Do not wet people back to Nantian to eat body moisture

Do not “wet people” back to Nantian to eat body moisture

Wet days, commonly known as “back to the South”, generally appear in the spring and February.
When the phenomenon of “returning to the south” occurs, the weather is cloudy, misty, cold, hot, wind speed, dust, humidity, and particularly easy to breed bacteria.Eczema, etc.
In addition, in this day of the South, the human body is also prone to bone steaming hot flashes, lack of body fatigue and abdominal stagnation, loose stools and so on.
In short, wet days not only have adverse effects on furniture and appliances, but also affect human health.
Here, we recommend the following diets to help you get rid of the “moisture” in your body and not to “wet people.”
銆€銆€Back to Nantian’s diet recipes: spleen and dampness Shugan Jieyu 鑺?鏉?鏉?round turtle soup 鑺?鏉?鏉?round turtle soup smell medicinal aroma, with nourishing yin and heat, spleen and kidney effect.
It is suitable for kidney yin deficiency, yin deficiency and fire, and symptoms of steaming hot flashes; or spleen deficiency and wetness, wet turbidity and internal cessation of eczema and sore; or spleen and kidney deficiency.
銆€銆€[Materials]1-2 turtles (about 500 grams), 150 grams of earthworms, 60 grams of medlar, 30 grams of medlar, 60 grams of round meat, 2 slices of ginger.
銆€銆€This product not only nourishes the spleen and kidney, but also spleen and kidney diarrhea. It is the ideal spring soup for nourishing yin and clearing the source.
In the soup turtle, it is best to choose the money turtle, if the price is too expensive, the tortoise can also be used.
Its nature is flat, sweet, salty, functional yin and yang, kidney and nourishing blood.
“Materia Medica’s Supplementary Supplement” said that “the next one is yin and the main yin is insufficient.”
“Materia Medica Tong Xuan” said “Plate salt, kidney medicine is also a great hydration fire.”
“Daily Materia Medica” said that the turtle meat can “big yin deficiency”; the soil is flat, sweet and light, has the effect of clearing heat and dampness, detoxification; sturdy, flat, sweet, sputum, functional solid kidney sputum,Replenishing spleen and diarrhea; scorpion-like flat sweet, effective tonic liver and kidney; round meaty warm and sweet, functional tonic heart spleen; ginger stomach, in addition to phlegm.
It is a combination of soup, nourishing liver and kidney, clearing away heat and detoxifying, and nourishing the heart and spleen. It plays a total of clearing away heat, detoxifying and dampness without hurting the yin, nourishing yin and nourishing the liquid without leaving evil.
銆€銆€[cooking]first put the tortoise into the basin, puddle with hot water, wash it with boiling water, cut off the internal organs, head and claws; wash the soil, tamping, medlar, round meat, etc.Soak; then put into the corrugated, add 1200 ml of water (about 12 bowls of water), after the fire is boiled, simmer for more than 3 hours, transfer salt and oil.
This amount can be used by 2-3 people.
銆€銆€Shenqi porridge 銆怣aterial銆?15 grams of astragalus, 15 grams of Codonopsis, 60 grams of fried glutinous rice, 15 grams of fried lentils, 2 red dates, 100 grams of rice.
銆€銆€Astragalus and Codonopsis have the effect of strengthening the spleen and replenishing qi. The glutinous rice and lentils can be damp, and can be made into a porridge that can nourish the stomach. It can replenish the vital energy, strengthen the spleen and dampness, and alleviate the discomfort caused by wetness.
銆€銆€[cooking]First, stir the glutinous rice and lentils until slightly yellow, and red dates to the nucleus. Wash the scutellaria and codonopsis with water and put them in a casserole. Add water and decoction.
After the medicinal juice is simmered, remove the dregs, put the fried glutinous rice, fried lentils, red jujube meat, and rice into the medicinal juice and boil them, then boil them into porridge with a simmer.
銆€銆€Red bean, winter melon and raw fish soup 銆怣aterial銆?One raw fish, slaughtered, 500 grams of melon (with skin), 60 grams of red beans, 5 onions, soup, no salt.
銆€銆€Invigorate the spleen, diuresis, and reduce swelling. Its role is to replenish the spleen without leaving evil, and benefit the water without hurting the righteousness.
銆€銆€Back to Nantian Health: It is very important to spleen and dampness. Eat ginger in moderation. Do not eat too much cold fruit. “It is very important to return to Nantian.
Experts stressed that in terms of diet, do not overeat cold and melon seeds, should be light and easy to digest, avoid fat and greasy and overeating.
The amount of lotus seeds, glutinous rice, red beans, white lentils, corn, rice, melon and other spleen and dampness products can be used.
Appropriate consumption of ginger can be both damp and warm, which is what Chinese medicine calls “spring and summer Yangyang”.
In terms of health care, you can massage the acupuncture points of the spleen and stomach, such as Zusanli, Zhongmu, Jianli, Shangjuxu, Xiajuxu, Fenglong, Yinlingquan.
銆€銆€鐑甫姘存灉灏戝悆锛岀婀跨帀绫冲父椋熴€€銆€鎵€璋撯€滄箍閭箣鐗┾€濇寚鐨勬槸璇ラ鐗╁悆杩涜倸瀛愪箣鍚庯紝浜轰細浜х敓鈥滃唴婀库€濓紝鍑虹幇澶氱涓嶉€傜棁鐘讹紝濡傝儉鐥涘彛鑻︺€侀娆插樊锛岃偄浣揌eavy and so on.
Many tropical-specific fruits such as jackfruit, durian, and mango are all moisturizing substances.
Back to the south, the humidity is heavy, and everyone should not eat more, especially when it is obvious that the environmental moisture is not suitable.
Lin Yanxi said that seafood such as shrimps and crabs also promotes moisture. If you want to solve it, you should use it instead of squid or squid.
銆€銆€鍥炲崡澶╁紩鍙戠殑鍋ュ悍闂鍙婇闃叉柟娉曘€€銆€1銆佸懠鍚搁亾锛氭劅鍐掋€佽繃鏁忛珮鍙戙€€銆€鈥滃洖鍗楀ぉ鈥濋噷鍐锋殩姘斿洟銆佷笢瑗挎皵娴佷氦鏇块绻侊紝澶╂皵鐗圭偣涓烘椂鑰屽啲鍐峰瀷锛屾椂鑰屽鐑瀷;蹇借€屽共鐕ワ紝蹇借€岄槾婀?The air pressure is also high and low, and it is very unstable.
For the changes in the warm and cold, dry and wet, cloudy and high pressure of the early spring wind, the physiological functions of the human body are often not adjusted, often leading to respiratory diseases.
銆€銆€濡備綍棰勯槻锛氬姞寮洪敾鐐硷紝澧炲己浣撹川銆€銆€鏃╂槬涓ラ槻鈥滈鐥呪€濊吹鍦ㄩ敾鐐硷紝搴旀牴鎹嚜韬綋璐紝閫夋嫨閫傚疁鐨勯敾鐐奸」鐩紝濡傛暎姝ャ€佹參璺戙€佸仛鎿嶃€佹斁椋庣瓭銆佹墦鐞冪瓑锛屾垨鍒拌繎閮娿€侀鏅尯鍘籗pring tour.
This can make blood and blood smooth, stagnation and evacuation, improve heart and lung function, enhance physical fitness and reduce the incidence of disease.
銆€銆€For allergies, many old patients know to take anti-allergic drugs and stay away from allergens.
Allergic diseases are mainly caused by dysfunction of the lungs and spleen, which is caused by the invasion of external evils. Prevention should start from the source.銆€銆€2, bone joints: the elderly anti-rheumatic people who have long-term arthritis, especially the elderly, the “back to the South” is more effective than the weather, 90% of arthritis patients are sensitive to climate change, the humidity in the air rises, willCauses joint swelling, increased pain, and induces or aggravates its own joint disease.

銆€銆€How to prevent: Changshuo decoction is first of all to pay attention to moisture prevention. If the living or working environment is relatively short, pay attention to prevent moisture. For example, keep doors and windows in dense fog; secondly, keep warm; third isUsing dietary conditioning, you can add some herbs, such as glutinous rice, kapok, yunnan, yam, lentils, lotus seeds, and atractylodes.

銆€銆€3, the nervous system: acute weather is prone to depression from March to April is the “spring depression” high incidence period.

Spring depression is an affective disorder. The secretion of the human body is disordered, and the slenderness leads to a low mood, which affects normal work and life.

The weather is cold and hot, and it is easy to affect people’s psychological and emotional changes. The specific performance is that sleep is not good, the self-control ability is easy to lose temper, and silence is enhanced.

Women, idlers, and people who work indoors all the year are more likely to suffer from depression in the spring.

銆€銆€Prevention: Appropriately increase the absorption of sugar to deal with spring depression to strengthen sunshine and light.

When there is no sunlight on a rainy day or morning, try to turn on the lighting in your home or office to make the interior bright.

People perform activities under well-lit conditions, mobilize emotions, enhance excitability, and reduce or eliminate depression.

銆€銆€In fact, people can appropriately increase sugar substitution to increase blood sugar levels, increase vitality, and reduce depression, except for diabetic patients.

In addition, you can take a combination of vitamin B, oryzanol, etc. to regulate mental mood.

In the spare time, you can mobilize your mood and relieve depression by taking a walk in the air, walking in a spacious place, running, practicing Tai Chi, jumping fitness dance, etc.

銆€銆€4, cardiovascular: harm to the health of the elderly back to the south, the weather is hot and cold, the temperature difference between day and night is large, the blood vessels contract strongly, causing blood pressure to change drastically, adversely affecting the heart; long-term immunity declines, abnormally active virus in wet weatherMicroorganisms such as germs can easily take advantage of it, causing various diseases and ultimately affecting the normal work of the heart.

In addition, since the outdoor activities in the spring are significantly increased compared with the winter, the tolerance of the blood vessels to the load from the stationary phase to the active phase is not suitable for a while, and the onset of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases is induced.

銆€銆€How to prevent: Seven elderly people who need to pay attention to cardiovascular disease should pay attention to the following points: First, pay attention to control blood pressure.

Fluctuations in blood pressure are a sign that the disease is more likely to catch.

銆€銆€Second, we must prove that it is cold and warm.

Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, especially the elderly, should not take off their winter clothes too early to prevent temperature fluctuations from causing blood pressure fluctuations and cold catches.

銆€銆€Third, we must rationally adjust the diet.

銆€銆€Fourth, we must avoid mood swings and maintain a peace of mind.

Keep internal organs and metabolism at their best.

銆€銆€Fifth, moderate activities should be carried out to ensure sleep.

Chinese medicine believes that the spring main rises, the main tendons of the liver, and insists on exercise, it can relax the muscles and promote health.

銆€銆€Six must be properly and moderately used.

The metabolic function of the elderly is diminished and the tolerance to the drug is reduced, so the drug must be used under the guidance of a physician.

銆€銆€Seven should seek medical treatment in time.

When the elderly are uncomfortable, they must see the doctor early so as not to delay the illness.

銆€銆€5, skin: women should prevent vaginitis spring is the gynecological disease of the multiple seasons, cervical diseases, vaginitis, pelvic inflammatory disease and other gynecological diseases are easy to occur in the spring.

Uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts are also more likely to find women in this season.

Among these diseases, vaginitis is the most common.

銆€銆€How to prevent: Avoid overworked life to maintain regularity, avoid overwork; avoid tight pants with poor penetrating performance, jeans, wear loose and breathable pants; try not to wear paper underwear; do not wash the vagina repeatedly.

If you find that your vaginal secretions increase, vaginal discharge is abnormal, genital healing itching, odor, please seek medical advice.

銆€銆€6, liver: eating spoiled food is prone to liver cancer back to the South, when the food is prone to mildew and deterioration.

Inadvertent consumption of spoiled food, causing great harm to the human body.

In a hot and humid climate, peanuts, corn, etc. are susceptible to mildew and aflatoxin. It has been confirmed that aflatoxin promotes the conversion of hepatitis into liver cancer.

銆€銆€How to prevent: Eat birds and game in the spring, patients with liver disease, especially small Sanyang patients should pay special attention to eating birds and game.

In the spring season when the liver disease is high, don’t make a shape, otherwise the liver fire will eat more and more, that is, the “gold deficiency” is said: “Spring does not eat liver, summer does not eat heart, autumn does not eat lung,Winter does not eat kidney.”

In short, master a principle in the spring diet, should be light, moist, nourishing Yin, cautious warming, eat more beans, diuretic, dampness.

Make some food misunderstandings


Make some food misunderstandings

I don’t know when it started, people have a modeled view of nutrition in food.

Mentioning certain nutrients will definitely make people think of certain foods. When it comes to certain foods, people often think of ingredients related to certain nutrition.

銆€銆€For example, when it comes to vitamin C, people will immediately think of lemons and oranges; when it comes to potassium, some people will think of bananas immediately; when it comes to carotene, some people will definitely think of carrots; when it comes to spinach, they will immediately think of it.Oxalic acid; when it comes to celery, it will immediately think of lowering blood pressure. In fact, the health effects of food cannot be modeled like this.

銆€銆€The nutritional truth of many foods will make us repeat!

Do not believe?

Take a look at the following examples of the nutritional value of food: – Who is the potassium contained in the food-containing potassium champion, about 50% more than bananas.

In fact, all potatoes are an excellent source of potassium.

Just replace a bowl of rice with the same starch content of potatoes, and replace the potassium by 10 times!

People with tight urine output, such as diabetics, kidney stones, gout patients, hypertensive patients, etc., as well as those who eat too salty, can easily lose too much potassium. It is a good idea to eat potato instead of staple food.

銆€銆€In fact, among the green leafy vegetables, the potassium content exceeds that of bananas, such as spinach, kale, lettuce leaves, spinach, leeks, and purple-backed sunflower.

Since the Chinese can eat a wide variety of green leafy vegetables, why bother to resort to bananas like Westerners who do not like green vegetables?

銆€銆€- A really good source of magnesium Magnesium is important for strong bones and blood pressure control. It is also known as “anti-stress nutrients.”

But when it comes to magnesium, people usually think of bananas.

In fact, it is nothing more than a magnesium champion in the fruit.

Almost all dark green leafy vegetables are a good source of magnesium and can reach or exceed levels in bananas.

The reason is simple: every chlorophyll molecule contains a magnesium ion, so the greener the color, the more magnesium it contains.

銆€銆€Another best source of magnesium is nuts and seeds. For example, eating 50 grams of watermelon is equivalent to eating 200 grams of green leafy vegetables.

However, the transition of green leafy vegetables is only supplemented by bananas, about one-twentieth of nuts.

Therefore, if you are afraid of being fat, it is best to eat green leafy vegetables supplemented with potassium and magnesium.

銆€銆€- Do not eat vegetables and fruits can also add vitamins Generally, tomatoes are considered to be excellent experts in vitamin C in vegetables. In fact, potatoes contain more vitamin C than tomatoes!

Not only potato, sweet potato, taro, yam and other potato foods are rich in vitamin C.

The vitamin C contained in various green leafy vegetables is basically more than tomato.

銆€銆€Green pepper is indeed the vitamin C champion in vegetables, but its acidity is reduced, and the loss of vitamin C in casting is relatively large.

Although the vitamin C content of potatoes is only supplemented by green peppers, the loss of vitamin C in the cooking process is small due to the strong protective effect of starch on vitamin C.

Therefore, if you use potatoes as a staple food, even if you no longer eat other vegetables and fruits, vitamin C can meet the needs of the human body.

In the past, northerners could not eat vegetables in winter, but many people did not lack vitamin C because they often used potatoes and sweet potatoes as staple foods.

銆€銆€- Summary To understand the nutritional value of food, don’t just remember a few so-called “representatives”. In fact, the nutritional value of many foods is not worse than them, but the popularity is only a little bit.

Therefore, a healthy diet does not have to be constrained to a certain food, the most important thing is a reasonable mix of all kinds of food.

A food you don’t like, you can use other foods instead.

– Is this going to be easier and happier?

Noise pollution


Noise pollution

Human beings live in a variety of voices. It is impossible to make the surrounding environment absolutely silent. But if the sound is too loud or too noisy, it will cause damage and become something that people don’t need – noise.

銆€銆€Noise is not the sound inherent in nature. It is mainly produced by human activities and living activities.

The source can be roughly divided into two aspects: one is aerodynamic noise, which is the noise caused by the operation of aerodynamic equipment such as a turbine engine; the other is mechanical noise, which occurs when the machine is machined by punching, gear rolling, etc.The noise caused by vibration; the third is the noise generated by the vibration of the iron core caused by the expansion and contraction of the magnetic generator.

The strength of the noise, in decibels as the unit of calculation: 0?
20 decibels are very quiet; 20?
40 decibels are quieter, 40?
60 decibels for general sound, 60?
80 decibels feel noisy; 80?
100 decibels are very noisy; more than 100 decibels are unbearable.

In accordance with international standards, in the downtown area, underground noise should not exceed 55 decibels during the day; 45 decibels at night; general residential areas, no more than 45 decibels during the day and 35 decibels at night.

銆€銆€People may be exposed to noise and may have adverse effects on the body. The main performances are as follows: First, the damage of the sound to the auditory organs: The United States has compared the hearing of tribal residents who have changed the noise interference with the hearing of the town residents.It is found that the hearing of the tribal elderly who are already eighty years old is stronger than that of the 30-year-old urban residents.

This shows that long-term tension and excessive noise stimulation will cause hearing loss, causing the degeneration of the inner ear, which is called noise deafness.

It is generally believed that if a certain type of noise causes a hearing loss of more than 30 decibels, it is dangerous. It is a precursor to pathological changes. Therefore, protective measures should be taken for such noise.

At present, the hearing protection standard of most countries is set at 90 decibels (A). It has been proved that after 40 years of working under this noise standard, the incidence of noise deafness is still around 20%, so the hearing protection standard is increasing.
When people are suddenly exposed to extremely intense noise (such as blasting, shooting, etc.), because of the high sound pressure, often accompanied by shock waves, can cause acute hearing damage, called shock deafness (acoustic trauma).

At this point, the tympanic membrane can be ruptured, bleeding, and both ears are completely inaudible.

銆€銆€In addition to damaging hearing, noise also affects other systems.

The nervous system manifests as a neurasthenic syndrome with headache and sleep disorders, with changes in EEG (alpha rhythm changes, low amplitude, decreased index), autonomic dysfunction, etc.; cardiovascular system is unstable (most increases)), heart rate is accelerated, ECG changes (sinus arrhythmia, graded changes); gastric system secretion decreases, peristalsis slows, appetite decreases; endocrine system manifests as hyperthyroidism, adrenal function, sexual functionDisruption, menstrual disorders, etc.

銆€銆€Second, the impact of noise on sleep: Some people use brain waves as indicators to test the noise interference to sleep, found in 40?
Under the noise of 45 decibels, the brainwaves of sleepers have an awakening reaction.

Explain that strong noise can affect people’s rest and sleep.

銆€銆€In people’s personality, if the noise level is close to the personality, it will interfere with people’s normal personality.

If the noise reaches 90 decibels, it is too loud to scream.

銆€銆€Third, the impact of noise on work: As early as 1932, the impact of noise on the labor efficiency of women workers in textile factories was investigated. It was found that the protection was 1% higher than that of unprotected workers.

Usually the noise is 80 decibels, which reduces the worker’s efficiency.

The reason is that people are irritated and easily tired under the noise interference, causing it to be difficult to concentrate and slow to respond.

銆€銆€In summary, noise must be prevented and controlled, otherwise it will have a great impact on people’s health.

銆€銆€First, control and eliminate noise sources.

The key to solving urban traffic noise pollution is to control the noise of motor vehicles such as cars, motorcycles and tractors.

Taking traffic noise in Beijing as an example, traffic noise is reduced by 5 due to regulations prohibiting cars from honking in non-emergency situations.
10 decibels.

To limit the use of tweeters, it is not allowed to start some machines that are particularly noisy and not easily attenuated at night.

銆€銆€In fact, noise control must be legislated.

In order to protect the environment, national or local authorities have enacted laws and regulations on the control of noise pollution, such as laws, regulations, standards, and orders. Such legislation is mandatory and requires noise pollution to be taken.

In the “Environmental Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China” (Trial) published in 1979, it is pointed out that it is necessary to strengthen the management of urban industrial noise, various noise-producing mechanical equipment, motor vehicles, aircraft, etc., and install noise-cancellation equipment.

Also, it should be speculated to control the propagation of noise.

銆€銆€In the process of noise propagation, measures to attenuate its intensity are mainly distance control, barrier setting, and terrain utilization.

Distance control is to increase the distance between the noise source and the receiver to reduce the degree of noise interference to the recipient.
For example, green belts in residential areas can partially block urban traffic noise from entering residential areas.

Experiments have shown that after 30 millimeters thick bushes, the sound is reduced by 7 decibels by 80 decibels.

In addition, lawns and vegetable gardens also have the effect of reducing noise.

Therefore, urban greening is very important.

When designing and planning residential areas, it is necessary to consider effective measures to prevent noise, such as keeping residential areas away from high-noise factories and continuous traffic streets to prevent factory noise or traffic noise from replacing residential areas.

銆€銆€Finally, it is necessary to strengthen personal protection.

If ear protectors are used, earplugs, soundproof cotton, earmuffs, helmets, etc. are commonly used.
The earplug is an ear protector that is inserted into the external auditory canal and is made of soft rubber or soft plastic.

Its sound insulation, offset is 10?
20 decibels, IF 20?
30 decibels, high frequency 30?
40 decibels.

The so-called soundproof cotton is made with a diameter of 1?
3 micron ultra-fine glass fiber, chemically softened, soft, comfortable and painless, with a high molecular weight of 20?
40 decibels.

The so-called earmuffs are ear protectors that close the entire ear. The high-frequency sound insulation can reach 15?
30 decibels.

Do a plump woman need to add estrogen


Do a plump woman need to add estrogen

Estrogen is very important for women, it is an important factor in maintaining the second characteristic of women.

Estrogen can make a woman plump and sexy, and the skin looks soft and delicate.

However, with the gradual growth of aging, the amount of estrogen secreted is also reduced, and the skin loses its former luster and elasticity.

If you want to delay aging, then supplementing estrogen will become a daily consideration.

銆€銆€Every day, a cup of thick soy milk experts recommend that women should pay special attention to the supplement of soy foods from the time of youth. After entering the age of 25, a cup of thick soy milk or a piece of tofu should be guaranteed every day, because the supplement of soy to estrogen is impossible.Reflected, so the supplement of soybeans should start early.

銆€銆€Pay attention to foods that delay skin aging: high-protein foods such as lean meat, eggs, fish, milk, and soy products.

Protein is one of the essential nutrients of the human body. It is often eaten to promote the fullness and elasticity of the subcutaneous muscles.

銆€銆€Vitamin E foods: such as vegetable oil, sesame oil, wheat germ oil, peanut oil, lettuce leaves; in addition, such as cream, cod liver oil can also be used, vitamin E in such foods can prevent subcutaneous oxidation, enhance the vitality of tissue cells, canMakes the skin smooth and elastic.

銆€銆€Foods rich in vitamins and minerals: such as radish, tomatoes, Chinese cabbage, celery and other vegetables and apples, citrus, watermelon, jujube and so on.

The vitamins and minerals in these foods enhance the skin’s elasticity, softness and color, and have a good effect on preventing dry and rough skin.

White fungus is also a good skin care product, you can usually add rock sugar stew to eat, or add red dates soup to drink.

With more than 10 pieces of longan meat, add tea to drink, the effect is not bad.

銆€銆€Homemade drinks supplement estrogen When the early symptoms of menopause appear, use Angelica Jianshui, about 10 grams per day, when tea supplements, can significantly change the symptoms caused by estrogen reduction.

In addition, the use of hawthorn, dandelion and ginger to make tea, when they enter the age of 35, began to overlap, as a daily must-drink tea, step by step, can naturally supplement the progressive estrogen.

銆€銆€Taking or applying fresh royal jelly to an earlier woman should take about 10 grams of royal jelly per day to supplement estrogen.

Because royal jelly has the function of retaining water, it does not affect the daily addition of soy-sized royal jelly in simple skin care products, smeared on the face, supplemented with estrogen, and also caused the role of rejuvenation.

Health is not equal to eating meat, please post it in the autumn!


Fall health, try these foods

Health is not equal to eating meat, please post it in the autumn!
Fall health, try these foods

(Dahe Daily, Dahe client reporter Niu Jie) Autumn has arrived, many people began to “post autumn”, eating meat became the most common choice.

Conducted, experts said that “posting autumn” is not equal to eating meat, nor is it all suitable for “autumn autumn”, autumn health should master skills.

In addition, the reporter also collected a few suitable foods for the autumn tonic, recommended for you.

In the autumn tonic, the selection of meat should be combined with the physique “into the autumn three points, the tonic is at the time”, the human body energy consumption in summer, according to the Chinese medicine, after the summer, the body is easy to lose money, therefore, it is recommended that people tonic through the “post autumn”.
Maximize the summer’s deficit, avoid, cold winter, energy consumption, autumn tonic, and lay the foundation for winter energy consumption.

In life, people often make up for it by eating meat.

In fact, different meats have different functions. They should be adapted to their own situation and appropriately and scientifically.

Pork, protein and fatty acids, but eating too much can cause obesity, elevated blood lipids and other symptoms, patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should be carefully selected.

Beef, the adult content is lower than pork.

But people who are angry should eat less beef.

And beef is not very good to digest, people with bad stomach should not eat more beef.

Mutton, warm, most tonic, but the mood is easy to irritate, high blood pressure, dry mouth, sore throat, disease and other symptoms of heat should not be eaten.

Chicken meat, protein content is three times that of pork, can enhance digestion, increase the appetite of some people, but it is easy to increase the burden of high blood pressure.

“Putting autumn” is not the same as eating meat.

In fact, this is a misunderstanding.

Any health care should be combined with your own nutritional status and eat healthy.

In the past, people often mentioned the “post-autumn”, a large part of the reason was that the material conditions at that time were boring, and people lacked “oil and water”.

Nowadays, people’s living standards have improved, but there have been too many symptoms such as excessive oil and fat, high blood pressure, diabetes, blood lipid consistency and other rich diseases. Therefore, modern people do not have to be too deliberate.

Moreover, if you eat too much meat, it will easily affect the body.

For example, it is easy to cause gastrointestinal burden, is not conducive to digestion, causing gastrointestinal diseases; high-fat diet can induce the occurrence of acute pancreatitis; for people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, eating high-oil and high-fat foods, will giveCardio-cerebral blood vessels bring a burden and even lead to more serious consequences.

Moreover, the autumn is dry, excessive consumption of meat, easy to increase the fire, causing dry mouth, sore throat, alternating lily, yam, red dates, lotus seeds, etc. have spleen, nourishing stomach, moistening dry and other foods to make up.

Fall health, try these foods for fall health, and some food recommendations?

green vegetables.

Such as spinach, kale, lettuce, etc., can be supplemented with vitamin A, folic acid, beneficial to the eyes, skin and respiratory tract.


Autumn is the peak season for potato production. Eat some yam, sweet potato, taro, potato, etc., and have great potential.

The potato food is a coarse grain, and the B vitamins, potassium, magnesium and other minerals are also rich in content, and it is rich in substituted fibers, which can promote resonance creep.


Autumn is easy to feel tired.

It is rich in vitamins and iron and potassium, which can improve the lack of autumn, strengthen the body and resist the virus.

In addition, the weather becomes cold after the fall, it is easy to cause cough and headache, and eating lotus root can effectively prevent cough.

If the symptoms are serious, you can drink it with lotus root juice.

Red dates.

Red dates are an excellent choice for autumn tonic.

It is not only nutritious, but also has a very good effect of tonifying qi and nourishing blood. It cuts red dates into pieces and makes them more easily absorbed.

sesame.Calcium loss in autumn is relatively fast, the body needs to be replenished in time. Compared with milk and eggs, the calcium content of black sesame is much higher than that. The calcium content of black sesame is 4 times that of milk and 6 times that of eggs.


The best fiber is the best gastrointestinal “cleaner”.

It can promote kidney motility, and discharge harmful substances accumulated in the body to avoid constipation.

In addition, eating one or two pears a day can alleviate dryness.

Pears contain sugar and a variety of vitamins that protect the liver.

(Edited by Ji Xiaoping)