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[How does Xiaomi boil easily?

】 _How to cook_How to cook

[How does Xiaomi boil easily?
】 _How to cook_How to cook

Millet is a very important food crop in developing countries. This kind of crop is grown in most places. Although most people rarely eat millet, it is recommended that you always eat more, especially those who have a very fine diet.Eat the original coarse grains of millet. Millet has a very high nutritional value. It can only use protein and vitamins, and it also contains starch fiber. It can clear the heat and nourish yin, etc. Here is how to cook millet.

How does Xiaomi cook easily?
1. Soaking: Soak the rice with cold water for half an hour before making porridge to allow the rice grains to swell.

Benefits: a. Save time by boiling the porridge; b. It will turn in the same direction when it is stirred; c. The porridge will be crispy and taste good.

2, boiled water pot: everyone’s consensus is cold water porridge, but the real connoisseur is to boil porridge with water, why?

You must have had the experience of cooking porridge in cold water?

There is no such phenomenon in boiling water pot, and it saves time compared to cold water congee.

3, the heat: first boil with a high fire, and then turn to a low heat to cook for about 30 minutes.

Don’t underestimate the change in size of the fire, the aroma of porridge comes out instantly!

4. Stirring: Originally, when cooking porridge, it was for fear of the bottom of the porridge. Now there is no correction of the bottom of the porridge in cold water, why should we stir it?

In order to “thicken”, that is to make the rice grains full and the grains crispy.

The stirring technique is: stir a few times when opening the underwater pot, cover the pot until the heat is boiling for 20 minutes, and start stirring continuously for about 10 minutes, until the pan is thick and thick.

5, some oil: cooking oil to put porridge?

Yes, a small amount of salad oil is added at about 10 minutes after the porridge is modified, and the finished porridge is not only bright in color, but also fresh in the mouth.

6. Bottom and ingredients: Most people are used to pouring all their brains into the pot when cooking porridge, which is not the case for centuries-old porridge shops.

The bottom of the porridge is the bottom of the porridge, the ingredients are the ingredients, boiled separately, simmered, and finally boiled for a while, and never more than 10 minutes.

The congee made in this way is refreshing and not turbid, and the taste of everything is boiled out without staleness.

Especially when the ingredients are meat and seafood, the bottom of the porridge should be separated from the ingredients.

[How to make fried rice with leftover rice _How to make rice with leftover rice Daquan How to fried rice with leftover rice]_leftover rice _ making rice cracker _ method steps

[How to make fried rice with leftover rice _How to make rice with leftover rice Daquan How to fried rice with leftover rice]_leftover rice _ making rice cracker _ method steps

The leftover rice in the diet is relatively common, and the taste of the remaining rice will easily decline, affecting the next consumption, and there are many methods for the remaining rice, and the rice crackers made with leftover rice are also very delicious and the practice is veryIt is simple and can be eaten as a casual snack. First, you need to add glutinous rice flour to the leftover rice, add appropriate salt seasoning, etc., and fry it in a pan.

How about fried rice with leftover rice?

First, fry pan 1, prepare raw materials, 300 grams of leftover rice, 20 grams of glutinous rice flour, instead of salt.

2. Add glutinous rice flour and salt to the leftover rice, then add an appropriate amount of oil and mix well.

3. Spread the stainless steel flat spoon evenly and insert it slightly.

4. Add 50% hot oil and fry evenly.

5. After the moulding, the mould is naturally released, and both sides are fried to the golden pot.

6. Put the extra oil on the blotting paper.

How to make leftover rice crackers Roasted rice crackers1, mix the leftover rice with glutinous rice flour, salt, and oil (this step is the same as the previous step of frying rice crackers), put it into a fresh-keeping bag, and smash it with a rolling pin to make it sticky.

2. Spread into small round cakes and spread them evenly on a baking sheet with tin foil.

3. Add to the middle of the oven, heat up and down, 200 degrees, about 18 minutes.

4, taste: harder than fried taste, lower oil content.

3. For oil-free roasted rice crackers 1, spread the leftover rice evenly on the baking sheet with greased paper.

2. Add to the middle of the oven, heat up and down, 220 degrees, about 16 minutes.

3, taste: very fragrant, hard and crisp, when eating snacks slowly chewing, oil-free and simple method, the most recommended method of leaves.

Fourth, if there is an electric rice cooker with an iron kettle, after laying the leftover rice in the rice cooker, start the “Claypot Rice” function directly to complete a golden rice cooker.

Leftover rice, egg starch 1, add leftover rice to the bowl, add allspice powder, chili salt, salt, five spice powder 2, then add a spoonful of starch, one egg yolk 3, gloves and a fresh-keeping bag and mix well.

4. Pour the remaining leftover rice evenly into the fresh-keeping bag, and roll it into slices with a rolling pin.

5. Refrigerate in the refrigerator for half an hour, remove the cling film 6, take it out and cut it into long strips 7, fry both sides with golden 8, and remove the oil-control tray 9; use oil-absorbent paper to remove the oil slick and let it cool to serve.

Packed in a sealed bag, the Karpa is crispy.

[Can black tea drink?】 _Children_Can I drink

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[Does milk cause stones at night]_Drink milk_Before bed_Impact

[Does milk cause stones at night]_Drink milk_Before bed_Impact

Drinking a glass of milk before going to bed at night can help you sleep better. This is a concept most people agree with.

But for some people with special diseases, drinking milk at night is not suitable.

Milk is a kind of food with high calcium content. If you dialysis kidney stones, drinking milk before going to bed at night will only increase the symptoms of stones.

Do you have stones at night when drinking milk? Regarding the question “Do you have stones at night before drinking milk?”

Indeed, kidney stones are dissolved in calcium oxalate. Excessive intake of animal protein and dairy products can significantly increase the content of calcium and oxalic acid in urine.

However, whether the calcium in the pricing will form kidney stones depends on your own health, that is, whether you are a patient with kidney stones.

Patients with kidney stones generally have too high oxalic acid in their bodies, so it is not advisable to eat high-calcium foods to avoid the formation of calcium oxalate, which will aggravate the disease. However, normal humans have normal oxalic acid and will definitely not have stones from eating calcium diet.

Kidney stones patients should not drink milk. If you are a kidney stone patient, you must control the calcium intake, especially patients with high blood calcium index should be strictly controlled. Usually, patients with stone stones should drink less milk, and milk at night is not suitable.

Because in the evening is exactly the peak period of excretion of stone components.

If you drink milk at this time, the milk contains high calcium content, but after drinking milk 2?
At 3 hours, it is the peak of calcium elimination through dialysis. At this time, sleep is in progress. Urine is concentrated. Calcium passes through the renal dialysis and is prone to stone formation.

Also, it depends on what causes your stones. If it is caused by oxalic acid crystals, it is important to control the absorption of oxalic acid and phytic acid in vegetables and pasta.

Supplement: In addition to milk, patients with kidney stones should usually take as little as possible other foods high in calcium, such as soy products, sesame, shrimp skin, amaranth, also bring, laver, black fungus, black beans and so on.

Healthy people don’t get kidney stones when drinking milk at night. However, if you are a healthy person, the calcium-rich foods at dinner will not affect the body, let alone stones.

Especially menopausal women and the elderly, because calcium loss is more and osteoporosis is more common. In the case of normal heart function, it is necessary to increase the amount of calcium replacement at night. Milk and soy products in food are the best.s Choice.

[Does the stomach taste bad, drink hawthorn in water]_Efficacy_Function

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[How to make Mushroom Noodles]_Home-made methods of Mushroom Noodles_How to make Mushroom Noodles_How to make Mushroom Noodles

[How to make Mushroom Noodles]_Home-made methods of Mushroom Noodles_How to make Mushroom Noodles_How to make Mushroom Noodles

Study hard every day.

The biggest fun for you is nothing more than playing.


There are many places to play and many places to eat, but there are few good places.

With blind search, it is better to do it yourself.

Now, let me introduce you to the practice of winter mushroom meat sauce noodles.


Get the materials ready.


And these are also ready.


Soak mushrooms in warm water.


Cut the shiitake mushrooms into small cubes.


Wash pork and chop into minced meat.


Wash the shallots and cut them into scallions.


Remove the outer skin and cut into rice grains.


Peel the ginger and chop into rice grains.


Place the minced meat, 1/2 servings of garlic, ginger and huwa in a bowl and add soy sauce.


Stir well and set aside.


Add oil to a hot pan. When the oil is about 60% hot, add the remaining 1/2 of garlic, ginger and green onion.


Add watercress sauce and sauté.


Add diced mushrooms and fry.


Add ground meat and sugar, stir fry, add an appropriate amount of water, cover the pot, and cook until the juice is collected, that is, until the soup is thick.


Cook the noodles.


Lift up and place in a bowl.

Stir in boiled mushroom sauce while eating.

18 years old

Stir well.


Hong, although not an authentic northern sauce noodle, is very popular with my bandits.

Because the lean meat is used, after cooking, the taste of the meat is crunchy, there is no greasy feeling, only the thick flavor of winter mushroom sauce.

Healthy and nutritious food starts from cooking. Then you must have learned the mushroom sauce noodles that Xiaobian shared with you today, then go and practice it yourself and let the food be presented on your table.

[How to contraceptive couples]_Contraception_How to do_How to contraception_Contraceptive methods

[How to contraceptive couples]_Contraception_How to do_How to contraception_Contraceptive methods

Having a normal sex life can make the relationship between husband and wife more harmonious, but sexual intercourse should not be repeated too much, and it is also important to take good contraceptive measures.

As women need to have an abortion once they get pregnant unexpectedly, this will cause great harm to women’s uterus. It is necessary to avoid the existence of such hidden dangers and protect women’s physical health. So how can couples be effective in contraception?

1. Intrauterine contraceptive ring contraceptive mechanism: By preventing fertilized eggs from implanting in the uterus, the contraceptive success reaches more than 95%.

Advantages: less side reactions, can be placed very continuously, and even taken at menopause.

Key points for safe contraception: The ring is easy to leave the normal position within 3 months after the ring is taken, so X-rays should be performed frequently to prevent the ring from leaving the normal position and conceive with the ring.

Patients with gynecological mortality, menstruation or irregularities, and reproductive tract tumors should not wear rings.

2. Topical contraceptive film contraceptive mechanism: self-confidence by reducing sperm vitality, successfully overcome 96%.

Advantages: No damage to vaginal epithelium, no change in vaginal self-cleansing effect, long-term use is harmless to the body, and does not pollute clothing.

Key points for safe contraception: Usually put it in a cool and dry place to prevent moisture from affecting the medicine.

Do not rub too tightly or too tightly during use, otherwise it will affect the dissolution of the drug.

Be sure to use your fingers to carry it deep into the vagina, and perform intercourse after 10 minutes. If the intercourse time is more than half an hour, you should add another.

3. Male condom contraception mechanism: self-confidence by avoiding sperm and egg encounter, successfully overcome 80% -90%.

Advantages: It does not interfere with the physiology of the female body, and can prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

Key points for safe contraception: The model must be convenient for the user.

Moreover, it must be used in the intercourse, and it should be used at the beginning. Never use a damaged or deteriorated condom again.

Afterwards, the upper mouth of the condom must be withdrawn with the penis, and the sperm of the condom must be checked for semen to prove that the condom is indeed not damaged.

I believe everyone is also very clear about how couples are effective in contraception. Various contraceptive methods are available.

It’s just that there are differences in the methods that need to be adopted for specific age stages and reproduction conditions.

If you haven’t had a child, you can’t use contraceptive methods such as intrauterine devices or ligation.

[How to make Flammulina velutipes]_ Flammulina velutipes_How to make cold _ Cold salad method

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[How to make fish balls flexible]_How to do_How to do

[How to make fish balls flexible]_How to do_How to do

In our life, many people especially like to eat fish balls. Especially when eating hot pot, fish balls are indispensable. These balls feel like eating hot pot, but many people think they buy it outside.There are too many additives in the fish balls, which may be harmful to the human body after eating, so I will make some fish balls at home, but the fish balls I make at home are less elastic, so how to make fish is elasticHow about it?

1. The elasticity of fish balls is related to the freshness of the substitute fish. The fresher the fish, the better the elasticity of fish balls.

2. The elasticity of fish balls is related to the water contained in fish meat. The less water, the better the elasticity of fish balls.

Therefore, before we make fish paste, we should first scoop the fish meat by hand to remove the water.

3. The elasticity of fish balls is related to starch.

After the fish is chopped, add some starch and a little water and mix well, then use the whisk of the eggbeater to stir, stir vigorously, and the more sticky it becomes.

The most elastic is potato starch, followed by corn starch, and wheat starch is the worst.

4. Proper amount of egg white needs to be added to make fish balls. Egg white has the characteristics of strong water-eating and good coagulation effect. It can increase cementation and maintain the elasticity and tenderness of fish balls.

5. The elasticity of fish balls is also related to the amount of salt used.

Fish balls are made by utilizing the salt-soluble and thermally coagulating properties of proteins.

If too much salt is too little, the amount of myosin and actin dissolution is not large, the lipid formation is not strong, the network formation is weak; too much salt, it will cause a certain dehydration effect and make the fish ball hold water.The performance is reduced, distortion is caused and protein properties are destroyed, the elasticity of fish balls is reduced, and the taste is affected.

6. Heating is the key to the elasticity of fish balls.

After being heated, the fish ball will increase its elasticity. When the fish ball is immersed in slow-fire warm water (about 60 ° C) to maturity, the fish ball can achieve the effects of smooth and refreshing appearance, strong elasticity, freshness and taste.

I. Selection of ingredients (fresh bream, catfish) 2. Supplementary ingredients are calculated based on 50kg of fish, 1kg of salt, 3kg of starch, and 0 sugar.

5kg, MSG 0.

075kg, proper amount of ginger juice, blended amount-generally 50?

Third, operation points 1.

Material selection: Select heavy 1.


5 kg, thick flesh, high freshness catfish, catfish.


Scrape the meat: Cut off the fish from the tail to the neck, remove the internal organs, remove the spine, remove the two pieces of meat at the ends, and refrigerate before scraping the meat.

When operating, scrape along the fiber lines, and the inclination of the knife should be 45 degrees to scrape the fish into thin slices.

Float the scraped fish in clear water to remove blood veins and turbid impurities, make the fish early white, and then filter the water with clean new gauze.


Chopping: Place the fish flat on a cutting board, and use two knives to chop the fish in order in order, until the fish turns slightly white and feels sticky. It is better to chop the fish thoroughly to make the fish puree.

This process can also be operated with a meat grinder, but the processed fish balls have a poor taste.


Stirring: Put the fish puree in the container, and add about 70% of clear water first. The accumulation of water is fish.

Seven times, use bamboo chopsticks to scatter the fish paste into a slimy paste, put in auxiliary materials, and beat it hard. The surimi protein is suspected to be transparent.


Squeeze the pill: clean iron pan—mouth, filled with water, and prepare another spoon with smooth edges. Use the left hand to squeeze the surimi, squeeze out the round granules from the tiger’s mouth, and use the spoon to hold it in the right hand.Clean and clean, the shape of fish balls should be round, and the gloss should be high.

The extruded fish balls are dipped in clean water for about half an hour to prevent sticking during cooking.


Boil (or deep-fried): To cook (or deep-fried) negative pills, use a high fire. The fish balls are not hot and not cooked. The taste will change over time.

When cooking, also prevent water from boiling, so as not to crash the fish balls.

After the fish balls are cooked thoroughly, they are lifted out of the pot, which is the finished product.