teach you how to eat the most curative[radish sugar]-relieve sore throat, radish contains a certain mustard, which makes radish contain a natural spicy taste, plus radish itself has anti-inflammatory function, winter caused by a cold throatPeople with pain and stuffy nose can use radish to solve these annoying problems.

You can shred the white radish into juice, prepare a piece of gauze, apply the white radish juice to the gauze, or dip the juice with a cotton ball and stuff it in the nostrils.

Repeat 2 in this way?
Symptoms of nasal congestion will be relieved naturally 3 times, about 5 minutes each time.

If you have a sore throat, you can make “radish candy” by yourself, cut the radish into small pieces, and marinate with an appropriate amount of honey. After the radish rises in the honey, take it out and eat it every time your throat hurts.Certain relief.

  [White Radish Leaf Tea]-Beauty Eat radish beauty, you may not have heard of it, you may ask how much radish to eat to achieve the effect of beauty?

In fact, do not eat too much radish, make a little white radish leaf tea, not only enjoy the nutrition of radish, but also do not eat too much radish.

White radish leaves are rich in various vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and especially the content of vitamin C is more than 4 times that of rhizomes.

Vitamin C can prevent skin aging, prevent the formation of pigmentation, and keep the skin white and tender.

In addition, vitamin A and vitamin C have anti-oxidant effects, which can effectively inhibit cancer and prevent skin aging and arteriosclerosis.

In addition to vitamins, the supplementary fiber content of white radish is very considerable, especially the plant fiber contained in the leaves is more abundant.

These plant fibers can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, eliminate constipation, and trigger detoxification, thereby improving skin roughness and acne.

When making radish leaf tea, we can clean the white radish leaves and dry them for 3?
4 days, after drying, put 30 grams of dried white radish leaves into 1 liter of water and cook. After boiling, change to medium heat, cook for a few minutes, and drink after filtering. If you feel it is not good, you can add a littleThe sugar will taste better.

  [Boiled radish]-Vitamin C in radish is better than gastrointestinal medicine. It can help remove waste from the body and promote the body’s metabolism.

Especially white radish or water radish, the added enzyme can promote digestion in advance.

  Generally, enzymes can absorb the starch in food, and can more effectively dissolve the accumulation of food in the stomach, thereby having a good digestive effect and preventing stomach pain and gastric ulcer.

  In the case of richness at the top, you can make a cabbage radish soup, which not only tastes delicious, but also speeds up digestion and nourishes the stomach and warms up.

The method is very simple. Wash Chinese cabbage, white radish, carrots and tofu, cut into strips of similar size, and simmer them in boiling water for later use.

Set the pot on the fire and add the appropriate amount of oil to the 50% heat. Stir the chilli sauce and pour the broth. Put the white radish, carrot, and tofu in the pot together. Add the Chinese cabbage after the high heat.Season with salt and monosodium glutamate, and sprinkle with coriander.

  [Icing sugar radish]-It can moisturize the lungs and cool the radish, and has a certain effect of moistening the lungs and coughing, especially in winter, some people often have symptoms such as hot and sputum, and lung discomfort.。
  Raw radish is a method that is not only cool and hydrated, but also diuretic and healthy.

At the same time, making some rock radish is especially effective.

Use one of the new white radishes, round and big belly.

Wash the radish, dry it with water, cut a knife across the top 1/3 of the radish, put the top side aside, hollow out the lower center with a small knife, pay attention to the side of about 1 cm, and put rock sugar in the hollow.
Then cover the top of the radish and secure it with toothpicks around. Put the radish in a sealed jar and store it in the refrigerator. Take it out after five or six days. Open the radish, and the rock sugar inside has become a thick juice.

Just put the radish in the right direction, the water will run out when it is crooked.

This radish juice has a good nourishing effect on the lungs.
  Radish skin treats rheumatism, and the analgesic effect of radish is very good. This is mainly because radish has good water function and can be used to reduce swelling.

  In winter, if you have muscle or joint pain, you can cut the radish skin directly as a dressing and apply it to the affected area. You can also put the radish skin in a gauze bag for hot compresses.

When you have a toothache, you can put a hot pack on the surface of your cheeks, or you can dipped a bit of radish juice in an absorbent cotton ball and place it on the gums of your bad teeth.

  People often eat too much meat in winter, and it is easy to get sputum and get angry.

When eating meat with a little radish, or make some radish-based dishes, not only will not get angry, but will also perform a good nutritional nourishing effect.

Easily remove toxins in 10 minutes

Easily remove toxins in 10 minutes

Go home from work every day. May also take 5-10 minutes to do 5 strokes detox yoga!

Although it is hard work, I believe that perseverance will not only become more energetic day by day, but also become more and more daunting!

  STEP1 is sitting on a chair, holding the left side of his back with his left hand, inhaling, extending his right hand backwards, opening five fingers, looking at the middle finger, maintaining 5 breaths, raising his hands up and back to the original position.

  STEP2 first sits on the chair 1/3 position, hands on the chair, then inhales, buttocks leave the chair, hands support the body with both hands, head tilted back.

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Modern people need it!

What poison does modern people have?

Because of environmental pollution and the food that is eaten is too delicate and usually processed repeatedly, unknowingly eating many substances that are not easily metabolized in the body.

  STEP3 maintains 5 breaths, and then slowly returns to the original position.

  Related: However, the most effective way to detox is to help the body defecate and sweat through normal diet and exercise.

Modern people are prone to “poo” due to abnormal diet, and they do not like sports. In the long run, the body will inevitably accumulate excessive toxins.

  STEP4 then relaxes, bends down, maintains 5 breaths, and then returns to the sitting position.

  Related: Recently, have you been constipated, tired, or even dry?

Be careful, this means that you should develop the right lifestyle and exercise habits to help your body detox!

  STEP5 Finally, stopping the position of the index finger and the tiger’s mouth can help suppress appetite.

How to keep the best distance between colleagues

How to keep the best distance between colleagues

Distance is a physical phenomenon, but also a kind of interpersonal knowledge. It is a problem that must be faced in office.

In a small office space, how should the physical distance be controlled when people come and go?

  Keeping a distance with colleagues deliberately, will be considered too indifferent; if you are too close, you may be charged with “sexual harassment”.

Distance is not only a physical problem, but also a psychological, social, and very far-reaching problem that affects the interaction between people.

  The distance between colleagues of the opposite sex is even more complicated and subtle . Between the opposite sex: It is 21st century to refuse intimacy, and the work exchanges between the sexes are very alternating. It is impossible to reduce the old concept of inferiority between men and women.

Even if you are married, it does not mean that you have to keep your distance from the opposite sex, so as not to be afraid.

Excessive refusal to get along with the opposite sex is neither like a modern person, it is more likely to hinder the role of the workplace.

We must also acknowledge that working spaces for both sexes are usually more pleasant and harmonious than a single-sex environment.

  Perhaps modern organizations are more efficient and women are heavily engaged in certain relationships.

It is not impossible and unreasonable to re-isolate the sexes.

Deliberate alienation is not the best policy.

The two sexes always have to communicate, and working together should help improve work efficiency. Therefore, we must not adopt isolation strategies between the two sexes. We must find a good way to make the two sexes get along well.

  Because it is the opposite sex, there are many differences of opinion on many things.

If you are an open-minded person in front of the opposite sex, you will find that you are much favored in the opposite sex.

Because most people don’t have a sense of interference with the opposite sex, and they like to help partners of the opposite sex, they regard this leader as a sign of achievement among colleagues.

Everyone wants to be recognized by the opposite sex. If one pays attention to the strengths of others, he can learn from each work partner different strengths that help him develop.

  People who pay attention to the strengths of others and ignore the weaknesses of others will find that colleagues get along well.

Birds of a feather flock together.

If you are a colleague, a friend, you have a common language, and you have good feelings for each other. If you have no interest in developing this relationship into a relationship, you should limit your affection to the scope of friendship.come out.
If the opponent shoots Cupid’s arrow, it should be wisely resolved.

  Never give each other acquiescence and encouragement.

Adopting a generous, not frivolous attitude towards the opposite sex is a very important principle in working with the opposite sex.

This includes both behavioral and verbal aspects.

Doing things in the office with respect to the relationship of the opposite sex working partner will make some complicated things simpler.

  Never treat the office’s heterosexual relationship into the kind of result expected by a similar “love relationship” or develop a more intimate relationship with one opposite sex than the other.

  Becoming friends after work is another matter, but in the office, you must distinguish between “emergency” and “light.”

Male colleagues have the distress of male colleagues, female colleagues have the distress of female colleagues, they may be overwhelmed by the complexity of their work, may be stagnant due to the development of their careers, and may cause endless family disputes.

  Most colleagues will show an evasive attitude when faced with this situation. In fact, as long as you say “I’ll help you”, colleagues may be grateful.

When he (she) is in difficulty, or everyone is afraid to approach, if you can help him (she) regardless of the interests, his or her gratitude is conceivable.

  Between same-sex: Everyone should be friendly in the office, especially for same-sex.

  Because everyone comes to work for the company to survive, everyone under the same roof, for the same purpose, feel the same pressure, no one is indispensable at work, so if you can treat your peers with compassion,Relationships will be easy to handle.

Because it is the same sex, many feelings and views on things have in common. You can find some topics that are of mutual interest. It is a good way to show friendship.

  Of course, some of the same-sex partners who think they are not speculative are treated as “working partners”. Those who can develop further friendships are more exchanged. If they are not “same travellers”, they have less interaction and do not need to treat everyoneActions can be treated as “potential factors” for friends.

You do n’t have to worry about making a fuss when you see a colleague making a small report.

  If he is only for his personal benefit, he can simply ignore it and only consider that “improper handling of the incident” will judge his future character development as innocence.

No one will work in the same company for a lifetime, everyone is just a passenger.

Attention is worth your attention, it is enough to learn what is worth your learning.

How to lower cholesterol with diet

How to lower cholesterol with diet

How to use “diet therapy” to lower cholesterol.

In fact, what we call “diet therapy” is not the same as “diet therapy”.

“Diet therapy” is the use of food to help improve physical health, but “diet therapy” includes more than just “diet therapy”.

  ”Diet therapy” is the main work area of a registered dietitian, which includes (a) understanding and analyzing the nutritional status, health status, and eating habits of patients in detail (b) the causes of disease (c) designed for individual patientsThe menu (4) provides suggestions, in addition to dietary recommendations, it also includes exercise and behavior improvement (5) setting goals and follow-up.

General diet treatment takes about one to three months. In addition to high blood sugar, applicable diseases include diabetes, gout, kidney disease, hypertension, obesity and other chronic diseases.

  Nutritionists also need to ensure that patients can improve their conditions while taking into account a variety of nutrients, so as not to “take care of each other”.

For example, if a person suffering from high cholesterol only cares about “quit mouth” and quit red meat, and ignores iron supplementation, hemoglobin will be affected and anemia will occur.

  Here are some food treatments that can help you lower your cholesterol: 1.

Well-known oatmeal: Research reports indicate that eating about 3/4 cups of oatmeal each day can help reduce total cholesterol by 4-8%, because oatmeal contains protein fiber.

In addition to oatmeal, apples, orange fruits, dried beans such as kidney beans, soy beans, and eyebrow beans are also rich in dietary fiber.


Isoflavone in soybeans also helps lower cholesterol, so you should eat more soy milk, tofu and soybeans.


Fish (especially salmon and tuna) contain omega three fatty acids and have long been proven to help lower cholesterol. It is recommended to eat phosphate two to three times a week instead of meat.


Finally, traditional Chinese foods such as fungus and winter mushrooms can also help lower cholesterol.

A flush may also hide a health crisis

A flush may also hide a health crisis

As the saying goes: “Ruddy look!

“Red-faced” and “red-faced” are usually words that people use to describe a person with good looks and good health, but “red-faced” is not always a good thing, and sometimes even hides the crisis of certain diseases.

  These blushes are not a problem. Physiological blushes are different for each body type. Some people are prone to blushing. People who have blushed a little at a time. People who have been prone to blushing often have facial flushes from the inside to the outside.People often praise these people for their “red light” as a sign of health.

  According to western medicine, some people have better peripheral blood circulation. With a little activity, their complexion becomes ruddy, which is also a healthy performance.

Some people live on the plateau, and the body needs more red blood cells to carry oxygen, which causes blushing. This is also normal.

In addition, some people will blush because of shyness, anxiety, anger, nervousness, etc. These are psychological blushes caused by emotional changes.

  Are people who are not easy to blush healthier than those who are easy to blush?

This cannot be generalized, and each body has its own physical characteristics. Those who are not easy to blush when they are nervous even after exercising are also very healthy as long as they do not appear blue.

  Taking some medicine to blush and taking some medicines can also cause blushing.

Taking nifedipine, nivoldipine may expand blood vessels and lower blood pressure while dilating the capillaries of the face, causing some blushing. This is a normal reaction and does not have much impact on health.

  There are many reasons for these blushes and Tibetan crises, such as dehiscence of the cervical spine, vasodilation caused by stimulating sympathetic nerves; afternoon hot flashes caused by yin deficiency; living in areas penetrated by ultraviolet rays, and plateau red may also appear.

Regardless of the cause of blushing, if the person who is not easy to blush suddenly blushes, there may be a problem in physical function, so be alert.

  Blush reminds not to drink Blush is a sign that you can’t drink. People who drink blush should not continue drinking whether or not they are drunk.


Li Nanzhong, director of the endocrinology department, said that after a large number of Asians drink alcohol, the skin on the skin turns red. This is the result of acetaldehyde accumulated in the body due to alcohol metabolism.

Alcohol in the human body is broken down into various substances by various enzymes. If a certain enzyme is lacking or insufficient, it is easily broken down to produce acetaldehyde.

If a large amount of acetaldehyde accumulates, it will easily blush.

And acetaldehyde is harmful to the body, so drinking and blushing is a reminder to stop drinking, otherwise it will cause more acetaldehyde to accumulate in the body and cause harm.

  It is possible that some middle-aged women in menopause will find themselves often blushing involuntarily in their 40s without finding out why.

Middle-aged women blush, and it is possible that menopause is coming.

  Menopausal blush often has paroxysmal flushes and hot flashes in the body, is suddenly stomped, complications and facial fever, and sometimes accompanied by headaches, dizziness, fatigue and other symptoms.

Sometimes it gets worse at night, even affecting sleep and daytime work.

  At this time, women may also experience blood pressure fluctuations, mainly due to increased systolic blood pressure (high pressure), which can return to normal after a few hours.

This phenomenon before menopause?
It is most obvious in 2 years. After one year, the symptoms gradually decrease or disappear. The middle-aged woman who has this condition does not prevent her from seeing the doctor, supplementing with estrogen or taking other treatments to relieve it under the guidance of the doctor.
  Beware of high blood pressure. People with high blood pressure may also blush abnormally.

People with high blood pressure due to heart enlargement, myocardial hypertrophy, and increased myocardial contractility can cause dilation and congestion of blood vessels in the head and face, leading to flushing.

Therefore, some hypertensive patients often have red faces. In addition, if a person suddenly appears dark red on the two sides, it may be a sign of high blood pressure; if his face is reddish and the pulse is not rooted, it may be caused by high blood pressure.
  Maybe the body is deficient, and the liver yang is hyperactive. If some people have a flashy red color, and they are prone to dry mouth, sweating, and athlete’s foot, it is a manifestation of yin deficiency. Some people have a pale red color, but their hands and feet are prone to hairThe symptoms of coldness, chest tightness, backache, and floating pulses are caused by the deficiency of the sun. If the old people appear red, they may be hyperactive on the liver and yang in traditional Chinese medicine. This is mainly manifested in the sudden appearance in the afternoon.Blushing; for people with hyperactivity of liver yang, you can appropriately take some Zhengan Xifeng Decoction, Qianyang Dan; for people with insufficient lung yin or kidney yin, you can take some Liuwei Dihuang pills appropriately; for menopausal womenSay, you can eat some Xiaoyao San, Lily Dihuang Decoction, Shengmai Yin to regulate qi and blood.