How many confidants do you need?

How many confidants do you need?

Geographically, people need to determine their position so that they don’t get lost. Psychologically, they also need to determine their position in order to find the power of action.

If you want to have a long-term relationship with “Lan Yan Confidant”, then you first need to position yourself, and then set a position for “Lan Yan Confidant” to see which position is most suitable for him.

  So, how does a woman position herself as a “blue-confidant” or find a few “blue-confidant” the most suitable?

According to several girlfriends who claimed to be “coming people”, women had better or at least three “blue-confidants”.

  This first “blue-yan confidant” is of course her husband; the second “blue-yan confidant” is a boyfriend willingly sharing your troubles, but without gender awareness; the third “blue-yan confidant” is appreciationAnd respect your thinking man.

  If you really have these three types of “blue confidant”.

This is always a woman’s happiness, but also a kind of luck.

  Intimate lover Lan Yan confidant love is the best beauty teacher for women.

Fruits are as beautiful as flowers in the season of love.

In fact, before he fell in love with his boyfriend, Guo had devoted himself to his talents and admired his tall and magnificent shore.

The two of them fell in love with each other unconsciously, and finally on that journey, Guo’s boyfriend found an opportunity and naturally came up with his own ideas.

If this sentence has been waiting for a long time, the love between the two has finally begun.

  In love, men are far more romantic than women.

In Guo’s love, his boyfriend often comes up with a sudden romantic plot, so that while surprised, Guo will give birth to a strong love and feel that he is the happiest woman in the world.

For example, on the 25th birthday of Guo, the company asked his boyfriend to work overtime. Because he could n’t push it, he could n’t celebrate his birthday.

What Guo Guo didn’t expect was that when the needle was pointing at 23:58, he was sweating and holding 25 roses standing at the door of Guo’s house. He said, “It’s okay, I didn’t miss today.
“These 25 roses almost bloomed in the spring night, and more in the heart of Guo, so she decided to be his wife.

  In marriage, men are far more realistic than women.

Entered into the palace of marriage, while maintaining a romantic relationship, her husband is more realistic than when in love.

His love for fruit is no longer inexorably loved or restrained.

Making Guo’s willfulness too much, but she still felt the deep love of her husband.

The husband is very busy with work, but maybe someday he will take the time to make a delicious meal for Guo; the husband needs a business trip, but he will often come back early; often when he opens his eyes in the morning, he finds that the husband is lovingLooking at her.

  Women are not born, but created.

Accompanied by her husband, “blue-faced confidant”, the fruit has matured a lot today, and she still maintains her personality when she is gentle; she fully demonstrates her advantages when she struggles; she captures the man’s confused heart when she is in love.

The husband said she was a mature and attractive woman.

  Opinion: Love is a kind of creativity. The success of love, to a certain extent, the creativity of your love.

Love is also a deliberate business, and “husband and wife” is the most worthwhile business for you.

  Gender-conscious confidante Lan Yan “When a woman approaches a man she trusts, she will unreservedly show her thoughts and thoughts, while revealing her colorful feelings, she will also expose her shallowness, herTrivial, her ignorance and her mediocrity.

Therefore, it is necessary to find a man who can show his heart and talk.

Because people need to vent.

What’s more, some things cannot be said to the husband.

From this point of view, you need to hand in a buddy-like ‘blue-confidant’.

Lan Qi was deeply moved.

  Among Lan Qi’s male friends, Qiang is the kind of friend who holds Lan Qi as a buddy.

Not only him, even Lan Qi in front of him, never considered himself a girl.

The two have almost no gender awareness, and belong to the kind of friends who are absolutely dead.

  The iron of their relationship is enviable.

When Lan Qi encountered sadness, the first thing she thought of was Qiang.Lan Qi had a quarrel with her lover that time, because the lover’s ex-girlfriend often contacted Qiang, but Qiang kept Lan Qi from hiding.

When Lan Qi knew this, she was very sad and wanted to give up her lover, but fell in love with him. Lan Qi, who was in pain, didn’t know what to do.

  At that time, Qiang was on a business trip in Shanghai and received Lan Qi’s mobile phone.

Qiang helped Lan Qi analyze three points: first, the reason why he did n’t tell Lan Qi did not prove that he still loved his ex-girlfriend, maybe he was worried that Lan Qi would think more, so he wanted to reduce the trouble;He contacted, he felt that he was able to handle this matter well, and there was no need to allow Lan Qi to have an extra psychological burden; third, if he really wanted to rekindle his former girlfriend, do n’t worry, you know that since he chose to leave the former girlfriendIt must be that she has something he cannot accept.

Under normal circumstances, men rarely regret what they have given up.

After analysis, Qiang helped Lan Qi to plan corresponding countermeasures.

Lan Qi acted according to plan, and it really paid off.

  Don’t look at Lan Qi’s quietness, but she is lively and straightforward, a little boyish.

Dealing with problems is not thorough enough, especially in the workplace, only skilled business is not enough, sometimes with skills in male bosses.

When she encountered a problem that could not be solved in the workplace, she would ask for advice on how to get along with male bosses, male colleagues, and how to crack men’s workplace psychology.

The “strategies” and “countermeasures” she asked from Qiang applied to practice, and they really worked very well.

Of course, Lan Qi also often helped Qiang, deciphering the true meaning of his girlfriend’s seemingly fickle mood.

  Opinion: A man understands a man is one kind, a man understands a woman is another kind, and a comprehensive man is a comprehensive man.

Similarly, men understand women as one kind, and women understand women as another.

Therefore, only by combining the different characteristics and perspectives of the sexes, can we really get the answer.

Also, when a woman is hurt and needs to cry, a dead party without sex is one of the best people you can talk to.

To obtain such a true confidant without gender awareness, it needs to be cultivated normally.

  The confidante who appreciates your thoughts in the relationship between men and women feels that most of the errors are women.

Therefore, women do not need to worry about their boyfriends being misplaced. The key is that women themselves should not be confused, maintain a rational mind, get along with men rationally, and be able to interact with men with confidence.

  Among mortals’ confidants of the opposite sex, sword is the kind of man who cares more about her thoughts than about her looks. He respects and appreciates Fan’s thoughts, and often communicates with Fans.

When encountering an unsolvable ideological problem, the two naturally think of each other, find a place of quiet, and for a few hours of communication, each other will feel a sense of relief.

  At that time, Fan was very upset with her husband, but couldn’t think of a good solution to the problem. She was distressed and thought of the sword.

On a phone call, she and Jian met in the cafe. An hour later, Fan Huarong finally smiled.

The problem of the mortal was solved, the sword talked about several difficult problems he encountered in the “mall”, the mortal who has been fighting for many years in the “commercial war”, and helped the sword to come up with several plans.The feeling of Mousseton opened, and his thoughts were opened.

  Anyone who thinks that if you look closely at a man, you can’t see all its charms without getting deep into his thoughts.

If you can find a “blue-faced confidant” who is thinking and can really treat you, there will be a qualitative leap in women’s thinking.

Communication and communication between a thoughtful man and a thoughtful woman are tantamount to absorbing the essence of gender thinking.

This is a very lucky thing for both people.

  Therefore, if a woman has her own thought, she must dare to express it in front of the opposite sex. Don’t think that I will do this?

Will it upset him?

Will it disappoint him?

Will it offend him or something.

This resists your thinking and normal play.

You know, the reason why you can become his “confidant” is mostly your thoughts, especially for thoughtful men.

  Of course, as a woman, you have to know how to choose.

If there is a man who appreciates your thoughts, then you must take good measures of how you get along with each other. Don’t let this rare friendship go astray, or you won’t be able to make a friend in the end.

You know, since he appreciates your thoughts, he will love other women’s looks, figures, and other good qualities just as he loves your thoughts.

At this time, you must not be afraid of jealousy, you must know that you may be “blue-faced confidants” in your mind.

If you want him too much, it’s not good for both sides.

Therefore, it is best for women to position themselves and their “blue-faced confidants” so that this friendship can develop healthily.In this way, both parties will benefit.

  Opinion: While admiring the thoughts of men, women must also show their excellence. This is the “gender confidante” that complements each other and attracts both.

Of course, this kind of attraction is limited to ideology, and we must keep a good balance.

You know, it’s not easy to meet this kind of “confidante”, and it is even more difficult to cultivate this friendship.

Therefore, we must cherish it. Do n’t lose this rare “blue confidant” because of your personal feelings.

14 foods can help improve life for sugar buddies

14 foods can help improve life for sugar buddies

Diet adjustments play a key role in controlling blood sugar.

The latest article from the US “MSNBC” website recommends 14 foods that can improve the lives of sugar friends.

These foods can ensure that sugar users can absorb enough four types of nutrients-fiber, omega 3 fatty acids, calcium and vitamin D while stabilizing blood sugar.


Beans vitamin cellulose, enhance satiety, stabilize blood sugar, lower cholesterol.

100 grams of soybeans contain 190 mg of calcium, which can meet 20% of calcium intake in a day.

Beans are also a good source of protein.

Various beans can be changed to eat.

  2.Dairy products.

Dairy products are the best foods with a rich combination of calcium and vitamin D to help improve your diabetes.

A recent study found that women who took 1,200 mg of calcium and 800 international units of vitamin D daily reduced their risk of developing diabetes by 33%.


85 grams of salmon contain 1800 mg of omega 3 fatty acids.

The budget prevents crime, reduces waist circumference, reduces obesity and improves insulin resistance.

Salmon is also the best source of non-dairy vitamin D.


85 grams of tuna contains more than 1,300 milligrams of omega 3 fatty acids and considerable vitamin D.


Barley meal special soluble fiber beta glucan.

Studies have found that daily supplementation with 3 grams of beta glucan (a bowl of barley) reduces bad cholesterol levels by 8%.

Barley meal fiber helps stabilize blood sugar and reduce weight.


Like barley and beans, oats are also blended with fiber. Half a cup of oats contains 4 grams of fiber.

Eating oats can reduce bad cholesterol levels and improve resistance.

The preliminary fiber can slow down the body’s speed of breaking down and absorbing sugar, thereby stabilizing blood sugar.


Basic additives sugars, fibers and polyphenols antioxidants.

Eating more additives such as blackberries and blueberries can help reduce bad cholesterol levels.

Jujube is the “perfect snack for diabetics”. 7 jujubes contain 4 grams of fiber.

Research has found that dates contain more antioxidants than grapes, oranges, broccoli and peppers.

  9.Green leafy vegetables.

Green leafy vegetable crystal fiber, calcium and a large amount of folic acid, vitamin B, can reduce the risk of hypertension.


200 grams of lentils contain 16 grams of fiber and 360 micrograms of folic acid.

It also provides a variety of vitamins and trace elements.

  11.Flax seeds.

Flaxseed is an excellent source of cellulose and alpha linolenic acid.Alpha linolenic acid will be converted into healthy fatty acids in the body, which can lower cholesterol and blood sugar and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  12.peanut butter.

Peanut butter reduces the risk of diabetes.

Peanut butter contains precipitated fibers and monounsaturated fatty acids, which reduces the risk of harm.

But the content is sufficient, peanut butter should not be eaten.

  13.dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate is a toxic antioxidant flavonoid that helps lower blood pressure.

But it contains a small amount and formaldehyde content, so it is better to eat less.


28 grams of walnuts contain 2 grams of fiber and 2 grams.

6 grams of alpha linolenic acid and 185 calories.

Walnut kernels control blood sugar, prevent diabetes, and are also good for heart health.

But don’t eat more, so as not to exceed the standard.

Essential anti-fatigue foods

Essential “anti-fatigue” foods

Here are some “anti-fatigue” foods that not only ensure a balanced diet, but also maintain good health, so that you can work 100% more mentally!
  Biscuits: The main ingredient of biscuits is wheat. The energy provided by biscuits comes from their carbohydrate content.
In breakfast, the energy provided by ordinary biscuits, butter biscuits or biscuits dedicated to breakfast can ensure that people are energetic until lunch.
If you eat another fruit, an egg, and a glass of milk, it is a complete and energetic breakfast, which will ensure that you are full of energy throughout the morning.
Afternoon refreshments, a few biscuits and a drink can keep you full of work enthusiasm until after work.
  Fruit: Provides vitamins. The brain needs multiple vitamins and minerals to function properly.
B vitamins and vitamin C are particularly important for maintaining the body’s intelligence and strength.
Folic acid is an indispensable vitamin for the growth and development of the human body and the functioning of the nervous system, which is beneficial to improving learning ability and memory.
Green leafy vegetables (such as lettuce, lettuce, spinach, etc.), melon and strawberry have the highest levels of folic acid.
Vitamin C helps keep cognitive activities (memory and learning) effective.
Vegetables and fruits with high vitamin C content include guava, parsley, sweet pepper, kiwi, strawberry, and orange.
So make sure to eat 1-2 fruits and 500 grams of vegetables every day.
  Dried fruits: Energy supplements: After physical activity (hiking, playing tennis, etc.) and mental activities, you can chew some dried fruits or dried fruits, etc., to quickly replenish your strength.
So you should always put some dried apricots, almonds or hazelnuts in your school bag in case you need them.
  Dairy products: Essentials of the body Dairy products can provide you with protein, vitamins and calcium, and will not contain too much fat.
In addition, during insomnia, drinking a glass of warm milk half an hour before going to bed each night helps sleep.
  Beverage: Selective use Moderate drinking mineral water is very effective for replenishing minerals.
Mineral water contains more or less mineral salts (the content of calcium, sodium and magnesium varies), so it can meet our daily nutritional needs.
Magnesium helps the regular conversion of substances in the body. Calcium can supplement the deficiency of dairy products, and sodium can prevent the body from dehydration.

Ask yourself if it’s time to resign

Ask yourself if it’s time to resign

A person’s occupation lies in his partner, which consumes most of his life’s energy and time. According to estimates, the time spent by a working person in the office and colleagues is about (39 per week).

1 hour) longer than waking up with a partner.

Therefore, people have a reason to choose between looking for a career.

  When you feel like you are living in the job, you should ask yourself the following 6 questions. Is there still a good reason to stay in this position?

  1. Is there any “passion” when you first started working?

  Before you submit your resignation letter, you may wish to think again about why you fell in love with this job in the first place and exclude the worst factors that cause the current bad situation.

  2. Is your labor recognized?

  Wei is a business consultant for a company. She can’t remember when her boss praised her.

“Oh, of course, I often hear them blame me for doing things inaccurately, being late, or having no contracts.

“Weichen refraction,” but I just want to hear positive feedback, and I want to hear it more than once.

But no.

I feel frustrated and just want to go home and stay. ”

Accumulation of all kinds of discomforts at work will evolve into anger, which may cause you to be hit by a boss or colleague in a violent storm one day, which can only put yourself in a more passive state.

Maybe you two don’t know exactly where you are lacking.

The so-called bystanders are clear.

May wish to talk to your boss, explain to him how you feel, and ask him how you can do better.

You may be able to figure out from your supervisor’s words how far you can go in this business.

  3. Do you think you have a great future?

  In other words, do you think you could be promoted?

Or is it a dead end ahead?

Sometimes your career is like the opposite sex friend you make, and you always want to know if you can get a meaningful promise one day, otherwise, you should withdraw and quit.

  Lu Yan was a former employee of an advertising company. She said, “I have been an ordinary employee in that company for two years, and then I found another company. They promised me a higher position.

Out of the nostalgia of the previous company, I asked my boss again if I had the possibility of promotion.

The leader expressed regret and said that I am afraid it will have to wait a few years.

I was completely disappointed and did not stay again.

I think I got it right, I shouldn’t stay in a place where my dreams can’t be realized for a long time.

“4, do you still want to learn as you go?

  Faced with a hopeless career, you may no longer care about what you can learn from your job.

And in a work of amazing heart, people look for continuous development.

When you stop learning, you will be stagnant.

Only continuous improvement can push people to make new evaluations of their needs.

Perhaps it may be appropriate to request some industry training.

New knowledge and cognition can stimulate people and keep you from falling behind in the game.

  5. Do you feel that work brings you happiness?

  Some people, because of their introverts, are particularly reluctant to speak in front of everyone. Whenever they encounter such occasions, they feel that they are being punished. Others feel overwhelmed by the armed work and suffer from invisible pressure.

  Wang Ying has been a lawyer before and is now the head of the marketing department of a company.

She said: “When I was a lawyer, every Sunday afternoon I was surrounded by a sense of helplessness.

Eventually, I confirmed that I was no longer suitable as a lawyer and re-trained.I never regret the alternative I made.

“Sometimes, some small adjustments can often change the stereotype of work.

  6. Do you feel you are no longer loyal to your job?

  You hate your current job and don’t care about it.

You look elsewhere, write back to some recruitment advertisements, go to some recruitment consulting offices to inquire about the news, and accept interviews.

All this shows that you have betrayed your original work.

At this point, is there any room for recovery?

  In fact, even if you have got a new job, before you leave, you always ask your boss if they are willing to pay you a higher salary to retain you. Of course, the attitude must be sincere, low-key, and earnestDon’t yell with madness.

You can tell him that someone wants you to work for them, but you still have no idea what to accept.

After all, I should be nostalgic for the place, I don’t know if the company has other better opportunities for you and so on.

You will most likely get the most sincere and heartfelt retention.

How to buy quality toys for your baby-

How to buy quality toys for your baby?

The best way to buy At present, the scale of conventional toy and children’s products companies are different, and the production levels are uneven. The products of some small family workshops and even underground factories cannot be guaranteed for simple quality.

It is best to choose a large shopping mall with high credibility, and it is necessary to obtain and keep a shopping voucher from the merchant to provide a basis for safeguarding possible consumer disputes.

  The general principle of selecting high-quality toys is to determine whether the raw materials are qualified.

Including main raw materials, fillers, coatings, paints, glues, etc. meet national safety standards.

The general judgment is mainly based on good sensory comfort (color, feel, smell, cleanliness, etc.).

  Second, the surface of wooden, plastic and metal toys, especially the edges, has no sharpness, sharp corners, no burrs, notches, and is not easy to be crushed and broken by children.

  Third, plush toys are not easy to remove hair, so as not to damage the baby’s respiratory tract and skin health.

  Fourth, if the small parts are attached, the seams are usually glued firmly to avoid accidents such as accidental eating of the baby.

  Fifth, if you bring a spring, gears, etc., make sure that there is a shielding device that cannot be easily removed by the baby, so as not to pinch your baby’s small hands.

  6. If you have a battery, the battery box cover needs to be securely fixed.

  Seven, if you can make a sound, the sound should not be too loud, so as not to affect your baby’s hearing.

  In addition, the “3C” compulsory product certification has been implemented for 6 categories of toy products such as baby carriages, electric toys, plastic toys, metal toys, catapult toys, and dolls. When purchasing these toys, it is necessary to see whether the products carry the “3C””Sign.

Of course, it also depends on whether the manufacturer ‘s name, address, date of production, materials or ingredients are suitable for the age of the toy, the implementation of the standard number, the certification, etc.

  The last point is that you must pay attention to the safety warnings on the toys and play safely!

Black people have a lot of fun and fitness

Black people have a lot of fun and fitness

Playing sports, aerobics, dancing, boxing, etc. are all familiar fitness methods. Here are some strange fitness methods.

Don’t look at them strangely, it is very good for our body.

  Running on the sand: more whiter running on the sand can stimulate the soles of the feet.

Jogging on the fine grain of sand can stimulate adrenal tissues, promote hormone secretion, and make the skin fair and shiny.

And it is best to choose after the hot bath, because the foot after the hot bath is more sensitive to the transmission of “signal” in the body.

  Reminder: In addition to sand, smooth pebbles are also a good choice.

  Inverted: Decompression of an organ is an inverted posture for the human body.

When the head of each body is inverted, the pressure on the organs is weakened or eliminated, and the muscles in some parts are loosened, and the blood quickly flows to the head.

It can improve the preventive effect on various diseases caused by the cause, improve blood circulation, enhance visceral function, and improve the fitness effect of relaxed muscles.

  Reminder: 1.

Ask someone for help at the beginning.


It’s really difficult to complete. Don’t force it.


Be careful not to hurt your hands.


Cardiovascular disease should not be performed to prevent accidents.


Patients with glaucoma, high myopia, diabetes, or retinal vascular disease should exercise caution because of increased intraocular pressure due to handstand.

  Crawling: A good helper for pregnant women for a long time makes it easy for the human body to induce cerebrovascular disease and spine and lumbar muscle strain.

In particular, moderate crawling in pregnant women can enhance the strength of the abdominal muscles and prevent dystocia. Postpartum crawling is conducive to uterine reduction.

  Reminder: 1.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing when crawling.


You can wear a knee pad for your blood pressure.


Climbing speed should be slow and climbing speed should be small. Repeat 2?
3 times at intervals of 20?
30 seconds.

  Hang upside down: relax your joints with your feet on single, parallel bars, or other fixed shelves, and put it upside down to treat back pain, sciatica, arthritis, etc.

  Reminder: 1.

It is not appropriate to take too long.


Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should not perform this exercise.


People with glaucoma and high myopia should not perform this exercise.

Hair: a focus for men

Hair: a focus for men

Never mistakenly think that dry and rough hair is caused by too much water. Hydrating will not make your hair soft and moisturized. On the contrary, “water” is the “natural enemy” of beautiful hair.

  Among the various types of hair damage, a magazine summarizes the three most common problems-dandruff, oiliness and hair loss.

In fact, the first two types of problems are often a sign of hair loss.

“Male hair loss” can be said to be innate, in addition to stress and lifestyle habits, more from hormone secretion and inheritance.

With increasing age, the male hormone testosterone increases. When testosterone is combined with a so-called 5-alpha reducing enzyme, the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which causes divergence, is produced.

In addition, due to excessive use of the brain, insufficient rest, bad habits such as tobacco and alcohol, and staying up late, will also aggravate these three major hair troubles.

  For 40 years, a team of experts who have studied scalp hair care believes that dandruff and greasy come from the scalp being out of balance.

Our scalp is fragile.

Modern people are busy with work, heavy pressure and environmental pollution, which will affect the health of the scalp.

And daily exposure to various irritations, such as: replacing poor-quality shampoos during shampooing, wiping rough with nails, using too high water temperature when flushing, and using overly alkaline products during dyeingWaiting for these will cause the scalp to lose balance.

  Solving these problems starts with restoring a healthy scalp balance.

  Question: How can I solve the dual problems of oily scalp and dandruff? When I have the dual problems of oily scalp and dandruff, how can I solve them professionally?

  A: Dandruff and scalp oiliness are both signs of unhealthy scalp and loss of balance.

It can be said that wrinkles on the surface of the scalp can return to normal after a course of treatment.

Unless there is an external stimulus, oil on the scalp is a problem of the endocrine system.

For example, androgen is secreted too much.

If there is dandruff, it will stimulate the sebaceous glands to secrete more oil.

Therefore, we can first treat dandruff to normalize the dust on the surface, and then use oil control products to stabilize the secretion of sebaceous glands.

  Can dandruff and oily scalp be washed frequently? Q: Can dandruff and oily scalp be washed frequently?

  A: If you use inappropriate cleaning products, even if you wash your hair twice a day, it will not solve the problem fundamentally.

The dandruff may be washed away temporarily, but the surface dust is still abnormal, and the scalp cells are still in an abnormal state.

Too much shampoo will stimulate the sebaceous glands to secrete more oil.

It’s like if our faces often use oil-absorbing paper to absorb oil, our faces will become even more oily.

Therefore, to fundamentally solve the problem, it is necessary to use professional care products to restore the scalp to a healthy balance.

For example, Kashi launched two professional care products: anti-dandruff serum and scalp oil-control essence.

  Can the scalp problem be solved in one go: Can the scalp problem be solved in one go?

  A: The scalp is the same as the skin. It is an active tissue that is constantly renewed and aging. It is also sometimes very fragile and easily changed by external influences.

Therefore, the problem of the scalp is not a one-time care, it can be done once and for all.

Solved today, maybe there will be a new situation tomorrow.

Therefore, it is necessary to take care of it for a long time and often to ensure the health and balance of the scalp.

  Q: I have dry hair, and I have always paid attention to hydrating my hair. But why is my hair still so dry and rough without gloss?

  A: Don’t mistakenly think that dry and rough hair is because there is too much water. Hydrating will not make your hair soft and moist. On the contrary, “water” is the “natural enemy” of beautiful hair.

A study from Parisian Cassidy, the world’s professional hair and scalp care expert, found that dry hair is not dehydrated, but because of a lack of certain nutrients such as glucose, protein and oil

  First, glucose is the most basic energy substance in hair cells. It can be quickly absorbed at the roots of hair to ensure the normal functioning of hair cells. Lowering glucose means losing energy.

  In essence, protein loss has a lot to do with dry hair.

Protein The consequence of protein is that the hair is rough and dull, and the ends are damaged and split ends.

  And finally, in the process of hair dryness, the oil from the root to the end of the hair will also be quickly lost. The lack of oil will cause the natural oil protective layer on the hair to begin to degrade. Of course, if the hair loses its protection, it will be easier to dry out and be damaged.

  Therefore, only by comprehensively and effectively nourishing and protecting the hair, can it restore its luster and radiance.

Caring for Women’s Health

Caring for Women’s Health

1, menstrual period, menstrual surgery and upper, ring removal and other gynecological surgery vaginal bleeding, be sure to prohibit sex, swimming, bathing, sauna, frequent replacement of sanitary napkins, so the body’s resistance decreases, pathogenic bacteriaEasy to enter and cause infection.

  2. Eliminate all kinds of infections, keep the perineum clean and dry, wash the vulva with water every night, make it special, and do not pull out the cleaned vagina by hand, and do not wash the vulva with hot water or soap.

Pelvic inflammatory disease has a large amount of leucorrhea and is sticky, so you need to change your underwear frequently. Do not wear tight-fitting, chemical fiber-sized underwear.

  3. Patients diagnosed with acute or subacute pelvic inflammatory disease must actively cooperate with the treatment as prescribed by the doctor.

The patient must rest in bed or take a semi-recumbent position to facilitate the limitation of antibiotics and the discharge of secretions.

Patients with chronic pelvic inflammatory disease should not be overworked, and combine work with rest, control sexual intercourse, and worsen the symptoms of complications.

  4. Fever patients generally sweat when they have a fever. Pay attention to keeping warm and keeping the body dry. After sweating, change clothes and avoid blowing air conditioners or direct convection wind.

  5. Some patients suffer from chronic pelvic inflammatory disease and feel a little uncomfortable. They take antibiotics by themselves. Long-term use will cause intravaginal flora distortion, which will increase vaginal secretions and white dregs like leucorrhea.See a doctor to rule out mycotic vaginitis.

  6. Pay attention to the quantity, quality, color and taste of leucorrhea.

Those with more leucorrhea, thick yellow and stinky smell, indicate a serious condition. For example, the leucorrhea changes from yellow to white (or light yellow), the amount changes from less to more, and the taste tends to be normal (slightly sour), indicating that the condition has improved.
  7. Patients with acute or subacute pelvic inflammatory disease should keep the stool unobstructed, and observe the characteristics of the stool.

If you see a pus in your stool or have a severe feeling after the emergency, you should go to the hospital immediately to prevent pelvic abscesses from breaking the intestinal wall and causing acute peritonitis.

  8. Patients with pelvic inflammatory disease should pay attention to dietary care; nutrition should be strengthened.

During the fever, it is advisable to eat a light and digestible diet. For patients with high fever injury, pear juice or apple juice, watermelon juice, etc. can be given instead, but it cannot be replaced after freezing.

Leucorrhea is yellow in color, has a large amount, and the patients with thick texture are damp-heat syndrome. They should not eat fried or greasy, spicy food.

Patients with cold pain in the abdomen, fear of coldness, and back pain are cold qi stagnation type. Ginger soup, brown sugar water, Guiyuan meat and other warm foods can be given to the diet.

Five are upset and hot, and those with low back pain are mostly kidney yin deficiency.

  9, do a good job of self-confidence, minimize the wound of abortion.

Strictly aseptic operation during surgery; avoid invasion of pathogenic bacteria.

  10. Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, patients with abdominal mass using traditional Chinese medicine retention enema treatment, the effect is very good, it has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing stasis, softening and solidifying, clearing heat and detoxifying or warming the palace and dispersing cold.

The method is: prepare before operation: (1) thickly fry a dose of traditional Chinese medicine 100ml for later use; (2) one disposable infusion set, paraffin oil or lubricant oxide; (3) empty large and urinate before enemaTo reduce abdominal pressure and clean the connection.

  Operation method: Before going to bed every night, emptying large, after urination, take the right side position, move the left side closer to the edge of the bed, connect the infusion set according to the method of intravenous infusion, drain the gas, cut off the needle of the infusion set, and paintA small amount of lubricating oil is slowly inserted from the anus into the rectum 10-15cm, and the drug solution is slowly dripped in.

The temperature of the medicinal solution is preferably 39 ℃ -41 ℃, the pressure should be low, and the liquid level should not exceed 30cm from the anus. After the irrigation is completed, stay in bed as much as possible.

  The traditional Chinese medicine retention enema method has been used in clinical practice for many years. It is a better alternative. It is mainly absorbed through the intestinal wall. The permeability of the semipermeable membrane of the intestinal wall can be quickly absorbed, which causes systemic therapeutic effects, especially forExpanded organs, such as the pelvic cavity and abdominal cavity, have more significant effects.

Moreover, it can be operated by a nurse during hospitalization or at home after leaving the hospital.

15 dangerous heart knots for women in marriage

15 dangerous heart knots for women in marriage

1. I’m officially late for dating. I don’t know when it will start. Girls like this “art of late dating.” Depending on her boyfriend’s patience, choose to be 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes later than the previous appointment, and some even more.Long, to test her boyfriend’s feelings about it . to make her boyfriend wait for a bit of anxiety, a little worried, but not too angry, if a man really stood up and said: “Nothing for example!

“Then you won’t go next time.

  However, usually men will tolerate their inner grievances, and will forcibly rejoice behind them: “It’s okay, I just arrived!

“Actually, he was sitting there desperately smoking a half pack of cigarettes.

  2. If your mother and I fell in the river, who would you save first?

  A very stupid ancient problem, which is actually not fun, and it is not human. For men, it is a cruel dilemma, and it can only force people to lie on the road of no return.

  3, “Do you love me?”

“,” How much love in the end?

I asked N times a day, and I never tire of it. The man was a little impatient, and immediately went to work to consider that he was not recognized by the other party. He repeatedly asked the man to write a blood book to make a life and death agreement. Compared with women, men’s brain sensory centersThere is at least a “contact” with the communication center. When he cannot easily say “I love you”, he usually does not express his current feelings, but solves a problem to let her know his intentions.

  4, one cry, two troubles, three breaks up: lovers have been weaving their dreams in love, let us help you wake up your six dangerous daydreams, help you out of the misunderstanding, and act out what you can really haveModern Romeo and Juliet.

  Crying is okay and has some aesthetic value; the trouble is a little bit past, but it is also cute; the lowest level is that the word must be “break up”, sharpening, aggressive, actually shouting “wolf is coming” onlyIt’s a show, but it’s annoying.

“Fake play” sometimes makes men “really do”, and men can’t bear the support of women.

  5. “Do you like Lin Zhiling?

“Then the man rejoiced and waited for his answer.

In fact, many times, women like to listen to a “perfect answer” instead of “real voice”, which makes men feel very tricky.

  A person who pays no attention or has no thought to other women must be Sun Wukong or Tang Seng.

Most men are strengthening their sexual desires and fantasies by admiring women.

With this in mind, you should stop forcing the tiger into a cat to catch mice!

  6, “Is it important to be friends or me?

“Once in love, men lose their freedom.

If the boyfriend is playing or drinking with his buddies, and does not go to the girlfriend’s house to change the bulb in time, it is a very serious matter, because he lost face in front of his parents!

In order to show his “first” part, he always likes to dominate his boyfriend, let him betray his relatives, and be an orphan “love” person!

In fact, how much your boyfriend cares about you, he also needs friends. If a man is lonely because of his lust, then the cave is like a prison cell.

  7, be sure to diamond ring!

  Proposing marriage is a checkpoint and it’s about economic issues.

Girls like to compare and pass the pressure on to her boyfriend. If you do n’t have a diamond ring, do n’t think about “dyeing your fingers”

Anxiety before marriage can make a man run away.

Love needs proof, but don’t show off in vanity.

Men are used to lean on, and more so to hold.

  8, pillow man’s arms fall asleep, in fact, causing men to be tired, women are not comfortable.

Don’t carry the bride’s shelf. Going to bed like a sedan is a big burden for a man.

If this kind of psychological satisfaction of women is based on the “nausea” of the husband, the husband will later regard the bed as “afraid of the way” and numb his hands and feet as soon as he lies down.

  9, sexual punishment If the husband does not agree with some of your unreasonable demands, “strike the bed”, throw the husband’s pillow and ask him to roll!

This act of using sex as a weapon to force a husband into aversion or compliance may eventually evolve into a husband ‘s sexual coldness. In the long run, men will have a sense of frustration. Therefore, this behavior is equivalent to torture a man and isThe kind of hit in the dead, once the pillow of hate seeds sprouts, the pillow becomes a time bomb!

  10. Discipline her husband in public. The man who kicks his feet under the table has a bigger face than his buttocks, and he is cautious.

Afraid of his wife Although some people call it “virtue”, but they are afraid that his wife is a bit “dead” because it hurts people!

A man who is weak is afraid of his wife, but what pride and self-esteem does a weak man have?

  11. It’s not good to be indifferent to your husband-in-law, but the relationship between husband and wife is the worst. Because of the war between two women, it is often the one who turns into cannon fodder.In this situation, the man must live a fierce life.  12, check the phone out of the pocket to pay attention to the husband’s “life style problems”, the other is to check the husband’s “economic problems”: whether there is a small coffers, whether to conceal or falsely report income.

Three words: distrust.

Men in this family who are begging for life must be oppressed and miserable. A little carelessness will make mistakes. It is a bit like combing hair to queen mother Empress Cixi.

  13, “Empty” his “fine” power to participate in her husband’s “homework” every night, not “romantic” does not matter, most afraid of her husband’s strength to “throw away” outside.

So Ye Ye Sheng Song, cut off every day; strong desire to make these women become unreasonable lionesses!

Don’t think that men are thinking about “sex” at all times. Men also think with their brains.

  14, “You’re dumb”, “What are you thinking.

“After having sex, a man in stress often loses his mind and loses self-control, so he is clumsy and overwhelmed. He must take simple actions to restore intimacy. If this is the case, the excited wife wants her husband to be like herMany, and let him think about some cutting-edge issues such as how “God Six” got to heaven, it was too difficult for him.

  15, “Neighbors have changed cars again!

“This kind of strong stimulus that hates iron and steel can cause men to be annoyed and to develop inferiority complexes, so some men who are anxious will blurt out:” Neighbors have also changed their wives! ”

“Many men believe that their financial status reflects their intrinsic value, because when you make fun of his income, you are actually despising his ability to be a man.

  Men are stressed, but they don’t bother to talk; men are bitter, but they have to be happy; after the ribs are pulled off, the man still needs to be very strong . At this time, the man, a woman he loves, a gesture, an expressionAn unintentional injury . can be fatal, so relatively speaking, women live longer than men; then, good women should give them a way out. In fact, they need more care.

Classical herbal tea, moistening and getting rid of fire


Classical herbal tea, moistening and getting rid of fire

Lily: Lily flower is a flower of the family Liliaceae from the plant family. It is a dried flower. The main feature of this flower is that it contains more vitamins. The multivitamins are more complete, including some minerals, accompanied by Chinese medicine.The medicinal properties are cold, have the effect of relieving cough and phlegm, and the medicinal properties are relatively flat, so it is beneficial to drink some lilies in the summer.

The first thing to pay attention to when brewing, the taste of herbal tea is generally more bitter than ordinary tea, so only 2-3 grams can be used.

It is best to use boiling water to inject a small amount of water into the cup. This has two purposes. One is to moisturize the dried flowers, make the taste of the flowers easier to dissolve in the water, and use the effect of cleaning the flowers.The taste of the bubble will be better.

This can be accepted by soaking for 10 minutes.

Lily tea has the effect of peace of mind, puzzle, lungs and cough.

Of course, if you feel that the tea taste is bitter, you can put a little honey, but people with diabetes should never put it.

銆€銆€Osmanthus fragrans: In addition to lily flower tea, osmanthus is also a regular drink, so is osmanthus really suitable for summer reception?

Osmanthus fragrans belongs to Xin Wen from the perspective of Chinese medicine. It can be mixed with green tea or oolong tea, so that the temperament of osmanthus and the coldness of green tea are combined. For those who are weak in the spleen and stomach but want to drink tea, it is veryideal.

The amount of osmanthus brewed can not be too much, the water temperature should not be too high, generally around 85 degrees.

Osmanthus flowers do not need to be washed, first pour a little water, let the flowers and tea fully moisturize, and finally fill the glass with water, soak for 2 to 3 minutes to drink.

In the summer, some sweet-scented osmanthus is placed in green tea. One is to give it aroma, and it has the effect of eliminating bad breath. This method is very convenient and effective.

In summer, many people feel that the skin is dry, or the sound is hoarse due to the fire. Drinking sweet-scented osmanthus green tea or sweet-scented osmanthus tea can also alleviate the effect.

銆€銆€Golden Lotus: In the herbal tea, there is a kind of golden lotus that is often noticed. The golden lotus is called “Saiwai Longjing”, and the folks also have the expression of “Ningpin three flowers, not drinking two or two teas”.

After brewing, not only the tea is clear and bright, but also a light fragrance.

However, this herbal tea should be cautious and cautious when it is recognized.

Because the golden lotus is a ranunculaceae plant, it has certain toxicity.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the golden lotus is characterized by bitterness and coldness, which means that the taste is bitter, the medicine is cold, and it has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification.

You should pay attention to it when you know it. Don’t overdo it. It is a three-point drug.

In particular, it belongs to TCM syndrome differentiation of spleen and stomach. Some people say that the stomach is uncomfortable when eating something cool. The digestive function is not particularly good at ordinary times. Therefore, such people should be cautious and careful not to drink.

But it has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying, nourishing the liver and improving eyesight and refreshing.

So the people who are suitable for drinking are the people who say that there is a real fever in Chinese medicine. People are easy to get angry and they have a sore throat. These people drink better and have stronger constitution.

The nasturtium has certain medicinal properties, so when brewing orally, the amount should not be too much. You can put up at least three at a time.

The golden lotus flower is brewed, the flowers bloom and are ornamental, but its taste is bitter, and it can be seasoned with a proper amount of white sugar or rock sugar.

Implantation of nasturtium has an indeterminate effect on the treatment of respiratory tract inflammation, some stomatitis, pharyngitis and tonsillitis.

銆€銆€Calendula: Calendula in herbal tea is a good for lowering blood sugar and nitrate.

From the mechanism of action of calendula, it has the effect of lowering blood sugar, inhibiting the function of renal emptying, and the effect of relieving the obstruction of the digestive tract, so it is more beneficial to the hospitalization and can promote digestion.

When brewing calendula, first wash the flowers with a small amount of water, then fill them with water for 10 minutes to put them in, but the calendula is also very particular in terms of dosage.

Do not drink too much, because this light bitter taste can promote the secretion of gastric juice, appetizer, can increase appetite, if the bitterness is too strong, then it causes vomiting, so it is recommended not to drink too much.

Brewed with calendula, you can add some sugar or honey to taste.

Have a cold and drink a cup of diuretic, antipyretic effect, but pregnant women can not be pregnant.

When the weather is too hot, you can put the re-prepared herbal tea in the refrigerator and taste it better.

Every time you drink it, you have to put it in the refrigerator. You can extend it for 1-2 days, but if you have more than 3 days, you can’t drink it any more.