3 steps to let your baby learn to control emotions

3 steps to let your baby learn to control emotions

Should the baby hold him when he is crying?

What should I do if my baby keeps crying in the middle of the night?

Think about it, do you understand your baby’s emotions?

Do you know how to answer your baby’s emotions correctly?

  Accompany your baby to improve EQ Many parents are repeating, overcoming the baby’s mood is always capricious.

In fact, we shouldn’t have too high requirements for babies. After all, they are still children and their ability to control themselves is indeed weak.

Furthermore, the relationship between a person’s self-control ability and EQ (Emotional Intelligence) is very strong.

Unlike IQ (IQ), IQ is more affected by innate conditions, while EQ is more subjected to acquired culture.

  If the parent’s IQ is not high, it is almost certainly impossible to raise a child with a high EQ.

In other words, the level of the child’s EQ to a certain extent the performance of parents in daily life.

As the child grows up, parents should accompany the child to improve the EQ, and can start at any time.

  Hint: What is EQ? EQ is Emotional Intelligence Quotient (Emotional Intelligence Quotient), originally proposed by American psychologists Charovi (Peter Salovi) and Meyer (John Meyer) in 1990.

Salovey believes that the essence of EQ can be roughly divided into five elements: clearly knowing their emotions, reasonably expressing their feelings, the ability to control the impulse of desire, knowing the feelings of others, and harmonious interpersonal relationships.

  3 steps to let the child be the master of emotions. 1. Knowing the emotions. Parents do this. Although the newborn baby will not speak yet, it will also express the inner feelings in other ways.

When you are hungry and your diaper is wet, your baby will usually cry and twist your hands and feet when you are happy.

However, at this time, the baby does not understand what his behavior means.

For newborns, many movements are not entirely due to their own expectations, but may be the performance of some reflex actions, but even so, in the process of interacting with the baby, the parents can still describe the baby’s feelings and let the baby respondHave a basic understanding of your emotions.

  From birth, mothers can tell their baby, “You are crying very sad now, because you are hungry!”

Mother feeds you to drink milk, and your stomach will not be hungry after a while!

“When the baby just woke up and wept, the mother could also say,” Baby!

Why don’t you cry because you can’t see your mother, don’t worry, my mother is here with you now!

“Baby will let your baby understand their emotions this way, this is the first step to improve EQ.

As your baby gets older, when he has the ability to express in words, he can be more free and more appropriate to express different emotions.

For example, if you do n’t get something, you will feel “sad”, if your mother is not around, you will feel “lonely”, and if you do n’t do well, you will feel “annoyed”.

  2 Accept the emotion parents do this When the baby falls, what do you do?

He said to the child, “No pain!

No pain!

Don’t cry, don’t cry, you are brave!

“I still hit the floor and said,” Don’t cry!

Don’t cry!

It (the floor) is really bad!

“I don’t think either of these approaches is particularly good.”

At this point, the parents might as well say, “You fell!

Is it painful?

Come, let me rub it for you.

“This will allow the baby to have a better understanding of his emotions, will not be suppressed, and will not easily express wrong emotions in the future.

  Babies will do this and never ignore their emotions.

When the child is crying, some parents may turn around and leave the scene, they think “don’t ignore him, he will stop by himself”.As everyone knows, this practice is extremely harmful to young children.

You know, your baby is crying for a reason.

If his emotions are not always recognized by his parents, the baby will feel very suspicion, do not know where he is wrong, and over time, it is difficult for him to learn how to express emotions correctly.

  3 Expressing emotions Parents do this For those wrong ways of venting emotions, they must let the child have a clear understanding, and at the same time tell him that these emotional expression channels are reasonable and acceptable.

If the child likes to hit people as soon as he gets angry, then even after accepting the punishment, he is expected to hit the next time he gets angry. If the parent also punishes the child by “hitting”, then he has moreImpressed, and it’s harder to understand that “hitting” is wrong.

Therefore, parents must accompany the child to find a suitable way of expressing emotions, sometimes speaking out loud, crying a lot or drawing the feelings in his heart.

  Babies will feel that emotions are not right or wrong, but they must be expressed in good or bad ways.

Therefore, parents must teach their children to understand this: “You can feel sad, but you cannot hit people; you can be sad, but you cannot drop toys.

“Let your child learn to express emotions more appropriately, rather than venting on other people, things or their own bodies.

Absolute emotion analysis

Absolute emotion analysis

When I entered the elevator, I saw a family of three.

Cute little girl, two or three years old.

I went in and stood inside, and the little girl moved quickly behind her mother.

I said to the little girl, “Hello, how old are you?

“She pressed her face tightly to her mother’s lap without saying a word.

Mother looked down at her daughter and said, “Don’t be embarrassed, tell your aunt how old you are.

“My daughter is hiding deeper.

My mother said with a little regret: “She’s so generous and a little timid.

“The father next to me also said,” Come out and talk to your aunt!

“Until they left, the little girl didn’t speak.

  What the little girl showed was suspicion and alertness to external objects.

Keeping a distance from strange objects and being close to the mother is her main way to protect herself from unforeseen injuries.

This emotion is the opposite of the usual positive emotions of joy, happiness, joy, excitement, etc.

Positive emotions lead us closer to the objects that bring us positive emotions.

Negative emotions, some sadness, pain, sorrow, anger, nervousness, etc., guide us away from the objects that bring us such emotions, or help our body prepare for possible injuries.

  From a biological perspective, positive emotions help us get closer to resources that are good for our survival, such as mom and dad, good food, toys.

Negative emotions help us stay away from danger, certain strangers, hot food, darkness, etc.

Therefore, positive emotions are conducive to our development, while negative emotions ensure our survival.

  Ten years ago, my German teacher, Professor Simon, demonstrated psychotherapy at the teaching site.

A parent asked him for help in anxiety: “Our 7-year-old daughter is afraid of darkness and refuses to stay in the room herself. What should I do?

The teacher ‘s answer completely subverted my idea: “Your daughter is very sensitive and she knows how to protect herself.

Then he raised his thumb and said to the girl, “You are great!”

“The nervous little girl who was originally crouched on the sofa immediately became clear. At the end of the treatment, she was very happy.

I guess it was because someone finally helped her parents understand her better.

  What Simon demonstrated was “protecting our negative emotions.”

The parents in the elevator, and what we usually do, are exactly the opposite.

We often criticize, suppress, deny, blame, and even scold children who show negative emotions.

  In fact, the mother did a very good job in the first year after the child was born.

When a child is crying, the mother is not stopping the child from crying, or checking whether the child is hungry, cold, peeing, or injured.

After all the doubts have been ruled out, if the child still cries, the mother will send the child to the hospital-negative emotions remind us that people are in a bad state or very uncomfortable with the environment at the time.

  What we need to solve is not to restrain or suppress emotions, or to remove unfavorable factors in the environment, or to actively adjust ourselves to better adapt to the environment.

Unfortunately, when children grow up, we often simply and “rudely” prevent these protective negative emotions.

  Take good care of our negative emotions, it will protect us and our offspring from danger.

The mother in the elevator, after discovering the child’s evasive behavior, could immediately pick up the child and give her a direct sense of security, telling the child: “I know, you don’t know this aunt, so I’m a little scared.

“Then communicate the situation of the child to the other party.

When the child observes that the mother can easily and happily communicate with this “stranger”, she slowly relaxes.

After going through a “situational security assessment”, the child may dare to try to approach a stranger.

  Of course, if the child has always shown strong negative emotions and is difficult to calm down for a long time, please don’t blame him / her! The best way is to take your child to an experienced psychologist as soon as possible.

5 best cosmeceutical brand skin care products


5 best cosmeceutical brand skin care products

Looking around, not only the various medicines are displayed inside, various skin care products have also set up counters: Vichy, LRP Laroche-posay, AVENE, Uriage and Freeplus . Many consumersGive them a common name-cosmeceuticals.

Natural plant brand Fleursine safe skincare Freeplus Fleurs does not contain hot spring water, but it is currently developing rapidly in China.

It is a cosmeceutical brand attached to Kanebo cosmetics in Japan.

In the Japanese market, it has the highest market share among competing products.

Nine counters have been opened in Chengdu.

Vichy: To make healthy skin healthier The hot spring water used by Vichy is sulfuric acid-based hot spring, but it is not effective and is more suitable for healthy skin.

Vichy’s hot spring water contains the most minerals and trace elements, especially rich in calcium, copper, iron, and manganese, which can promote the regeneration and healing of epidermal and dermal molecules, “firm” the natural protective barrier of the skin; keep the skin young and active.
La Roche-Posay: Designing strengths for problematic skin: oil control, acne-removing, sensitive skin, photoaging skin careThe field of treatment.

Avene: Gentle repair of sensitive skin Strengths: Poorly tolerated skin, dehydrated skin, special dry / atopic dermatitis care Avene’s hot spring water is also based on the content of silicon dioxide, so you can use Avene skin care with Avene skin careProducts, focusing on allergic / sensitive skin care, can help fragile damaged skin repair and rebuild the natural protective barrier-hydrolipid film.

Yiquan: natural extracts have significant strengths: oil control, acne, freckle, anti-wrinkle Yiquan Dermatology Laboratory focuses on the development of functional skin care products, and among the added active ingredients, it is particularly beneficial to the extract of natural plants, And the effect is relatively obvious.

Fruit diet to eliminate age spots

Fruit diet to eliminate age spots

It is often seen that there are some “senile plaques” in the bladder of the elderly. These “senile plaques” are a sign of physical aging. How can these plaques be removed scientifically and safely?

Xiaobian introduced several freckle-removing fruits, which are safe and effective.

  Tomato anti-spot index: ★★★ ☆ Tomatoes have the effect of maintaining skin and eliminating freckles.

It is rich in lycopene, and vitamin C is the best weapon to inhibit melanin formation.

Experiments have shown that eating tomatoes can effectively reduce melanin formation.

  Small reminder: Tomatoes are cold. If you eat them on an empty stomach, it is easy to cause abdominal pain. Recommended: Use 1 cup of tomato juice per day with a small amount of cod liver oil to make your complexion ruddy.

  Anti-plaque “hero” list-foods with vitamins and vitamin C: Kiwi anti-plaque index: ★★★★ Kiwi is known as “fruit goldmine”.

It is rich in dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin D, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and other trace elements and minerals.

  Vitamin C in kiwi can effectively inhibit the oxidation of dopa free radicals in the skin, convert dark oxidized pigments into reduced light pigments in the skin, interfere with the formation of melanin, prevent pigmentation, and keep the skin fair.

  Small reminder: people with cold spleen and stomach should not eat more, and are prone to diarrhea.

Internet addiction is actually a social intention

Internet addiction is actually a social intention

The General Hospital of Beijing Military Region has created the so-called “Internet addiction diagnosis and treatment standard”, which defines Internet addiction as a mental behavior disorder and replaces the diagnostic sample of mental illness.

So-called, the standard has passed the expert demonstration organized by the Medical Administration of the Ministry of Health of the General Logistics Department of the PLA, and it is planned to be promoted to hospitals across the country after it is reported to the Ministry of Health.

  After the media reported the incident, it caused some controversy.

Most voices oppose the rate of replacing Internet addiction with mental illness. However, unfortunately, these voices are suddenly pale due to a lack of analysis of the formation mechanism of Internet addiction.

Watching a large group of people gesticulate around a hot topic, muttering a bunch of nonsense, and there are still people paying for such nonsense, is really a fun thing.

  The author also does not mean that Internet addiction is included in the category of mental illness. Although Internet addiction can cause mental behavior disorders, the cause of its formation cannot be attributed solely to psychology or mentality, and it may not be cured by the treatment of mental illness.Good internet addiction.

Perhaps converting Internet addiction to the local part of mental illness will bring considerable benefits to the mental hospital or the psychological clinic of the hospital, but that’s all.

The soft ribs of the “Internet Addiction Diagnosis and Treatment Standard” only look at Internet addiction from the physical and psychological dimensions, and just ignore the most important aspect of Internet addiction, the social dimension.

  In a sense, adding Internet addiction to the psychiatric site is actually a “demonization” of the Internet, and it is even a sign of another psychosocial disorder, the “Internet phobia.”

Since the majority of Internet addicts there are adolescents aged 13 to 17 who are online game addiction patients, here I take this group as an example to analyze the social dimensions of Internet addiction, and perhaps to treat Internet addiction.Not without help.

  According to statistics, there are currently about 40 million under-age Internet users in China, of which there are 4 million “Internet addiction teenagers”, accounting for about 10%.

In fact, there are very few people with Internet addiction in western countries. If it is only from a psychological and physical level, it is difficult to explain why there are so many people with Internet addiction in China, especially young people, and the proportion is so large.

In a certain country, “Internet addiction” is often regarded as the same thing as “drug addiction”. Naturally, many people are called “detoxification” in the same way to help young people quit Internet addiction, that is, using the “isolation method””, To keep them away from the Internet,” seeing nothing and keeping the mind out of the way “-this” firm wall and clear field “thinking is even reflected in some government regulations or policies, such as stipulating that Internet cafes cannot accommodate minors.

It must be said that this is a stupid way of “headache, foot pain and foot pain”, and the effect can be quite limited-because the cause of Internet addiction among teenagers is not the Internet itself, or even the InternetSeek from other places-the Internet is only a medium, and it can only show its various functions and effects, whether it is positive or okay, when it is integrated into a certain social and cultural context.

  In my opinion, the “Internet addiction” of adolescents is actually the product of the intersection of traditional Chinese culture and modern civilization, especially the Internet-in a sense, every Chinese person is a potential “Internet addict”Because traditional Chinese culture is inherently immune to the destructive side of the modern medium, the Internet.

Adolescents are more likely to become addicted than adults. In addition to their lack of judgment and self-control, it is more important that they do not encounter so many trivial issues in the adult world.

  China’s traditional culture values collectives rather than individuals, and even does not even have the concept of “individuals.” Naturally, it lacks the respect that people should have as individuals.

Thousands of years of feudal autocracy has shaped the nation’s severe slavery, and their deep sense of weakness and incompetence has captivated them, making it easy for them to gain some kind of psychology by controlling or abusing similar paths that are weaker than them.Compensation-Moreover, when a minion becomes a master, he is often more brutal than his original owner (this kind of cruelty can be a virtual violence in online games)-this is the most important socio-psychological basis of Internet addiction.

  Mr. Tao Hongkai, a visiting professor at Central China Normal University, who is famous for helping young people to quit internet addiction, said in a “deep breathing in mind” speech to more than 500 minors and their parents in Yinchuan:In people, the root is the unsuccessfulness of family education, the failure of exam-oriented education and the influence of bad social culture.

There is no panacea for quitting Internet addiction. It requires families, schools and society to take responsibility.

In fact, the reasons that Mr. Tao Hongkai said are mainly because our “adult-oriented” society affected by feudal dictatorship lacks due respect for human rights and does not regard them as “persons” with self-conscious individuals.”Looking at the cause-culture is quite inert and is the most difficult thing to change. The traditional” authoritarian cultural field “makes everything in it operate in the same direction of spin.

The Internet is diffuse, democratic, autonomous, and interactive. These characteristics of the Internet have made young people who face the oppression of the adult world in real life and lack autonomy find the feeling of being the master or controlling and manipulating others.So that the mental energy accumulated by them found a legitimate vent.

But slaves are still slaves after they belong to the master. If he cannot emerge from the dual structure of master / slave – the “master” of the virtual world of the network will eventually become the slave of the network.As an independent individual, he entered the network as a virtual “master”.

  In addition, the increase in population density resulting from the urbanization wave and the continuous increase in living space is another important cause of Internet addiction.

The increase in population density does not mean an increase in human-to-human communication. On the contrary, it means an increasingly brutal competition for survival and the loss of sincere relationships between people.

In modern urban society, man is lonely and lonely. Although he is a member of the crowd, it still does not help-he has become an atom.

This atomic existence makes people yearn for communication, whether it is a real or virtual substitute.

  A small reader of Ningxia’s “Huaxing Times” once wrote to the newspaper by e-mail-“I really want to thank the Internet!

Without the Internet, maybe more of us will fall into criminals or psychopaths.

Mom, I love you, and I can only tell you on the Internet, do you know?

I’m very lonely.

I long for the communication of the heart, when I am hurt, when I long for freedom . I don’t feel your love for me at all.

Did you know?

Sometimes I hate you.

I’m like a lifeless puppet, all my words and deeds can’t shrink the track you embed for me.

As a life, I bear the hope of the whole family, and this responsibility has crushed me.

It’s not hard to find out that the voice of this little reader has condensed almost all the causes of “Internet addiction”-contrary to what the “Internet addiction diagnosis and treatment standard” thinks, “Internet addiction” is notPsychosis, even the treatment and prevention of various types of mental illness, is actually a way of self-protection for those who are close to collapse to cope with or avoid the harm of reduced environment.

  Doctors have made clear the pathogenesis of a certain disease in order to prescribe the right medicine and better cure the body’s diseases.From the analysis of the mechanism of “Internet addiction”, we can trim it and try to quit the Internet addiction or avoid the destructiveness of the Internet with the “isolation method” of “not seeing the desire and disturbing the mind”.Is not a wise move-reality has also proven that this method has little effect.

The treatment of “Internet addiction” is a huge systematic project. Only by improving the social and cultural environment and eliminating the various social and cultural factors that produce “Internet addiction” can most people, including adolescents, be guided reasonably.Use the Internet and play a huge role in promoting social development.

Buzhong Yiqi Cake

Buzhong Yiqi Cake

[原料] 鸡蛋10个、党参、黄芪、红枣各20克、炙甘草6克、当归9克、白术9克、升麻5克、柴胡5克、陈皮9克、生姜15克、白糖600克, 2 grams of soda.

  [制作] 将党参、黄芪、当归、升麻、柴胡、陈皮、生姜、炙草、白术柴胡、红枣去灰渣、加工,烘干研成细末,鸡蛋打入盆内,用掸蛋Add the sugar, continue to simmer, add the egg syrup and the sugar, and add the flour, Chinese medicine powder, and the soda to simmer until they become one.

Place a layer of fine straw paper in the steamer, pour the egg syrup into a flat roll, steam for about ten minutes, take it out and turn it on a chopping board, and cut into 20 strips with a knife.

  [Usage]Serve with meals.

  [Function]Buzhong Yiqi is suitable for early menstruation caused by qi deficiency.

Is it really beneficial to concentrate on weekends?

Is it really beneficial to concentrate on weekends?

Nowadays, it ‘s usually not moving, it ‘s basically moving on weekends, and it ‘s a sore “weekend warrior” on Monday.

But whether such fitness habits are beneficial to the body has been questioned.

In fact, “weekend fighters” did not appear in recent years.

From the beginning of the last century to 1997, Harvard University tracked thousands of graduates.

The average age of these people by the mid-1980s was 66.

By studying their lifestyle, researchers have found that many of these people only exercise on weekends.

The final results of this study show that those who exercise regularly every day have the longest life expectancy.

  In this way, the best fitness method is to adhere to regular, regular exercise.

Fitness experts point out that weekend concentrated exercisers are mainly sitting in the office 5 days before the week, basically no exercise, the body has actually adapted to this state.

Suddenly picking up a lot of time on the weekend to concentrate on exercise, but instead break the already established physiological and physical balance, the consequences are worse than not exercising.

Therefore, a scientific and effective approach is to exercise 3 to 5 times a week.

Due to time constraints on weekends, fitness people usually ca n’t have plenty of time like weekends, but they can choose convenient items. After the meal, they can take appropriate exercises nearby, so that exercise can really improve their physical fitness and health.

  There are many ways to keep fit, such as sweeping the floor, going upstairs, playing Tai Chi, Health Qigong, walking, etc. Emerging ones such as gateball, fitness dance and so on.

As long as one of them is identified and persisted for a long time, it will yield results.

If blindness is applied, the quality of life will be greatly reduced.

Especially the elderly, the amount of exercise to participate in exercise must be moderate, but greed will lead to serious fatigue. Don’t learn this trick today, learn that trick tomorrow, it will cost a lot, but the effect will be small.

Health tips taught by old Chinese medicine

Health tips taught by old Chinese medicine

For 50 years, Professor Liu Bingquan, a 73-year-old from the Department of Acupuncture of Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, has clear eyes, delicate and shiny skin, quick movements, and is not a bit old-fashioned, and from Monday to Friday, Professor Liu is not in the acupuncture clinic every day.

This can not help but make people wonder what kind of “health regimen” he has?

  Drink a cup of hawthorn soup every day. Professor Liu is used to boiling water with 19 slices of hawthorn every day. About a large cup of water is used for tea, preferably after meals.

  ”Hawthorn can lower blood pressure and soften blood vessels. Since a few years ago, I have adhered to this lifestyle.

Liu Bingquan said.

  Eat a sweet potato every day, the crude fiber contained in it can be laxative. It is best to eat it after dinner. You will definitely have smooth stools when you get up in the morning.

  He has been climbing the mountain once a week, taking deep breaths, and stretching his limbs at will. He has been doing this for three years.

  Write a book every year.

When you are old, you need to use your brain frequently. Too much brain can prevent dementia and brain atrophy.

  Pay attention to moderate weight loss.

Walking or doing calisthenics for more than half an hour a day can consume a small amount of body, sleep after 3 hours of full meals, and wear thin underwear and panties during sleep to enhance physical consumption.

  Stroke prevention for strokes and strokes should be prevented from the age of 50. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that stroke is related to aging and liver disease, and liver and kidney disease. It also believes that a hundred years of life begins at the foot. As the saying goes, the tree must wither and the root wither.When a man dies, his feet first.

  ”It is better to be healthy and to soak your feet with warm water before going to bed than to take tonics,” said Liu Bingquan. Usually, you can step on your feet, step on the kidney channels such as Yongquan, Taixi, Hegu, Quchi, etc., and step on them once a day.Each time, one to two minutes per point, can nourish yin and tonify the kidney, and extinguish the liver.

  Frequent exercise of fingers and toe bones can help strengthen peripheral nerve circulation and increase blood flow to the heart, brain, and kidneys. The specific method is to squeeze 5 toenails with your thumb, pinch your left index finger with your right index finger and middle finger, orPinch with your left index finger and your left middle finger.

  There is another trick for Professor Liu to prevent stroke.

Wash your hands with a basin of cold water and then a basin of hot water.

Chinese medicine believes that the hand is the place where the Sanyin and Sanyin Meridians walk, and one cold and one hot is an opportunity. It has a reflex effect on the cerebral blood vessels and can prevent stroke.

  The “Yangmujing” is a 73-year-old man with a buttonhole. He looks particularly bright with no turbidity.

  Liu Bingquan’s “Yangmu Jing” means that you use your index finger, middle finger, and ring finger to gently buckle (cover light pressure) the eyeballs every two hours (especially during work). After you watch something up close for a few seconds each time, be sure to lookFar away, relax your eyes.

Usually eat more iron-rich foods, such as laver, spinach, black fungus, pay attention to zinc, eat more calcium-rich foods, supplement vitamin A, E, especially vitamin D-rich foods, such as fish liver, egg yolk.

“High blood pressure in the elderly can cause atherosclerosis. Boots involve sclerosis in the cochlea. Absorption of vitamin D can reduce blood pressure.

Liu Bingquan said.
  Bodybuilding Qiaozao “Suppurative Therapy” Suppurative therapy is an ancient Chinese therapy, a type of moxibustion, which can improve the body’s resistance.

  ”Acupuncture Shise Sutra” says “Every person who suffers from moxibustion can suffer from dysentery, and if he does not get sick, his disease will not heal.

According to Professor Liu, this moxibustion method is to insert Ai Zhi directly into the acupuncture point and ignite the treatment. After burning the skin, it blisters and purulent, leaving traces at the end.

At present, purulent therapy is often used for the treatment of hypertension, chronic stomach disease and physical weakness, especially to improve the elderly’s resistance.

DIY growth graph

DIY growth graph

The little baby boy only recognized breast milk and learned that Liang Liang was a full-term baby with a birth weight of 3.

2 kg, 49 cm in length.

Liang Liang replaced breast milk within 6 months after birth. After 6 months, her mother can only replace breast milk sooner or later because her mother went to work.

A total of only six months of this change, Xiao Liangliang, was suddenly unacceptable.

Therefore, except breast milk, he refused all other foods, and was extremely disgusted with milk.

In this way, the family was helpless and could only watch the bright little face become thinner.

At the age of one, Liangliang weighed only 7.

3 kg and only 70 cm tall.

A head is obviously not as good as a boy of his age.

Parents should make a growth curve for their children. So, what is the reason why Liangliang can’t keep up?

Generally assessing whether a child’s physical development is normal should be analyzed from the following aspects: First, take Liang Liangliang’s measured body length and weight at this time and the corresponding 0?
Compared with the 18-year-old boy’s physical development reference value, Liangliang’s height and weight are both in the third percentile. In other words, if 100 normal boys of the same age as Liangliang are lined up from short to high,, Liangliang just happened to be in the third position.

Generally, it is considered that the height is lower than the same age, and the third percentile of the child of the same sex is short.

Specifically to Liang Liang, his current height and weight are at a low level in the normal range.

Second, when assessing a child’s physical development, it is more important to understand the child’s growth rate.

The growth rate is the result of a preliminary observation, so that the height and weight of an individual can be measured regularly and continuously using the graph of pediatric growth and development, and the measurement results should be recorded on the graph in time.You will get the growth curve of an individual.

The end result of this observation is to reflect individual differences, showing the growth trajectory of different individuals.

Unfortunately, Liangliang’s mother failed to provide data in this regard.

In this way, when evaluating Liangliang’s physical development, the part of the growth rate is included.

Third, children’s growth and development are affected by many factors, such as nutrition, genetics, disease, and emotion.

Inadequate nutrition supply before or after birth affects children’s growth and development.

Infanthood is the first growth and development peak in life. If the diet is monotonous, the nutrition is unbalanced or the nutritional supply is insufficient, it will lead to slow growth and short stature, and the losses caused at this stage cannot be compensated later.
When Liang Liang grew to six months, she only ate breast milk, and her nutrition was obviously unable to keep up.

In addition, attention should be paid to the influence of genetics on height, accurate measurement of parents’ height, and calculation of genetic target height.

Expert tips: Drink 500ml of milk daily for the situation of Liangliang. Experts recommend that there is no special treatment for the time being. Regularly monitor growth and development indicators to understand the growth trend; let Liangliang drink 500ml of milk every day and provide children with a balanced diet;Ensuring adequate sleep; creating a happy, happy, relaxed, living and learning environment for children, talking about short topics in the absence of children; allowing children to actively participate in sports, such as swimming, playing basketball, cycling and other sports; Usually also communicate more with the child, encourage more, so that he can arouse the love from parents.

The 7-year-old boy Liangliang has been in the first grade of elementary school. He is only 113 centimeters tall and weighs only 17 kilograms. It is always easier and smaller than a boy of the same age, and his parents are very worried.

Four kinds of porridge to nourish the blood of the five internal organs

Four kinds of porridge to nourish the blood of the five internal organs

Guide: Four kinds of porridges that nourish the five internal organs and benefit the blood, healthy eating habits can escort us to have a healthy body, and the correct diet concept also adds healthy elements to us.

Developing a healthy diet in your daily routine is the key to a healthy body.

  How should patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases pay attention to diet and nutrition in life?

Huang Bin, deputy director of the Department of Cardiology, Henan Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, recommends several porridges with softening blood vessels.

In the Qing Dynasty Cao Tingdong’s “Establishment for Health Preservation”, there was a “congee theory”, “Congee can benefit people, especially in old age.

“The ancients concluded that porridge has three major shortcomings, one is delicious and delicious, the young and the young should be salty; the second is tonic but not tired, nourishing the stomach and the middle: the third is to nourish the five internal organs, and to promote blood circulation.

  Walnut Peanut Porridge Pour corn, walnut kernels, and peanuts together with water, and simmer into a porridge.

  Peanuts are rich in phosphorus and a large amount of linoleic acid. Phosphorus can nourish brain nerves. Linoleic acid can cause arterialization. Peanuts have beneficial amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids in the heart, which can reduce the risk of heart disease. Corn metabolizes unsaturated fatty acidsIn particular, the content of linoleic acid is as high as 60% or more, which helps the body’s normal metabolism of mild and high blood pressure, and can reduce the deposition in blood vessels, thereby softening arterial blood vessels.

  This porridge is completely delicious and has a significant softening effect on blood vessels.

  Lotus root fungus porridge, lotus root peeled and cut into small pieces, black fungus shredded, winter melon amount, add rice if porridge is cooked, and boil porridge with clear water; if you make soup, add plain water and cook, and finally add some salt to tastecan.
Lotus root has a lipid-lowering effect, black fungus can soften blood vessels, and melon diuretic and blood pressure.

  Rice polenta, corn grits, rice in half.

First mix the corn mash with water and mix until the rice is 50% to 60%.

  This porridge has the effect of nourishing the lungs and replenishing the heart, adjusting the appetite, and softening the blood vessels.

Patients with cardiovascular disease such as arteriosclerosis, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease.

  Peel several pieces of garlic and purple skin garlic, boil the garlic skin in water for about 1 minute and remove it. Then put the rice in the garlic skin water to cook the gruel, and then put the garlic in the same way as the porridge.

It has functions of softening blood vessels, lowering blood pressure, and lowering blood lipids.