Butterbur flower

Butterbur flower

[Medicine name]: Coltsfoot flower[Pinyin]: KUANDONGHUA[English name]: Coltsfoot flower Common coltsfoot flower Common G foot flower[Source]: It is a dicotyledon flower asteraceae plant coltsfoot flower bud.

  [Efficacy]: moisturizes the lungs, relieves phlegm and coughs.

  [Indications]: Relieve cough, wheeze, and throat paralysis.

  [Sexual flavor return classics]: Xin, warm.

  ① “Ben Jing”: “Wei Xin, Wen.

“②” Do not record “:” Gan, non-toxic.

“③ Medical Kaiyuan”: “Tough work.

“④” Medical Drugs “:” The taste is slightly bitter and slightly bitter, and the sex is flat. ”

“Into the lung meridian.

  ①Wang Haogu: “The hand is too Yinjing.

“②” Lei Gong Cannon Pharmaceutical Sexual Solution “:” Into the heart, lungs two.

[Usage and dosage]: Oral administration: Jiantang, 0.

5-3 money; boil ointment or into pills, scattered.

  [Medication should be avoided]: ① “Compendium of Materia Medica Notes”: “Almonds are used.

It’s purple.

Acacia pods, elimination stones, black ginseng.

Fritillaria, Xinyi, Ephedra, Cotinus coggygria, Coptis chinensis, Cotinus coggygria, and barberry.

“②” Chongyuan Materia Medica “:” The lungs are scorching, and those with full lungs are not available.

“③” Ben Jing Feng Yuan “:” Yin deficiency and jaw downward.

“[Alias]: Donghua (” Wan Family’s Family Copy “), paragraph flower (” ulcer experience book “), see the light flower (” Compendium of Materia Medica Chongyuan “), Ai Donghua (” Shanxi Traditional Chinese Medicine “), nineJiuhua (Chinese Medicine Journal).

Butterbur (“Chu Ci”) also known as: 菟 奚, Jelly (“Erya”), Liwu, Tiger Beard (“Book of Classics”), Frozen, Bitter Extract (Guangya)), Shi Dong (“Bie”), Diamond frozen (” Compendium of Materia Medica “), star anise (” Plant name and real test “)[prescription name]: butterbur flower, winter flower, butterbur, raw winter flower, winter flower written in the winter flower prescription, Coltsfoot, Coltsfoot refers to raw coltsfoot.

Remove impurities and branches for the original medicinal materials, and dry in the medicine.

  That winter flower is also known as honey winter flower, honey is winter flower, honey is butterbur flower and so on.

Add honey and appropriate boiled water to the net winter flowers and mix well. Then fry until it is non-sticky.

The effect of moistening lungs and relieving cough is enhanced.

  [Brand name]: Lingtai winter flower: Produced in Lingtai area of Gansu and Yulin area of Shaanxi.

Best quality.

  Coltsfoot flower: also known as winter coltsfoot.

A collective name for coltsfoot flowers produced everywhere.

Henan has the largest output.

The flower buds are large and full, dry, bright red and purple, without pedicels and dirt.

  [Animal and Plant Resource Distribution]: It is distributed in Hebei, Henan, Hubei, Sichuan, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Qinghai and Tibet.

The medicinal materials are produced in Shaanxi, Shanxi, Henan, Gansu, Qinghai, Sichuan, Inner Mongolia and other places.

  [Harvest and storage of medicinal materials]: From late October to late December, when flowers are unearthed, dig, remove flower buds, remove pedicels and mud, and dry in the shade.

  [Latin name]: Flos Farfarae, Tussilago farfara L.

  [Processing method]: Coltsfoot flowers: Remove residual stems, sand and stones, clods.

Honey Donghua: Pick the coltsfoot coltsfoot and refine the honey and add an appropriate amount of boiling water, mix well, and slightly stuffy, put in a pan and fry with gentle heat until slightly yellow, do not stick to the degree, and let cool.

(Each model costs 100 kilograms each, and 25 kilograms of honey is used for refining.)[Research]: ①Tao Hongjing: “The coltsfoot flower, the first out of Hebei, its shape is like a loquat, and those who are not comfortable are good, with silk in their belly;, Baekje, its flowers are like big chrysanthemums.It was also out of the north of Shushu, but not as good.

Its winter moon is born under the ice, and in December, it is taken on the first day of the month.

“②” The Sketch of this Sketch “:” Tussilago farfara, also in Guanzhong today.

Purple roots, purple stems, grassy leaves?

In December, yellow and blue petals bloomed, and the soil was an inch or two. The first emerged like a chrysanthemum, the petals were straight and plump, and there was no child. Then Tao Yinju called the Goryeo, Baekje, and so on.

There are also safflowers, whose leaves are straight like a lotus, with a large capacity and a liter. The small ones have the same capacity. The popular name is a bee bucket, also known as a water bucket.

Tang noted that the so-called as large as sunflowers and clusters are also.

“③ Materia Medica Yanyi”: “coltsfoot flowers, in spring, people may use vegetables instead of vegetables, the medicine must be seen in the flowers are good.

If it is fragrant, it is powerless.

Many people today are like authors, I am afraid there are no flowers.

“Identification of raw medicinal materials”: The dried flower buds are irregularly stick-shaped, often 2-3 inflorescences are contiguous, and grow 1-2.

5 cm, 6-10 mm in diameter.

The upper end is thicker, the middle is slightly plump, and the lower end is tapered or with short stems.

The flower head is covered with many fish-scale bracts on the outside, and the outer surface is purple or reddish.

The inner surface of the film is covered with white flocculent fur.

The air is fragrant, the taste is slightly bitter and plum, and the chewing is cotton-like.

Large flowers, purple-red, pedicels are preferred.

Microscopic identification: powder: brown, cotton fleece.

  ① Non-glandular hairs are very long, 1-4 cells, the top cells are long, twisted and coiled into clusters, diameter 5-17μm, thin wall ② glandular hairs are slightly mallet-shaped, 104-216μm long, 16-52μm in diameter, slightly enlarged,About 4-6 cells; multicellular cells in the handle, 2 rows (1 row in side view).

  ③ The crown hairs are multi-row branched hairs, each branch is single-celled, and the apex is acuminate.

  ④ The pollen grains are spherical, with a diameter of 28-48 μm, with 3 holes, and spikes on the surface.

  ⑤ The surface-view attachments of the inner wall cells of the pollen sac, with preliminary strip-shaped thickened walls.

  ⑥ Surface view of bladder epidermal cells.

Peripheral walls are thin or slightly beaded and thickened, with fine wavy keratinous texture; epidermal cells at the edges are villous.

  Inner epidermal cells of tube corolla lobes oblong, horny texture.

  The stigma epidermal cells are papillary on the outer wall, and some differentiate into short villi.

In addition, there are thick-walled cells, secretory cells with yellow secretions, and inulin clusters.

  [Chinese medicine chemical composition]: The flower contains sterols such as coltsfoot polysaccharide (Faradiol), rutinate (Butin), hyperin, hyperin, triphenol saponin, raw material quality, wax, volatile oil and taraxanthin (Taraxanthin).

The leaves contain picrine 2.

63%, gallic acid (malic acid), elastic rubber-like substance, dextrin, mucus, inulin (inulin), phytosterols, stearic acid and glyceryl palmitate, tartaric acid (tartaric acid), malic acid (malic acid), Invert sugar, choline (choline), hydrocarbons (C26H56, C28H58) and saponins.

Ash contains a lot of zinc, up to 3.

26% (calculated as ZnCO3).

Fresh rhizomes contain volatile oil, paraffin, inulin, and coagulated matter.

Roots contain rubber 0.

015%, Bauerenol, etc.

Flowers contain coltsfoot formaldehyde (faradiol) and arnicol, which are isomers of each other and difficult to separate; it also contains phytosterols and rutin compound 0.

36%, hypericum candied fruit 0.

28%, dandelion xanthan, sulfur and slime.

It has also been reported that farfaratine, tussilagine, and 14-acetoxy-7β-[3′-ethyl crotonoloxy]-notonipetranome are obtained from butterbur flowerEsters (14-acetoxy-7β-3′-ethylbutyryloxy]-1α-[2′-methylbutyryloxy]-nonylbenzophenone), methylbutyryl 3,14-Z-Dehydrocolzaein ester (7β-[3′-ethyl-crotonyloxy]-lα-[2′-methylbutyryloxy]-3,14-dehydro-Z-motomipetranone) and the like.

Leaves with bitter salty red 2.63%, saponin, choline, sitosterol, tartaric acid, gallic acid, malic acid, inulin, carotene, vitamin C, fermented matter, trace volatile oil and slime.

In addition, it contains polysaccharides.

Four Seasons Dance Yoga


Four Seasons Dance Yoga

Golden Ball Dance Yoga is the crystallization of the postures of Chinese classical music and Indian Hap Yoga, and it is produced in response to the climate change of the four seasons. Its dancing posture is like a flower’s life, which fully fits the four seasons of health in Chinese medicine.

  Spring —- “Orchid” mainly focuses on spinal stretching, stretches the entire body meridian, regulates qi and blood, beauty and beauty, skylark, and waterbird, and other flexible spine positions, can enhance the detoxification function of the liver, and at the same time massage abdominal organs, adjuvant therapyEasy.

  Note: Menstrual period and expectant mothers, don’t be busy practicing for the time being, you can do rest exercises for half a year after giving birth.

  Xia —— “Lotus” The lotus poses a high degree of difficulty. The front part of the kneeling position is stretched out, the spiked position is mainly stretched and relaxed, and the middle unicorn and cow face are mainly used to stimulate human nerves.The latter part of the dance king style, the bodhisattva style, the lotus boy style, etc. are mainly to develop the human body to soften and adjust the balance.

The whole group of body position transfer, flexibility, flexibility of the whole body, promote blood circulation, will help to regulate the spleen and stomach to strengthen the digestive system, as well as refreshing qi and vitality, appetizing, preventing gastrointestinal diseases.

  Note: This group of patients with increased body position and faster heart rate should not practice in hospitalized patients.

  Autumn —– Chrysanthemum: The first half of the right-angled spreading style, double-angled style pushes the chest and back, the latter groups of single-armed crane style, magnificent style and other balanced postures can expand the lungs, strengthen the vital capacity, and affect the respiratory system.It has a cleaning effect to prevent diseases such as pneumonia, bronchitis, palpitations, and dyspnea.

  Note: Bronchitis should not be done during the onset of the disease.

  Winter —– Plum blossoms: The hidden and healthy pair is to converge the yang and protect the yin, so that the two are in harmony, but the winter weather is cold, the heat dissipation of the body is relatively increased, and human energy needs to be accumulated.

Therefore, winter exercise should not be too strong, choose the action that can slightly sweat the body.

  The lotus sitting position of Wu Yun Yoga “Plum Blossom” can nourish the pelvic area, benefit the reproductive system, and stimulate the abdominal cavity at the same time.

Improve the visceral detoxification effect, beautify the abdomen lines, stimulate the feet, and flex your feet to massage your kidneys. This can not only avoid cold and warmth, but also enhance the activity of menstrual energy and blood vessels, and enhance the essence, energy, and energy of the sword.At the same time, strengthen the human body and make it healthy.

  Note: Pay attention to your diet. You should not eat too salty food.

  The beauty of rhyme yoga is that it stretches the body to the extreme in the rhythm of music.

While gaining health, improve your temperament in an unconscious state.

  The consistency of hiding and keeping in good health is to converge the yang and yin, so that the two are in harmony, but the cold weather in winter, the heat dissipation of the body is relatively increased, and human energy needs to be accumulated.

Therefore, winter exercise should not be too strong, choose the action that can slightly sweat the body.

  The lotus sitting position of Wu Yun Yoga “Plum Blossom” can nourish the pelvic area, benefit the reproductive system, and stimulate the abdominal cavity at the same time.
Improve the visceral detoxification effect, beautify the abdomen lines, stimulate the feet, and flex your feet to massage your kidneys. This can not only avoid cold and warmth, but also enhance the activity of menstrual energy and blood vessels, and enhance the essence, energy, and energy of the sword.At the same time, strengthen the human body and make it healthy.
  Note: Pay attention to your diet. You should not eat too salty food.
  The beauty of rhyme yoga is that it stretches the body to the extreme in the rhythm of music.
While gaining health, improve your temperament in an unconscious state.

Anti-plaque starts at the age of 5

Anti-plaque starts at the age of 5

Whitening is a compulsory task of a woman’s life. As the saying goes, there is no ugly woman but only a lazy woman. Therefore, if you want to get rid of the spots thoroughly, you must understand the cause of the spots and the time period when the spots are prone. In this way, targeted whitening and freckle will be more effective.

  Children must be sun-protected when they are 5 or 6 years old. Otherwise, their skin is damaged and it is difficult to recover freckles. It is a congenital genetic disease.

Mostly appear at the age of five or six, and gradually increase with age.

The depth of freckles is related to the sun, dark in summer and light in winter.

Therefore, the best way to prevent freckles from increasing or deepening is sun protection.

Currently the safest way to remove freckles is liquid nitrogen freezing and laser treatment.

  16-20 years old is the easiest to keep acne scars to avoid squeezing women into puberty.

Due to the strong secretion of sebaceous glands, “acne” is very long. After the “acne” subsides, it is easy to leave “acne marks” on the part, which is medically called “pigmentation after sterilization”.

The spots are caused by local infection and inflammation that stimulate melanocytes in the basal layer of the epidermis to overproduce and secrete melanin.

Therefore, in the acute attack period of “acne”, anti-inflammatory should be eliminated, the condition should be controlled quickly, and at the same time avoid squeezing to effectively reduce the occurrence of “acne marks”.

  25-year-old women are stressed and prone to plaques.

If you work hard in the workplace, if you are in a bad mood, lack of long-term sleep, high mental stress, excessive fatigue and neurological dysfunction, decreased adrenal sebum function will also cause skin pigmentation.

Therefore, it is very important to adjust your mindset, combine work with rest, and cultivate good habits.

  Postpartum women are prone to plaques, which can subside naturally after delivery. Women who are pregnant are prone to chloasma.

Melasma, also called liver plaque, is the most common pigmented skin disease in women.

Both hair and crotch are prone to different shades.

Melasma in pregnant women may be related to the activation of a series of complex physiological processes after elevated levels of estrogen and progesterone in the body, which often disappear after delivery.

  A 40-year-old woman who has some estrogen and progesterone supplements can eliminate spots over the age of 40.

Near menopause, ovarian function gradually declines, women’s hormone secretion is insufficient, and women may also have chloasma.

You can follow the doctor’s advice to add some estrogen and progesterone, which can treat melasma and delay skin aging.

  Menopause is the age at which the female genitals (ovaries or uterus) are benign, and malignancies are prone to occur. These diseases may cause melasma to appear quietly.

Therefore, the sudden increase of melasma in the face of middle-aged women must not be taken lightly. Gynecological and pelvic B-ultrasounds should be performed in time to rule out the possibility of tumors.

  Age spots are a normal response to skin aging in women in their twilight years.

Age spots develop, which is a normal response to skin aging and is also related to family inheritance.

Some people have senile plaques protruding from the surface of the skin, also known as senile moles. Freezing with liquid nitrogen is the best way to get rid of them.

  I think that every age group is in danger of developing speckles. If we want to completely fight the stains, we must prepare for anti-spots from the age of 5. How can you say that you are over the age? It does n’t matter from now on, loveBeauty is never too late.

Feeling nervous seeing blue can improve

Feeling nervous seeing blue can improve

Are you depressed?

Maybe look at the blue stuff.

A new British study shows that, although scientists have long believed that blue is related to negative factors, this color may enhance self-confidence, reduce stress and make people more happy.

The benefits of blue don’t stop there. It also makes people think faster.

  Researchers at the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom have volunteers placed in various coloured lights.

The results showed that volunteers in blue were able to complete the test 25% faster.

Their response time increased by 12%, and hand-eye coordination and ability to recall words improved.

The physical strength of volunteers in bright colors also increased.

  The researchers recorded brain activity, heart rate, and perspiration each time the volunteers were exposed to a color.

They found that blue helped calm men and women.

Purple is relaxing, but only for women.

Blue and green make men happier, and blue, purple and orange make women better.

  The study showed that blue and red are helpful for men, and blue and purple are most effective for women in building confidence.

A total of 1,000 volunteers participated in the survey.

Although red enhances men’s self-esteem, it makes people least likely to feel happy or relaxed.

  Researcher Duncan Smith said: “Many people think that a certain color makes them happy, nervous or calm down, or makes them happier, sadder, more lazy, and energetic.

The purpose of our research was to discover these benefits based on solid scientific evidence, not ridiculous statements.

“Since conducting this study, Smith has been wearing brightly colored socks.

He suggested that we use color consciously in our daily lives.

He said: “There are all kinds of bright colors in our house, and there are lights everywhere on Christmas.

We now need to understand the benefits of color.

Putting on a pair of red socks, putting on bright lipstick or buying a few potted plants may help you.

Children talking back are related to improper education methods

Children talking back are related to improper education methods

Dafan children and their parents talk back mainly in the following situations: (1) Although the child has done something wrong, but is bored by the parents’ boundless and lengthy preaching; (2) the child has shown repentance after the mistake, but the parent ‘sDealing with calmness makes them feel that their parents have some trivial problems; (3) the child did not do anything wrong but was blamed for no reason; (4) the parents forced them to do what they did not want to do or did not want to do immediately; (5) Conflicts between parents, the children are implicated for no reason.

From the above, judging from the children and their parents is indeed “a slap does not sound”, parents correct and reflect on themselves, and put more effort into the education method!

At the same time, we must have a sense of tolerance, because after all, children nowadays have received education early, and they have more contact with the media, and talking back is also a way for children to recover their bad emotions, which can also show that their ability to judge right and wrong is strong.

But talking back is not a good way to solve problems. Once used to nature, it is not conducive to his learning and growth, and even affects the harmony of interpersonal relationships after growing up.

Therefore, as a parent, you need to guide from the following aspects: First, calm down and reward and punish: as a parent, no matter how big a mistake your child makes, do n’t be impatient. You must first understand the context of the matter, and then decide how to deal with it.Jointly suspected, do not turn over the old account.

Before giving rewards and punishments, you must explain the truth and convince your children thoroughly.

Second, attach importance to preaching by words: Children have strong imitation skills. As parents, they should show due respect to their parents or supervisors, and have less disputes with them, otherwise it will affect children.

Third, give children the right to defend: Even if they know that they are quibbling, they must patiently listen to them after they finish speaking, and then use the situation to help them recognize their mistakes.

If conditions allow, they can also choose to make up for their mistakes to make up for their mistakes, which is often their most willing to accept.

It’s cold, cold exercise is suitable for babies

It’s cold, “cold exercise” is suitable for babies

Young children have always been a weaker group of people, especially newborns, and they need special care.
Alternating autumn and winter is the season when the weather is changing. How can we make a newborn baby get used to this season as soon as possible and automatically adjust its own resistance?
This article introduces you to some cold hard exercises, which we can also call “cold exercises”.
  There is a saying in the folk that “spring covers autumn and freezing”, because the change of outside air temperature can stimulate the body’s own body temperature regulation system, thereby enhancing its function.
Adding or subtracting clothes with slight changes in temperature can weaken the body’s ability to regulate the body’s temperature.
The cold hardening exercise is just in time for the fall and winter.
  Because babies of different ages will have different resistance abilities, we should pay attention to the appropriate when we are training the baby’s cold resistance, we must ensure that the baby can tolerate it, or it may be counterproductive if we do not pay attention when we do not exercise.
For babies from 0 to 3 months, we can learn from the following “cold exercise” methods.
  The baby at this stage grows quickly, but has poor adaptability to the environment. Mommy should pay attention to the timing and duration of cold hard exercise.
  Pay special attention to keeping your feet, belly, and back warm while sleeping.
Open the window properly at noon when the outdoor temperature is 27 ℃ -28 ℃, but do not blow the baby directly.
  When taking a bath, keep the room temperature at 26 ° C and the water temperature at 38 ° C, not too high.
After taking a shower and drying, put the baby on a large towel, cover the belly and thighs with a thick towel, expose the calf and arms, and use your hands to move from the soles of your baby to the outside of your calf, and from your palm to the outside of your arm.Quickly press the pressure, put on clothes after 2-3 minutes, lift up, and do a warming massage.
  Half an hour after feeding, if the baby does not fall asleep, you can also appropriately expose the baby’s arms and calves for 2-3 minutes, using the above methods to press.

Ejiao Beef Soup

Ejiao Beef Soup

[Raw materials]15 grams of Ejiao, 100 grams of beef, 20 ml of rice wine, and 10 grams of ginger.

  [Method]Beef gluten-free slices, put in a casserole with ginger and rice wine, add an appropriate amount of water, cook over low heat for 30 minutes, add gelatin and seasoning, and dissolve.

  [Usage]1 dose daily, eat meat and drink soup.

  [Function]Nourishing Yin and nourishing blood, warming the spleen.

It is suitable for those with irregular menstruation, delayed menstruation, dizziness, palpitations, pallor, or fetal movement.

  [Commentary note]Ejiao Ganping can nourish blood and regulate menstruation.

Beef nourishes the spleen and blood, and is compatible with Ejiao to warm the blood. It is also compatible with ginger and rice wine to enhance the spleen and stomach functions.

Can be used for all symptoms of deficiency of spleen and blood deficiency.

  ● Recommended dietary therapy two, ginkgo husks and shells are broken, washed with boiled soy milk, light and sweet.

  Party 2, white lentil soup, sweets.

Fang 3, Yam, glutinous rice porridge, sweets.

Appropriate crowd: those with a large amount of leucorrhea, white color, and no turbidity.

Have you encountered Ya happy-

Have you encountered Asian happiness?

People know what “sub-health” is, but they may be unfamiliar with “sub-happy”.

  ”In bright clothes, many people have envy for me, but only the feelings of others. My heart seems to be covered with a cloud, blocking happiness from the outside .” “You may be very happy to see meYes, laugh every day, smile at colleagues, smile at customers, smile at leaders . But only I know that this smile is more uncomfortable than crying, it is forced out to show others, the kind of happiness from the heartIt seems far away from me . “The inexplicable mood described above is actually a kind of Asian happiness.

Generally speaking, the following reasons are the culprit leading to the Asian happiness: the invasion of interpersonal relationships smiled at you a minute ago, but demolished your stage behind you a minute later, you ca n’t help but feel sad.

However, in a competitive environment, driven by personal interests, many people become insidious.

However, think about yourself and see a colleague similar to yours being promoted and raise your salary. Wouldn’t your heart feel awkward?

Can’t help giving him a disdainful look or looking for his weakness in the back?

If you unfortunately fall into such a complex environment of interpersonal relationships, it’s no wonder that you don’t get upset.

Laugh, where can it be from the heart?

  A panic about life “out of control” is good from nine to five, at least your biological clock is still working, but now many white-collar workers in the workplace, picking a lamp to fight at night is like a routine.

For the job that attracted countless envious eyes, withheld my sleep and disrupted my eating habits, I hurriedly took a rest day, and I wished to sing all night to vent my displeasure.

However, one day, I suddenly feel that I have no control over my life, like a crazy spinning top, turning around randomly.

When it comes to happiness and happiness, there is only a sense of corruption enslaved by reality.

  Internal and external difficulties, the backyard fire has expanded too much in business, neglecting family management, marriage issues, and family education issues have gradually surfaced.

There are no endless quarrels and endless repetitions, so that this originally quiet heart harbor is no longer quiet, and your mind will naturally be hard to calm.

  How to change this situation?

  Finding points of interest in life has never been too busy for you. Set aside time and do something you are interested in. It can be an attraction or a skill. In short, you can achieve what you noticeAttention shift, experience a sense of accomplishment and build confidence.

Don’t underestimate this little interest, it can provide a lot of nourishment for your soul.

  Having a few good friends and friends can bring us a sense of security, and at the same time can provide us with a lot of information sources, so that we can find solutions in a wider range in difficult times.

  Don’t accumulate inflation emotions in a timely manner. The best way is to deal with them when you feel that you have repeated emotions.

Of course, the processing methods can be diversified, or chat with friends, run a few laps around the community, or write a diary while crying . In short, you can try a way of venting without causing mutual influence and harming others.

Do n’t forget to take the scent

Do n’t forget to take the scent

Nowadays, Huoxiangzhengqi oral liquid, capsules and soft capsules are everywhere in the streets of large and small pharmacies, and have become a standing medicine for every household.

“It’s a cold and a heat stroke. Just drink some fragrant scent.

“This is a superfluous perception of Ayaka’s righteousness.

In fact, heatstroke, cold with fragrant righteousness, should still be carefully armed.

  From the beginning of summer each year, sales of Huoxiangzhengqi heatstroke drugs have been increasing.

However, the Chinese patent medicine of Huoxiangzhengqi is not a sunstroke-proof medicine, and people think that there is a certain misunderstanding of its efficacy.

  Huoxiangzhengqi is released according to Huoxiangzhengqi in the Taiping Huimin Mixture Bureau in the Song Dynasty. It is classified as a “dehumidifying agent” in prescription science. Its function is to dehumidify and dampen the qi and neutralize the wind.Wet stagnation card and so on.

For example, in the sultry weather after a heavy rain, or a longer “sauna day”, when the ambient humidity is often more than 60%, people will feel nausea, headache, loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, and it is more appropriate to use Huoxiangzhenqi.

  Heatstroke is due to the invasion of summer heat. The clinical manifestations are high fever, heavy sweating, fatigue, and fatigue. Serious collapse may occur.

Treatment should be clearing heat and purging fire, nourishing yin and relieving heat.

Huoxiangzhengqi drugs have mild temperature, which may aggravate the symptoms of heat stroke.

In addition, the human body will be dehydrated in the hot sun, and Huoxiangzhengqi has a “dehumidifying” effect. At this time, the application will “pour oil on the fire.”

6 great beauty detox foods to eat and lose weight

6 great beauty detox foods to eat and lose weight

The following 6 types of beauty and detoxification foods have very good effects, and can also help to lose weight. They are the best products for weight loss and beauty. Eat more foods and easily develop a good figure.

  1. Cucumber acid contained in cucumbers can effectively promote the metabolism of the human body and help the toxins to be discharged.

The content of vitamin C in cucumber is 5 times that of watermelon. It has the functions of whitening skin, maintaining skin elasticity and inhibiting melanin.

Cucumber can also inhibit the conversion of sugar foods into feces, which is very beneficial to the lungs, stomach, heart, and liver.

  2, bitter gourd bitter gourd has the effects of detoxification and detoxification, anti-inflammatory, beauty and beauty.

It has a unique active protein with obvious anti-cancer effect. This protein can stimulate the defense capacity of the immune system in the body, increase the activity of immune cells, and effectively remove harmful substances in the body.

  3. Cauliflower Cauliflower has the functions of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, purifying blood vessels, digesting and appetizing, detoxifying and detoxifying.

Its potential sulforaphane can promote the production of protective enzymes in human cells, which can effectively destroy a variety of carcinogens in the human living environment, and become a powerful weapon against human cancer.

Eliminating toxic substances is also quite effective for weight loss.

  4. Chinese cabbage Chinese cabbage has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, invigorating the stomach, digesting and nourishing the stomach. The large amount of crude fiber in it can promote the peristalsis of the intestinal wall, help digestion, convert to toxins, and prevent constipation; a variety of minerals can helpIt can strengthen the human body’s immunity, reduce hypertension, increase vascular elasticity, prevent atherosclerosis, can effectively prevent cardiovascular disease, and is extremely helpful for weight loss.

  5. Honey Honey has the effects of nourishing the lungs and coughing, moisturizing the bowels, and detoxifying the skin.

Modern medical research shows that the main components of glucose and fructose in honey are easily absorbed and utilized by the body.

Regular consumption of honey not only can easily expel toxins from the body, but also has a good effect on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and neurasthenia.

  6. Coix seed Coix seed is recognized as a beauty detox for detoxification and edema. Numerous stars have publicly stated that they usually rely on coix seed water to save the scene.

Kernel has the effects of eliminating edema, diuresis, anti-tumor, and clearing heat.

Drinking Renren decoction often can detoxify, dispel dampness and dissipate blood stasis, strengthen spleen, soak up moisture, stop diarrhea, relieve pus, and accelerate metabolism.