Dual effects of health care——Tian Hanqiao eats ginger

Dual effects of health care——Tian Hanqiao eats ginger

The ancients had known for a long time that ginger had a health-care effect.
Li Shizhen recorded in the “Compendium of Materia Medica”, “Ginger, toil without labor, can be vegetables, can be, fruit, and medicine.
“Some people say that Tianhan eats ginger to drive off the cold, and some people say that Tianliang is dry and dry, and less ginger is eaten. How and when to eat ginger is very knowledgeable.”
  Deodorize and add flavor. In August, the ginger is tender, and the ginger is yellow, so it is also called sub-ginger or purple ginger.
The ginger that was dug out in November was ginger. It was as wide as a palm of a peasant, brownish-yellow, with little water, spicy and strong.
Seasoning and medicinal herbs all rely on ginger. Ginger can be used to remove fishy stews and increase the flavor of fish and meat.
  The spicy ingredient “Gingerolin” in ginger and freckles, ginger has a strong antioxidant effect, can quickly remove free radicals, inhibit the production of peroxidized lipids in the body, and can reduce the deposition of lipofuscin.
In other words, if you have chloasma or age spots on your face, take five or six slices of ginger and soak them in a glass of boiling water at 90 ° C or higher for ten minutes. After the water temperature drops, add a small spoon of honey and stir.
Consistent drinking for half a year can not only prevent the expansion of new spots, but also make the appearance of spots lighter.
  Eat less dry autumn ginger ginger, dry autumn climate, dry Qi hurt the lungs, and then eat spicy ginger will dry up and dry up, exacerbating the loss of human body water.
Therefore, it is not advisable to eat more ginger before the late autumn comes and before the autumn rain, so as to avoid symptoms such as dry mouth, sore throat and constipation.
Eat less ginger at night to avoid irritating the kidneys and bladder.
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Don’t commit the contraindication of Chinese medicine and western medicine

Don’t commit the contraindication of Chinese medicine and western medicine

The combined application of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine is very common in clinical practice, and there are also contraindications between Chinese and western medicine.

The contraindications between the compatibility of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine antibiotics are as follows.

  Chinese medicines containing organic acids: such as schisandra, honeysuckle, dogwood, ligustrum, ume, peony, hawthorn, coriander, papaya, tangerine peel, etc.

  Avoid compatibility with aminoglycosides and macrolide antibiotics, because these traditional Chinese medicines can increase the acidity of urine after metabolism in the body, and weaken the antibacterial efficacy of these antibiotics.

  It is forbidden to be compatible with thiamine drugs and acetyl compounds, because it can lead to an acidic environment, reduce the solubility of sulfa drugs, cause sulfa drugs to precipitate in the urinary system, form crystals, and cause crystallized urine, hematuria, urinary closure, etc.

  Basic alkaline Chinese medicines: such as jellyfish, keel, oysters, corrugated seeds and some proprietary medicines such as rhubarb soda tablets, Wubeisan, etc.

  配 Compatibility with aminoglycoside antibiotics can increase the absorption of aminoglycoside antibiotics, increase blood concentrations, enhance effects, and increase toxic and side effects at the same time. Pay attention to dose adjustment and monitoring for long-term compatibility applications.

  Avoid using with penicillins, cephalosporins, tetracyclines, furantoin, etc. The alkaline environment can affect the absorption of these drugs and reduce the degree of action.

  Traditional Chinese medicines containing metal ions: such as gypsum, mother-of-pearl, keel, oysters, talc, Mingshi, vermiculite, magnets and other shell minerals.

Avoid using in combination with tetracyclines and macrolides, so as not to reduce or disappear the efficacy.

  Chinese medicines rich in metabolites: gallicia, gardenia, pomegranate skin, edible elm, etc. Compatible with drugs such as tetracycline family, lincomycin, etc., can easily form precipitates and make the drug lose its curative effect.

At the same time, because these sulfides have certain toxicity to the liver, they can be used together with hepatotoxic drugs such as erythromycin, tetracycline, rifampicin, isonicotine, and can aggravate liver damage.

  Traditional Chinese medicine with antibacterial effects: such as honeysuckle, dandelion, Coptis chinensis, Cotinus coggygria, Forsythia, Houttuynia cordata, etc., it is forbidden to be used in combination with bacterial preparations such as lactase, yeast tablets, intestinal growth, and enzyme-enzyme tabletsCan inhibit or reduce the activity of fungal preparations.

Feeding your baby to drink Chinese medicine can not add sugar

Feeding your baby to drink Chinese medicine can not add sugar

Traditional Chinese medicine decoction works very well, but it is bitter. Needless to say, it is difficult for adults to drink.

So some people think, in order to cover the bitter taste that is difficult to swallow, can you add some sugar to the soup?

This refreshing approach should not be promoted, otherwise the lighter will reduce the efficacy and the more serious will have side effects.

In each prescription, the composition of the medicine is different from “acid, bitter, sweet, acrid, and salty”, and the medicinal properties are also different from “cold, hot, warm, and cold.”

And sugars also have certain medicinal properties and effects. For example, sugars have the effects of nourishing the lungs, replenishing the spleen, and slowing the liver.Carbohydrates are also used in Chinese medicine.

However, it is also contraindicated in clinical use.

First of all, eating more will help heat. If the patient has full abdominal distension, dampness and heat stagnates the body, sputum accumulates in the body, thick tongue coating, etc., you can generally add sugar to avoid adverse reactions.

People with sputum should not take it.

In essence, white sugar is cool and brown sugar is warm. If white sugar is added to warm medicine, or brown sugar is added to cold medicine, it will attenuate the medicine, inhibit the full absorption of the effect, and affect the efficacy.

Thirdly, the chemical composition of traditional Chinese medicine is relatively complicated. Sugars, especially brown sugar, contain a large amount of elements such as iron and calcium. Proteins and metabolites in traditional Chinese medicine can be combined with them to cause chemical reactions.

Some active ingredients in the medicinal solution are coagulated and denatured, which in turn produces turbidity and precipitation, which not only affects the efficacy of the medicine but also endangers health.

Finally, some medicines work better by stimulating the secretion of the digestive glands by using bitterness.

Coptis chinensis, for example, excites the excitement of the taste analyzer and increases the excitement of the appetite center, which causes the secretion of gastric juice to increase reflexively, thereby exerting the effect of strengthening the stomach.

If you add sugar, this effect will be lost, and the effect of treatment will not be achieved.

After the autumn equinox, health points

After the autumn equinox, health points

This article is the official official content of Fengxian said, “Bai Luqiu night, one night cool night”, “A cold autumn rain, ten autumn rain is good to wear cotton”, from the autumn, the weather is getting colder every day.

After the autumn equinox is also the most vulnerable season, Chinese medicine often said that “the disease is three points after the summer.”

The body goes through the summer heat and is most likely to get sick in the fall!

First of all, the seasonal alternation will have an impact on the body, and the body can’t adapt at the moment. It is like a high altitude reaction and is prone to disease.

Basically, the autumn air is dry and the temperature difference between day and night is large, which causes the body’s respiratory system, heat balance system and skin’s immunity to decline, unable to adapt, and naturally vulnerable to disease.

Third, many people suffer from loss of appetite during the summer, prefer cold drinks, leading to damage to the spleen and stomach, and the lack of some nutrients in the body, which are likely to cause disease problems.

After the autumn equinox, be careful about 5 major diseases to find the door.

Cooling – Respiratory disease After the autumn, the weather turns cold. If it rains, the temperature drops more obviously.

Cold air will irritate the skin. The body’s immunity is reduced due to cold, and it is unable to resist the cold and evil. It is prone to lung and respiratory diseases such as fever, cough, bronchitis, etc. In severe cases, pneumonia may occur.


Autumn dryness – When the skin is dry and the autumn wind is cooling down, the moisture in the air is also dried. Chinese medicine refers to this climate characteristic as “autumn dryness”. At this time, dry mouth, dry lips, dry nose, dry throat and stool are prone to occur.Dry knot, itchy skin, chapped, nosebleed and other symptoms.


Greedy – gastrointestinal disease folk song “Qiugua bad belly” refers to the continued birth of raw a large number of melon fruits after the fall, cold food is easy to cause disease in the body.

In the summer, in order to prevent heatstroke and cool down, people often eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, cold food, leading to damage to the spleen, spleen and yang, then diarrhea, diarrhea and other acute and chronic asthma diseases will follow.


Temperature difference – cardiovascular disease in the early morning and evening temperature difference.

For abnormal cardiovascular events such as abnormal angina and even myocardial infarction, too cold and too hot are the predisposing factors.

Therefore, patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should pay special attention when the seasons are replaced.


Insect-allergic rhinitis is also a season of high allergies, which is closely related to the climate characteristics of autumn.

In autumn, the wind is strong, pollen and dust are scattered in the air, which is easy to cause allergies.

In addition, the temperature and humidity in autumn are suitable for the reproduction of venous insects, which may cause allergies.

Keep in mind the “345 Gold Principles” to help you through the “sick autumn” and “three” places can not be frozen!

The doctor introduced, as the saying goes, “Spring, Autumn and Autumn”, but there are three places that can not be frozen!

Head: The head is one of the most vigorous parts of the whole body.

Under the cold, the yang in the body will be lost, causing headaches and so on.

In addition, people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should be especially vigilant in this regard.

It is best to wear a hat when going out, and use water when washing your hair.

Navel: Chinese medicine says the navel is a god’s acupoint. Warming this acupuncture point can encourage the body’s yang, especially those who are weak in the spleen and stomach, cold, and easy to diarrhea. Pay special attention to the warmth of this part, and take the method of often applying heat in the navel., to promote the cold and help the sun.

Feet: The foot is the farthest part of the body from the heart. Therefore, the blood flows through the longest distance, and the foot gathers many meridians of the whole body. Therefore, people often say that “the feet are cold, then the whole body is cold.”

When the feet are cold, the body’s resistance will drop, and the disease will be able to take advantage of it.

“Four” regimens for the treatment of health.

Slow autumn dry – Qingfei pear 1 pear, Chuanbei 5 grams, rock sugar, honey, the right amount.

One way is to empty the interior and put it into Chuanbei, rock sugar, honey and other cooking.

The second is to cut the skin with a piece of skin, put it in a bowl and steam it. It is best to put rock sugar in the bowl. After cooking, it can be mixed with honey.

Third, after the white fungus is soaked, put it in the cold water with the pear and cook the soup. According to the taste, you can add glutinous rice, jujube and so on.

3 times a day, served in the morning, evening and evening.

Autumn cough – white radish juice autumn cough is the most annoying, drink radish juice to accelerate the effect, the effect is good.
Add fresh white radish and a small amount of water into the juice. Be careful to cut off the radish skin. Otherwise, the taste will be too hot and the stomach can be stimulated.

Drink 1 a week?
2 times.


Anti-cold-on-white ginger porridge is cold, pale, sputum, autumn weather turns cold, cold and cold also come to the door, you can drink “onion white ginger porridge”, usually drink can also prevent colds.

First, the previous rice is simmered into porridge, prepared for a small piece of scallion and chopped, then added, put the ginger into the pan, and cook 5?
10 minutes.

Both scallions and ginger have the effect of dispelling cold and dissipating heat, which can dispel the cold in the body and help eliminate cold symptoms such as cough.

In addition, scallion also has the effect of relieving phlegm and relieving cough.


Xie Qiu–American ginseng stone 斛 broth “spring sleepy autumn lacks”, many people fall easily in the fall, can not afford the spirit.

Jieqiu can drink “American ginseng stone 斛 broth”.

Both sarcophagus and American ginseng have the effect of nourishing yin and fluid.

The two are cooked together with lean meat to make American ginseng stone slime broth, which is effective not only for long-term diabetes, or coronary heart disease, thirst caused by heart failure, fatigue and other qi and yin deficiency, but also can alleviate the heat damage.Rejuvenate, ease the lack of autumn.

“Five kinds of food” should eat one more.

Citrus: Citrus is warm, sweet, appetizing, and thirsty.


Pear: Pear has the reputation of “the fruit of the hundred fruits”. The pear is cold and sweet, which can help digestion and increase appetite.

It has the effect of moistening the lungs and clearing the heart, eliminating cough and relieving cough.


Apple: Apple is flat and sweet, and it is a good product for spleen appetite.

Apples with high crude fiber content contain malic acid and precipitated acid, which have astringent and antidiarrheal effects.


Radish: Radish is cool, spicy, sweet, with stomach and digestion, cough and phlegm, good for diuretic and clearing heat and detoxification.

Eat fresh radish before going to sleep every day to enhance heart function.


Persimmon: Persimmon is cold, sweet, and fragrant. The fresh persimmon is rich in vitamins and minerals, second only to citrus, and higher than pears and apples.

Persimmon can cure hiccups, hernias and other symptoms; persimmons can cure blood in the stool; persimmon cream can cure sore throat, cough, mouth sores and other symptoms.

In addition, the temperature and humidity in autumn are suitable for the reproduction of venous insects, which may cause allergies.

“Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classics”: Qiu Duo Yang Yin to prevent the consumption of Yin and blood, the first thing to follow the “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” autumn and winter nourishing yin principle, eat more nourishing Yin Run and dry products, to prevent autumn dry injury Yin.

Dry autumn climate, should eat more sesame, walnut, glutinous rice, honey, dairy, pear, sugar cane and other moisturizing foods, and reduce the consumption of onions, ginger, garlic, leeks and other spicy products, to prevent the consumption of Yin and blood,And increase the feeling of dry lips.

Dietary balance in autumn is the harvest of all kinds of fruits and fruits. Eating more fruits can correct the health and prevent the occurrence of “autumn dryness”. However, the autumn climate is getting colder, and people with poor constitution should not eat more fruits to avoid damage.The yang of the spleen and stomach.

In autumn, fish, meat, and egg foods are also abundant. The range of food choices has been expanded. At this time, attention should be paid to the balance of food and nutrition in the quantitative allocation. Pay attention to the combination of the main and non-staple foods, and the combination of vegetarian foods.It is necessary to comply with the principle of “autumn and winter yin”.

In the morning, eat porridge, push Chen Zhixin Chinese medicine to promote porridge every morning in autumn.

In the Ming Dynasty, Li Wei believed: “Gaichen began to eat porridge, push Chen Zhixin, Liqi nourish the stomach, and produce fluid, which makes people refreshed and refreshed.

“Drinking porridge is especially beneficial to people’s health.”

In addition, it is also necessary to remember “the autumn melon”.

After the fall, no matter whether it is watermelon or melon, you can not eat more, otherwise it will damage the yang of the spleen and stomach.

Need to be reminded that although the autumn is the season of tonic, but can not blindly tonic, depending on their physical needs.

Pay attention to the sentimental sentiment in the autumn, the yang is disappearing, the yin is on the rise, everything begins to fall down from the mature tip of life, the flowers and trees gradually fade, and the vitality is lost. At this time, the human emotions can also go downhill in the natural world.If the emotions and the body are not reconciled, it often leads to sorrow and low mood.

Just as Wu Shiji said in the “Liang Li Wen”: “The disease of the seven emotions is also good, reading books to relieve boredom, listening to music, and better than taking drugs.”Therefore, when you are in the “Autumn Wind and Autumn Rain”, you can listen to music, enjoy drama, or watch a humorous cross talk, so that the feelings of depression will disappear.

Here we can use a sentence to summarize the principle of autumn spiritual health, that is, to calm and rejuvenate, but to achieve this, the way is to try to eliminate distracting thoughts, in order to achieve a state of peace of mind.

In real life, people should use energy in their careers instead of “competing their names in the DPRK and competing for the city.” They should look at their fame and fortune, do more good things, and make more contributions.

How the common brain responds to old age

How the common brain responds to old age

Mr. Zheng was originally an editor of a magazine. After retirement, he continued to write, and prose, poems, etc. appeared in the newspapers. He also often encouraged and persuaded his friends with “common brain, not old”.

However, one night, he got up for a small solution, and suddenly felt that his left leg was weak and almost fell.

At the hospital the next day, the doctor asked him to do an MRI, and the result showed brain atrophy.

Zheng Lao actually pressed a big rock in his heart, becoming dull and depressed, lethargic, let alone write an article, and even too lazy to speak.

  Brain atrophy is a condition in which the brain tissue cells are correspondingly reduced, and the brain volume is reduced and changed to varying degrees.

Heredity, traumatic brain injury, encephalitis, brain dilation, cerebral hypoxia, gas poisoning, alcoholism, etc. can cause brain atrophy and lead to neurological dysfunction. Its clinical manifestations are decreased memory, decreased thinking ability, emotional apathy, and muscle stiffness.Uncoordinated movements, etc.

The senile atrophy of the brain is mainly due to cerebral arteriosclerosis and long-term destruction of cerebral blood vessels.

  When people reach old age, all organs have entered a natural decline process. This general trend is irreversible, and the human brain is no exception.

This causes wrinkles in the skull, like the white hair on the head, which is a natural law of aging.

But does a decrease in brain cells affect one’s intelligence?

Relevant research data suggest that there are more than 100 billion human brain cells, and more than 90% are dormant, and less than 10% of the cells are involved in functional activities of the brain nerves.

This shows that the potential of brain cells is large, and a small decrease in brain cells does not affect the exertion of human intelligence.

Alzheimer’s brain atrophy is a slow stepwise process, and it is one of the signs and causes of Alzheimer’s disease, but it is not equal to Alzheimer’s disease. This boundary cannot be replaced.

  How to deal with senile brain atrophy?

  First, don’t be afraid.

“They come, the security”.

The more ideological pressure, the worse the condition.

If the brain atrophy is detected and treated in time, there will be no ups and downs.

Lacunar infarction is also a senile disease. If the area is small, the lacunar space is separated, and there are no symptoms of focal nerve damage. Generally, there are no major obstacles. Area penetration and multifocal disease are generally good as long as they are treated in timeeffect.
  The second is not to be indifferent.

Despise it strategically, but confirm it tactically.

The cause of brain atrophy should be identified and treated in a timely manner.

If high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. cause or exacerbate brain atrophy, these primary diseases must be treated.

If it is brain atrophy with small stroke, Parkinson’s disease, etc., then these complications must be treated without delay.

  The third is not to leave it alone.

There is no effective treatment for senile brain atrophy.

So are we at a loss?


We can delay the development of brain atrophy and prevent it from turning into Alzheimer’s.

In addition to taking certain brain cell resuscitation agents and cerebral circulation enhancers as prescribed by your doctor, you must also use the brain reasonably.

Use and retreat the brain, but do not use the brain too much; read books, write newspapers, write articles, it is advisable to feel relaxed and happy; do not hold back, do not stand hard, put high demands on yourself.

Develop a variety of hobbies and get a proper rest in the mind.

Get plenty of sleep.

Participate in social activities, collective activities, exchange of ideas, and physical activity within your ability.

Take part in physical exercises that are suitable for you, such as gateball, walking, and Tai Chi.

Pay attention to diet and nutrition, change bad habits such as smoking and alcohol abuse.

  The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University

Food | Ninetowns Palace Harvest Season – Buckwheat Health

Food | Ninetowns Palace Harvest Season – Buckwheat Health

Buckwheat annual herb.

The stem is red and soft.

Leaves alternate, heart-shaped, with long stems.

The color is white or reddish.

Fruit thin triangle, with edges.

The fruit can be ground into powder to make pasta.

Buckwheat food is good for the green hills, and the mulberry is full of Fangzhou.

Buckwheat “buckwheat health” buckwheat protein is rich in lysine, iron, manganese, zinc and other trace elements are richer than ordinary grains, and rich in rich fiber, 10 times that of general refined rice; buckwheat is rich in vitaminsE and soluble plasma fiber, together with gluconic acid and rutin (rutose), rutin has the effect of lowering blood lipids and cholesterol, softening blood vessels, protecting vision and preventing cerebral vascular hemorrhage.

Containing niacin components can promote the body’s metabolism, enhance detoxification ability, also has the function of expanding small blood vessels and reducing blood; buckwheat is rich in magnesium, can promote human fibrinolysis, expand blood vessels, inhibit the formation of blood clotsIt has anti-embolic effect and is also beneficial for lowering serum plasma, so buckwheat has a good nutritional and health care effect.

Buckwheat is sweet and cold, has an appetizing wide intestine, and is suffocated.

Treatment of sputum sputum, gastrointestinal stagnation, chronic diarrhea; at the same time, buckwheat can also do noodles, glutinous rice, jelly and other foods.

Buckwheat is rich in nutrients, which can not only give people food, give grass, give poultry, give honey, but also prevent disease and cure health. Buckwheat skin has always been a good material for pillows, and long-term use of buckwheat pillows is clear and hot.eyesight.

The beauty is sweet and crisp, and a spoonful of the heart is melted into the face. The oil is more fragrant, and the new oil cake is the first to taste the noodle cake.

荞 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 , , , , , 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 粑 , , 粑 , 粑 粑 , , , , , , , , , , , , ,Strictly check.


Green health and enjoy a low-key luxury.

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Jiuchenggong Tourist Resort, the small two waiting for the guests, you come to the food and crafts, we also have a good view, knocking on the simple game, knocking delicious food waiting for you!

– Autumn Tour Jiucheng Palace – Ike Khan Mongolian nomadic tribe Yuanyuan Inn train camp real people eat chicken specialties Erdos · Jiucheng Palace travel route.

Bus route (Dongsheng District) 26 Road: Bus Station – Zoo – Garden City – Jiucheng Palace – Donglian Animation City.


Self-driving route Baotou: Via Baomao Expressway – Dongsheng District – Zoo – Garden City – Jiucheng Palace Yulin: Jingmao Expressway – Dongsheng District – Zoo – Garden City – Jiucheng Palace Hohhot: Driving along the Beijing-Tibet Expressway 123.7 km, cross the Wudanggou Bridge, head toward Erdos/Xi’an/G65, turn slightly to the right ramp, shift 980 meters along the ramp, and go straight into the Baomao Expressway – Dongsheng District – Zoo – Garden City – Jiucheng Palace source: Jiucheng Palace Tourist Resort

Botox is used incorrectly or will be fatal for toxic drugs_1

Botox is improper or deadly for toxic drugs

Botox (also known as botulinum toxin) injection is a toxic drug. Improper use may cause muscle relaxation and paralysis. In severe cases, it may cause respiratory failure, heart failure and other life-threatening symptoms.

The State Food and Drug Administration issued a consumer reminder yesterday to remind consumers to choose cautious products such as botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid.

Recently, the food and drug regulatory department has cracked a number of cases in which beauty salons sell illegal drugs and medical devices.

Among them, in the Zhejiang “3 · 13” case of manufacturing and selling fake medicines and unlicensed medical devices, the suspect purchased botox injections labeled “BOTOX” and “Hengli” from criminals in Shenyang, Hebei, and Shenzhen, Hyaluronic acid injection labeled “Ruilan”, etc., used in the establishment of a medical cosmetic center in Ningbo.

The investigation found that more than 50,000 bottles (pieces) of 77 varieties involved in the case replaced fake medicines or called registered medical devices.

According to this, the State Food and Drug Administration stated that through sorting out similar cases, it was found that illegal elements often opened smaller beauty salons to provide medical beauty services such as injection beauty without obtaining a Medical Institution Practice Permit.

Injected beauty products are mostly injections of foreign-produced botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid, placenta and other injections. Some products have no Chinese logo on the packaging.

The beauty salon purchases the above-mentioned injection beauty products from individuals without medicines and medical equipment business qualifications. These products are fake medicines or unlicensed medical equipment produced in fake dens.

The State Food and Drug Administration specifically reminds consumers not to do cosmetic injections and other medical cosmetic projects at beauty institutions that have not obtained a “licensing license for medical institutions”., Hyaluronic acid and other injection beauty products, so as not to endanger life and health.

Special attention is paid to the fact that botulinum toxin injection is a toxic drug. Improper use may cause muscle paralysis. In severe cases, it may cause respiratory failure, heart failure and other life-threatening symptoms.

If consumers discover that they have produced, sold or used illegally injected beauty products, they should promptly file a complaint with the food and drug regulatory department.

Dance Yoga gives me deep beauty


Dance Yoga gives me deep beauty

The moment I met the Golden Ball Dance Yoga, I found a direction for the dream in my heart.

Before I did n’t know what beauty was, I just knew that I was busy in this troublesome world.

  In order to live, I struggled with loss one time at a time, moved my mind and trivia into the deep armor, and traveled in this unaccompanied city, striving for survival; how much hard work, how much shame, the pressure of life, the pain of workUnsatisfactory always entangles us, but always think of the moment, give your heart a holiday, let your dream set sail through your inner wings, and chase the dream that you didn’t catch when you were chasing the girl.

  Maybe some people say that women are born to love dreaming, maybe they really long for the expectations and gains of beauty, and have always dreamed of turning their appreciation and pursuit of beauty into a part of life, and we are always busy taking care ofIn my heart, I watched the time hurry away day by day, leaving me with an old day by day. I only found myself in front of the occasional fitting of the mirror and gradually began to lose touch with beauty: temperament, mentality, coy looks, everythingIt all became so clear.

Who wants to see the youth who is absent?

Then I started to practice dressing gradually, but I couldn’t get back the memories .

  In a casual chat in the office, I knew that Golden Ball Dance Yoga can change his temperament and relax his mind. Then he looked at the spirited colleagues who practiced around him, so he walked into Jin Zhu’s dream and sawIt is the charming charm of graceful dance, graceful music, and light feeling. At that moment, it seems that the soul is husking, so it is understood that what is needed to communicate with nature is an inner peace.

In the process of learning dance yoga, the coach’s patient guidance, the sisters ‘enthusiastic introduction, and the practitioners’ sincerity and seriousness shocked me greatly.

So, from that moment, I decided to give myself a beautiful opportunity, and silently told myself in my heart: I don’t want to be a woman who has no chance in life.

Now when the light and beautiful music sounds, I walked into the crystal clear water of the Ganges, washed away the plumpness deep in my soul, and stepped into a dreamlike situation.

Maybe the real yoga is here, dance yoga brings me into a beautiful new place!

Do men also take regular vacations?

Do men also take “regular vacations”?

Wife’s confusion: Why did he suddenly alienate me? “Why did he suddenly yell at me?
I just want to care about him!
Xiao Junye sobbed and told his close friend Awen: “Really, I asked myself nothing was wrong. For 5 years of marriage, we have been like paint, and he has never been so cold and rude to me.”
But suddenly, he became very cold and caring towards me like he was warm and tender . “” For six days, he was restless, hiding like a bird suddenly trapped in a cage.Read the book, turn the book upside down, watch TV constantly changing channels; sweet words are gone, ignore me, and even shut myself in the room, unwilling to talk to me.
I tried to get close to him. Instead of taking effect, I suffered a nameless anger from him.
Why did he suddenly alienate himself?
Is there “no hole in the sky” outside?
Tears fell from her charming big eyes, and that pitiful appearance could melt a piece of pig iron.
“Her husband doesn’t know to treasure such a good woman?
“A Wen also yelled for Xiao Jun Ye, but didn’t know how to comfort her.
  Experts’ confusion: Maybe it’s the man who has come for “regular vacation”. His response may really make you unacceptable.
But if you think that love ends here, you are wrong.
  Experts believe that Ms. Xiao’s lover may have experienced a periodic emotional downturn.
This has a certain universality among men and is medically referred to as the male physiological and psychological “cycle”.
  From a physiologist’s perspective, it is impossible for men to have menstruation, but for them, every few days, there will always be so many days of emotional fluctuations and even physical discomfort. Some medical experts abroadCalled the “low tide” phenomenon of men, some doctors joked it as a “regular vacation.”
This is actually a biological rhythm change, the result of changes in male hormone levels.
  All living things have biological rhythms.
Human growth, development, physical strength, intelligence, heartbeat, breathing, digestion, urinary, sleep and even human emotions are not controlled by the biological rhythm in the body.
It’s just that some people have obvious rhythms, and some people don’t.
  Interestingly, there is currently a saying that men’s “regular vacations” will also be affected by their lover’s regular vacation cycle.
There is also a saying that men’s “normal holidays” are also affected by moon tide and weather changes.
  According to some foreign studies, the cycle of emotional rhythm is about 28 days, which affects people’s creativity, sensitivity to things, understanding, and some functions in emotion, psychology and psychology.
During the “emotional orgasm” period, he often showed a spirit of renewal and laughter. During the “emotional orgasm” period, he was depressed, upset, and irritable.
  Winning tricks: give him freedom When his mental cycle comes, don’t try to pull him back-give him freedom.
As long as this period has passed, he will naturally return.
  What you have to do is to pay more attention to understanding him at this time, do his psychological counseling work, and prevent him from being put under greater pressure.
  TIPS: 7 tricks allow him to spend the “holiday” as soon as possible 1. Give him enough freedom to wait for him to recover.
  2. During this period, he may be accompanied by a physical illness, and he must be treated quickly.
  3. Inducing him to go out, get close to nature, and pursue complete relaxation of the spiritual world.
  4. Encourage him to take the initiative to find a way to ease the depression and adjust himself.
  5. Try to avoid hurting him because of his fault, even if the harm is unintentional.
  6, through exercise to make the body endocrine normal.
  7. If this mood is more serious during the “holiday”, it is difficult for him to adjust himself. He should be encouraged and assisted to find a psychologist.

Face problems that middle-aged women cannot ignore


Face problems that middle-aged women cannot ignore

Middle-aged people also have blackheads, and because some middle-aged women no longer care so much about their “face problems”, blackheads will come to you without mercy.

It is understood that about 90% of female friends are suffering from black spots, and most Asians have mixed skin. The T zone is relatively oily and the two places are relatively dry, so blackheads are more common in T-shaped zones.

Blackheads are like dust in the house. They must be cleaned frequently and not lazy. This is more important for middle-aged women because not cleaning the skin in time is one of the main causes of accelerated aging.

  Easy to go to the blackhead recipe So, let’s take a look at the simple and easy to go to the blackhead recipe recommended by the famous host Li Jing!

You will know that it is economical, safe, effective and convenient.

  This blackhead cleaning recipe requires four major ingredients: baking soda + purified water + cotton flakes + paper towels. Baking soda is the type that can be eaten.

First, add the baking soda and purified water, immerse the cotton pieces in the water with baking soda, and wring dry.

Then, stick the cotton pad to the place with black head and remove it after about 15 minutes.

Finally, use a paper towel to gently rub out blackheads.

  Wang Dan, a senior beautician at the Laser Beauty Center of Dermatology Department of Beijing Military Region General Hospital, said that the reason why baking soda plus purified water can easily remove blackheads is because baking soda powder is alkaline, and our oils are acidic, so we will conduct acid and alkaliAnd, blackheads will be softened and won’t get stuck in the pores. You just need to clean it up to clear it.

In addition, this method will definitely not damage the dermis, and you don’t need to worry about the problem of large pores.

  How often?

Experts suggest that if you have never cleaned up the black spots on your nose, or if your skin is very bad recently, you can do it every day. Slowly you will find that the interval can be extended, and it may be done once a week, orDo it once every two weeks.

You will clearly see this better.