Noise pollution


Noise pollution

Human beings live in a variety of voices. It is impossible to make the surrounding environment absolutely silent. But if the sound is too loud or too noisy, it will cause damage and become something that people don’t need – noise.

銆€銆€Noise is not the sound inherent in nature. It is mainly produced by human activities and living activities.

The source can be roughly divided into two aspects: one is aerodynamic noise, which is the noise caused by the operation of aerodynamic equipment such as a turbine engine; the other is mechanical noise, which occurs when the machine is machined by punching, gear rolling, etc.The noise caused by vibration; the third is the noise generated by the vibration of the iron core caused by the expansion and contraction of the magnetic generator.

The strength of the noise, in decibels as the unit of calculation: 0?
20 decibels are very quiet; 20?
40 decibels are quieter, 40?
60 decibels for general sound, 60?
80 decibels feel noisy; 80?
100 decibels are very noisy; more than 100 decibels are unbearable.

In accordance with international standards, in the downtown area, underground noise should not exceed 55 decibels during the day; 45 decibels at night; general residential areas, no more than 45 decibels during the day and 35 decibels at night.

銆€銆€People may be exposed to noise and may have adverse effects on the body. The main performances are as follows: First, the damage of the sound to the auditory organs: The United States has compared the hearing of tribal residents who have changed the noise interference with the hearing of the town residents.It is found that the hearing of the tribal elderly who are already eighty years old is stronger than that of the 30-year-old urban residents.

This shows that long-term tension and excessive noise stimulation will cause hearing loss, causing the degeneration of the inner ear, which is called noise deafness.

It is generally believed that if a certain type of noise causes a hearing loss of more than 30 decibels, it is dangerous. It is a precursor to pathological changes. Therefore, protective measures should be taken for such noise.

At present, the hearing protection standard of most countries is set at 90 decibels (A). It has been proved that after 40 years of working under this noise standard, the incidence of noise deafness is still around 20%, so the hearing protection standard is increasing.
When people are suddenly exposed to extremely intense noise (such as blasting, shooting, etc.), because of the high sound pressure, often accompanied by shock waves, can cause acute hearing damage, called shock deafness (acoustic trauma).

At this point, the tympanic membrane can be ruptured, bleeding, and both ears are completely inaudible.

銆€銆€In addition to damaging hearing, noise also affects other systems.

The nervous system manifests as a neurasthenic syndrome with headache and sleep disorders, with changes in EEG (alpha rhythm changes, low amplitude, decreased index), autonomic dysfunction, etc.; cardiovascular system is unstable (most increases)), heart rate is accelerated, ECG changes (sinus arrhythmia, graded changes); gastric system secretion decreases, peristalsis slows, appetite decreases; endocrine system manifests as hyperthyroidism, adrenal function, sexual functionDisruption, menstrual disorders, etc.

銆€銆€Second, the impact of noise on sleep: Some people use brain waves as indicators to test the noise interference to sleep, found in 40?
Under the noise of 45 decibels, the brainwaves of sleepers have an awakening reaction.

Explain that strong noise can affect people’s rest and sleep.

銆€銆€In people’s personality, if the noise level is close to the personality, it will interfere with people’s normal personality.

If the noise reaches 90 decibels, it is too loud to scream.

銆€銆€Third, the impact of noise on work: As early as 1932, the impact of noise on the labor efficiency of women workers in textile factories was investigated. It was found that the protection was 1% higher than that of unprotected workers.

Usually the noise is 80 decibels, which reduces the worker’s efficiency.

The reason is that people are irritated and easily tired under the noise interference, causing it to be difficult to concentrate and slow to respond.

銆€銆€In summary, noise must be prevented and controlled, otherwise it will have a great impact on people’s health.

銆€銆€First, control and eliminate noise sources.

The key to solving urban traffic noise pollution is to control the noise of motor vehicles such as cars, motorcycles and tractors.

Taking traffic noise in Beijing as an example, traffic noise is reduced by 5 due to regulations prohibiting cars from honking in non-emergency situations.
10 decibels.

To limit the use of tweeters, it is not allowed to start some machines that are particularly noisy and not easily attenuated at night.

銆€銆€In fact, noise control must be legislated.

In order to protect the environment, national or local authorities have enacted laws and regulations on the control of noise pollution, such as laws, regulations, standards, and orders. Such legislation is mandatory and requires noise pollution to be taken.

In the “Environmental Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China” (Trial) published in 1979, it is pointed out that it is necessary to strengthen the management of urban industrial noise, various noise-producing mechanical equipment, motor vehicles, aircraft, etc., and install noise-cancellation equipment.

Also, it should be speculated to control the propagation of noise.

銆€銆€In the process of noise propagation, measures to attenuate its intensity are mainly distance control, barrier setting, and terrain utilization.

Distance control is to increase the distance between the noise source and the receiver to reduce the degree of noise interference to the recipient.
For example, green belts in residential areas can partially block urban traffic noise from entering residential areas.

Experiments have shown that after 30 millimeters thick bushes, the sound is reduced by 7 decibels by 80 decibels.

In addition, lawns and vegetable gardens also have the effect of reducing noise.

Therefore, urban greening is very important.

When designing and planning residential areas, it is necessary to consider effective measures to prevent noise, such as keeping residential areas away from high-noise factories and continuous traffic streets to prevent factory noise or traffic noise from replacing residential areas.

銆€銆€Finally, it is necessary to strengthen personal protection.

If ear protectors are used, earplugs, soundproof cotton, earmuffs, helmets, etc. are commonly used.
The earplug is an ear protector that is inserted into the external auditory canal and is made of soft rubber or soft plastic.

Its sound insulation, offset is 10?
20 decibels, IF 20?
30 decibels, high frequency 30?
40 decibels.

The so-called soundproof cotton is made with a diameter of 1?
3 micron ultra-fine glass fiber, chemically softened, soft, comfortable and painless, with a high molecular weight of 20?
40 decibels.

The so-called earmuffs are ear protectors that close the entire ear. The high-frequency sound insulation can reach 15?
30 decibels.

Say goodbye to the big belly, massage at night


Say goodbye to the big belly, massage at night

Chinese medicine believes that the abdomen of the human body is the “Miyagi of the five internal organs, the origin of yin and yang blood”; the spleen and stomach are the foundation of the human body, and the water valley received by the stomach is subtle, which can maintain the normal physiological functions of the human body.

The spleen and stomach are the hubs for the lifting and lowering of the human body. Only when it is clear and turbid, can it be normalized, healthy and longevity.

銆€銆€The abdomen can pass and up and down, divide the yin and yang, go to the old and new, enrich the five internal organs, drive the evils of the external sense, and clear the endogenous diseases.

Modern medicine believes that the abdominal abdomen can increase the blood flow of the abdominal muscles and intestinal smooth muscle, increase the muscle tension of the inner wall muscles and the function of the lymphatic system, so that the secretion function of the organs in the body is active, thereby enhancing the digestion, absorption and excretion of food.It can improve the peristaltic function of the large and small intestines, and can excrete, prevent and eliminate constipation, which is especially needed for the elderly.

銆€銆€It is often improved to press the abdomen, and it can also produce a sufficient amount of prostaglandins in the gastrointestinal mucosa, which can effectively prevent excessive gastric acid secretion and prevent the occurrence of peptic ulcer.

The abdomen can also reduce the abnormal accumulation of the abdomen.

This is because the sputum can stimulate the peripheral nerves, through the massage of different strengths of light weight, slow and slow, make the abdominal wall capillaries smooth, promote slight consumption, prevent the body from abdomen, and thus receive a satisfactory weight loss effect.

銆€銆€Frequently pressing the abdomen will also help the body maintain mental pleasure.

Pressing your abdomen before going to bed helps you fall asleep and prevent insomnia.

For patients with hypertension arteriosclerosis, hypertension, and cerebrovascular disease, pressing the abdomen can extinguish the liver fire, making people calm and blood circulation, which helps the good effect of adjuvant therapy.

銆€銆€The specific operation method of abdomen pressing :: generally choose to go to bed before going to sleep at night and before getting up, emptying the urine, washing your hands, taking the supine position, flexing your knees, relaxing your body, pressing your left hand on the abdomen, palms facing the navel, right hand stackPut it on your left hand.

First, turn the umbilical hern 50 times clockwise, then press 鎻?50 times counterclockwise.

When pressing 鎻? the force should be moderate, the energy is concentrated, the breathing is natural, and the perseverance will definitely receive obvious fitness effects.

銆€銆€Foot massage is a health care treatment and implantation. When the abdominal skin has a purulent infection or an acute attack on the abdomen (such as enteritis, abscess, appendicitis, etc.), it is not appropriate to press the sputum to avoid spreading; the abdomen has cancer, and it is not suitable for sputum.To prevent cancer from spreading or bleeding.

When the abdomen is abdomen, there is a feeling of warmth in the abdomen, a long-term feeling, or a bowel sound, exhaust, etc., which is a normal reaction, and there is no need to worry.


4 health misunderstandings do not get sick before health

Health care refers to a kind of medical activity that supports life through various methods, enhances physical fitness, and prevents diseases, thus achieving longevity.

The so-called birth is the meaning of life, survival, and growth; the so-called maintenance, that is, maintenance, nursed back to health, the meaning of nourishment.

In short, health is the meaning of maintaining life.

Guided by traditional Chinese medicine theory, the gradual yin and yang five elements of biochemical collectors change the law, scientifically nurse the human body, and maintain vitality and vitality.

Spiritual health refers to the purpose of maintaining the body, reducing disease, improving health and prolonging life by regulating the mind, adjusting emotions and adjusting life.

銆€銆€Chinese medicine speaks about grain as a nutrient, and fruits and vegetables help. In fact, the human body is mainly maintained by grains, and vegetables and fruits are auxiliary grains.

TCM health is divided into internal and external support. The internal cultivation is refined, qi, and god. The external culture is the flesh and bones.

Traditional Chinese medicine pays special attention to internal cultivation, and now the so-called health experts are talking about external cultivation, how to eat and how to exercise.

If you raise a problem inside, it is nonsense to use the method of eating.

銆€銆€Chinese medicine experts should treat patients with diseases “different from syndromes”, and health care should be “different from person to person”.

銆€銆€Everyone’s physique is different, and health care should pay attention to individual differences.

TCM health care stresses syndrome differentiation and treatment, such as tonic, it is necessary to pass the hope, smell, ask, cut, clear qi deficiency, blood deficiency, yin deficiency, yang deficiency, and then use qi, blood, yin, yang, method to the right medicine.

Different ages, different seasons, different physical conditions, and different health care medications.

銆€銆€Choose a health care method or health care medicine, it is best to ask a professional doctor for physical fitness judgment and then health.

Only the right one is the best way to keep fit.

銆€銆€Remote medicine, massage, acupuncture, scraping, cupping and other traditional Chinese medicine techniques have become the highlights of many leisure clubs, beauty salons, bathing centers and weight-loss institutions.

銆€銆€The doctor is based on medical diagnosis and uses various treatment methods for the patient.

The staff at the above-mentioned places did not understand the medical principles, but only mastered some acupoints and massage techniques, and it was impossible to check whether the patients had these systemic diseases.

銆€銆€Since ancient times, traditional Chinese medicine has focused on “treating no disease” and obviously has no disease and disease prevention.

Too many people think that they are in good health, and they can’t find out what kind of illness they have, so they don’t need health care.

actually not.

銆€銆€Chinese medicine pays attention to conditioning, and health is important in life style.

Experts believe that people should be bleak and empty, and maintain a good state of mind; secondly, living sometimes.

Irregular lifestyle has become a disease of the times and one of the causes of diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood fat, high blood sugar, obesity and sub-health.

Third, eating a diet, not overeating, or eating indiscriminately, not partial eclipse, nutritional balance is an important part of health.

Finally, there is a degree of exercise.

Traditional Chinese medicine has long been known for exercise and health, but it stands out as “not to be over-excited.”

Walking, Tai Chi, and Wu Qin Xi are all better ways to exercise.