Dance Yoga gives me deep beauty


Dance Yoga gives me deep beauty

The moment I met the Golden Ball Dance Yoga, I found a direction for the dream in my heart.

Before I did n’t know what beauty was, I just knew that I was busy in this troublesome world.

  In order to live, I struggled with loss one time at a time, moved my mind and trivia into the deep armor, and traveled in this unaccompanied city, striving for survival; how much hard work, how much shame, the pressure of life, the pain of workUnsatisfactory always entangles us, but always think of the moment, give your heart a holiday, let your dream set sail through your inner wings, and chase the dream that you didn’t catch when you were chasing the girl.

  Maybe some people say that women are born to love dreaming, maybe they really long for the expectations and gains of beauty, and have always dreamed of turning their appreciation and pursuit of beauty into a part of life, and we are always busy taking care ofIn my heart, I watched the time hurry away day by day, leaving me with an old day by day. I only found myself in front of the occasional fitting of the mirror and gradually began to lose touch with beauty: temperament, mentality, coy looks, everythingIt all became so clear.

Who wants to see the youth who is absent?

Then I started to practice dressing gradually, but I couldn’t get back the memories .

  In a casual chat in the office, I knew that Golden Ball Dance Yoga can change his temperament and relax his mind. Then he looked at the spirited colleagues who practiced around him, so he walked into Jin Zhu’s dream and sawIt is the charming charm of graceful dance, graceful music, and light feeling. At that moment, it seems that the soul is husking, so it is understood that what is needed to communicate with nature is an inner peace.

In the process of learning dance yoga, the coach’s patient guidance, the sisters ‘enthusiastic introduction, and the practitioners’ sincerity and seriousness shocked me greatly.

So, from that moment, I decided to give myself a beautiful opportunity, and silently told myself in my heart: I don’t want to be a woman who has no chance in life.

Now when the light and beautiful music sounds, I walked into the crystal clear water of the Ganges, washed away the plumpness deep in my soul, and stepped into a dreamlike situation.

Maybe the real yoga is here, dance yoga brings me into a beautiful new place!

11 Psychologies That Cannot Be Intimate with Him

11 Psychologies That Cannot Be Intimate with Him

1. Tragic typical people are eager for their partners and crazy about love, but they have thousands of knots in their mentality, and they are desperate in their minds.

They are always paranoid to create tragedy plots, which is an emotional self-abuse.

  2. People who love freedom feel that once they feel stable, they will not be free, and they will die if they are not free, so they are more or less afraid of intimacy.

  3. People like fraternity are a little thick-lined, and their minds are not delicate enough. They always think that each opposite sex can be friends, but they cannot communicate with each other deeply and cannot appreciate the delicate “love”.

  4. Voluntary victims are psychologically fragile, and women are more common.

At each step of their intimacy, they inserted self-sacrifice, and also destroyed valuable intimacy due to further self-sacrifice.

  5. A person with a high level of professionalism often does not necessarily really want to be intimate or does not need to pay more.

  6. Over-attachment This kind of person always depends on the other person, sticks to the other person, and presses the other person out of breath, making the love life that should be full of fun become dull and monotonous.

  7. I am afraid that the typical person who pays for love has a pure view of love. I hope my love is perfect, so I am afraid of being deceived.

How to get cheated correctly?

It depends on whether the other party is willing to pay for itself first.

This mentality easily develops a phenomenon of being overly picky and amplifying each other’s shortcomings.

  8. Feeling of inferiority is strong. When facing any partner who thinks it is worthy, it doesn’t fit inside. The more you face the person you like, the more self-defeating and timid.

They will lower themselves for no reason because of each other’s strengths, thus failing to form a breakthrough in intimate relationships.

  9, a strong sense of insecurity during the prenatal education to cultivate the embryonic form, and encountered constant stimulation during growth, will form a strong sense of insecurity.

In the absence of emotional communication, you can still feel at ease. Once you have the opportunity to have a close relationship with the opposite sex, you are suspicious and uneasy.

  10. Whatever selfish people do, they take their own gains as the standard.

Strong self-awareness makes him make up for any sacrifice for others.

  11. People who think that only money is good put money in the supreme part and put it above all value, and only recognize money but not others.

Such people are often skeptical of others and are afraid of any disputes with others financially.

Do men also take regular vacations?

Do men also take “regular vacations”?

Wife’s confusion: Why did he suddenly alienate me? “Why did he suddenly yell at me?
I just want to care about him!
Xiao Junye sobbed and told his close friend Awen: “Really, I asked myself nothing was wrong. For 5 years of marriage, we have been like paint, and he has never been so cold and rude to me.”
But suddenly, he became very cold and caring towards me like he was warm and tender . “” For six days, he was restless, hiding like a bird suddenly trapped in a cage.Read the book, turn the book upside down, watch TV constantly changing channels; sweet words are gone, ignore me, and even shut myself in the room, unwilling to talk to me.
I tried to get close to him. Instead of taking effect, I suffered a nameless anger from him.
Why did he suddenly alienate himself?
Is there “no hole in the sky” outside?
Tears fell from her charming big eyes, and that pitiful appearance could melt a piece of pig iron.
“Her husband doesn’t know to treasure such a good woman?
“A Wen also yelled for Xiao Jun Ye, but didn’t know how to comfort her.
  Experts’ confusion: Maybe it’s the man who has come for “regular vacation”. His response may really make you unacceptable.
But if you think that love ends here, you are wrong.
  Experts believe that Ms. Xiao’s lover may have experienced a periodic emotional downturn.
This has a certain universality among men and is medically referred to as the male physiological and psychological “cycle”.
  From a physiologist’s perspective, it is impossible for men to have menstruation, but for them, every few days, there will always be so many days of emotional fluctuations and even physical discomfort. Some medical experts abroadCalled the “low tide” phenomenon of men, some doctors joked it as a “regular vacation.”
This is actually a biological rhythm change, the result of changes in male hormone levels.
  All living things have biological rhythms.
Human growth, development, physical strength, intelligence, heartbeat, breathing, digestion, urinary, sleep and even human emotions are not controlled by the biological rhythm in the body.
It’s just that some people have obvious rhythms, and some people don’t.
  Interestingly, there is currently a saying that men’s “regular vacations” will also be affected by their lover’s regular vacation cycle.
There is also a saying that men’s “normal holidays” are also affected by moon tide and weather changes.
  According to some foreign studies, the cycle of emotional rhythm is about 28 days, which affects people’s creativity, sensitivity to things, understanding, and some functions in emotion, psychology and psychology.
During the “emotional orgasm” period, he often showed a spirit of renewal and laughter. During the “emotional orgasm” period, he was depressed, upset, and irritable.
  Winning tricks: give him freedom When his mental cycle comes, don’t try to pull him back-give him freedom.
As long as this period has passed, he will naturally return.
  What you have to do is to pay more attention to understanding him at this time, do his psychological counseling work, and prevent him from being put under greater pressure.
  TIPS: 7 tricks allow him to spend the “holiday” as soon as possible 1. Give him enough freedom to wait for him to recover.
  2. During this period, he may be accompanied by a physical illness, and he must be treated quickly.
  3. Inducing him to go out, get close to nature, and pursue complete relaxation of the spiritual world.
  4. Encourage him to take the initiative to find a way to ease the depression and adjust himself.
  5. Try to avoid hurting him because of his fault, even if the harm is unintentional.
  6, through exercise to make the body endocrine normal.
  7. If this mood is more serious during the “holiday”, it is difficult for him to adjust himself. He should be encouraged and assisted to find a psychologist.

How to lower cholesterol with diet

How to lower cholesterol with diet

How to use “diet therapy” to lower cholesterol.

In fact, what we call “diet therapy” is not the same as “diet therapy”.

“Diet therapy” is the use of food to help improve physical health, but “diet therapy” includes more than just “diet therapy”.

  ”Diet therapy” is the main work area of a registered dietitian, which includes (a) understanding and analyzing the nutritional status, health status, and eating habits of patients in detail (b) the causes of disease (c) designed for individual patientsThe menu (4) provides suggestions, in addition to dietary recommendations, it also includes exercise and behavior improvement (5) setting goals and follow-up.

General diet treatment takes about one to three months. In addition to high blood sugar, applicable diseases include diabetes, gout, kidney disease, hypertension, obesity and other chronic diseases.

  Nutritionists also need to ensure that patients can improve their conditions while taking into account a variety of nutrients, so as not to “take care of each other”.

For example, if a person suffering from high cholesterol only cares about “quit mouth” and quit red meat, and ignores iron supplementation, hemoglobin will be affected and anemia will occur.

  Here are some food treatments that can help you lower your cholesterol: 1.

Well-known oatmeal: Research reports indicate that eating about 3/4 cups of oatmeal each day can help reduce total cholesterol by 4-8%, because oatmeal contains protein fiber.

In addition to oatmeal, apples, orange fruits, dried beans such as kidney beans, soy beans, and eyebrow beans are also rich in dietary fiber.


Isoflavone in soybeans also helps lower cholesterol, so you should eat more soy milk, tofu and soybeans.


Fish (especially salmon and tuna) contain omega three fatty acids and have long been proven to help lower cholesterol. It is recommended to eat phosphate two to three times a week instead of meat.


Finally, traditional Chinese foods such as fungus and winter mushrooms can also help lower cholesterol.

DIY growth graph

DIY growth graph

The little baby boy only recognized breast milk and learned that Liang Liang was a full-term baby with a birth weight of 3.

2 kg, 49 cm in length.

Liang Liang replaced breast milk within 6 months after birth. After 6 months, her mother can only replace breast milk sooner or later because her mother went to work.

A total of only six months of this change, Xiao Liangliang, was suddenly unacceptable.

Therefore, except breast milk, he refused all other foods, and was extremely disgusted with milk.

In this way, the family was helpless and could only watch the bright little face become thinner.

At the age of one, Liangliang weighed only 7.

3 kg and only 70 cm tall.

A head is obviously not as good as a boy of his age.

Parents should make a growth curve for their children. So, what is the reason why Liangliang can’t keep up?

Generally assessing whether a child’s physical development is normal should be analyzed from the following aspects: First, take Liang Liangliang’s measured body length and weight at this time and the corresponding 0?
Compared with the 18-year-old boy’s physical development reference value, Liangliang’s height and weight are both in the third percentile. In other words, if 100 normal boys of the same age as Liangliang are lined up from short to high,, Liangliang just happened to be in the third position.

Generally, it is considered that the height is lower than the same age, and the third percentile of the child of the same sex is short.

Specifically to Liang Liang, his current height and weight are at a low level in the normal range.

Second, when assessing a child’s physical development, it is more important to understand the child’s growth rate.

The growth rate is the result of a preliminary observation, so that the height and weight of an individual can be measured regularly and continuously using the graph of pediatric growth and development, and the measurement results should be recorded on the graph in time.You will get the growth curve of an individual.

The end result of this observation is to reflect individual differences, showing the growth trajectory of different individuals.

Unfortunately, Liangliang’s mother failed to provide data in this regard.

In this way, when evaluating Liangliang’s physical development, the part of the growth rate is included.

Third, children’s growth and development are affected by many factors, such as nutrition, genetics, disease, and emotion.

Inadequate nutrition supply before or after birth affects children’s growth and development.

Infanthood is the first growth and development peak in life. If the diet is monotonous, the nutrition is unbalanced or the nutritional supply is insufficient, it will lead to slow growth and short stature, and the losses caused at this stage cannot be compensated later.
When Liang Liang grew to six months, she only ate breast milk, and her nutrition was obviously unable to keep up.

In addition, attention should be paid to the influence of genetics on height, accurate measurement of parents’ height, and calculation of genetic target height.

Expert tips: Drink 500ml of milk daily for the situation of Liangliang. Experts recommend that there is no special treatment for the time being. Regularly monitor growth and development indicators to understand the growth trend; let Liangliang drink 500ml of milk every day and provide children with a balanced diet;Ensuring adequate sleep; creating a happy, happy, relaxed, living and learning environment for children, talking about short topics in the absence of children; allowing children to actively participate in sports, such as swimming, playing basketball, cycling and other sports; Usually also communicate more with the child, encourage more, so that he can arouse the love from parents.

The 7-year-old boy Liangliang has been in the first grade of elementary school. He is only 113 centimeters tall and weighs only 17 kilograms. It is always easier and smaller than a boy of the same age, and his parents are very worried.

15 dangerous heart knots for women in marriage

15 dangerous heart knots for women in marriage

1. I’m officially late for dating. I don’t know when it will start. Girls like this “art of late dating.” Depending on her boyfriend’s patience, choose to be 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes later than the previous appointment, and some even more.Long, to test her boyfriend’s feelings about it . to make her boyfriend wait for a bit of anxiety, a little worried, but not too angry, if a man really stood up and said: “Nothing for example!

“Then you won’t go next time.

  However, usually men will tolerate their inner grievances, and will forcibly rejoice behind them: “It’s okay, I just arrived!

“Actually, he was sitting there desperately smoking a half pack of cigarettes.

  2. If your mother and I fell in the river, who would you save first?

  A very stupid ancient problem, which is actually not fun, and it is not human. For men, it is a cruel dilemma, and it can only force people to lie on the road of no return.

  3, “Do you love me?”

“,” How much love in the end?

I asked N times a day, and I never tire of it. The man was a little impatient, and immediately went to work to consider that he was not recognized by the other party. He repeatedly asked the man to write a blood book to make a life and death agreement. Compared with women, men’s brain sensory centersThere is at least a “contact” with the communication center. When he cannot easily say “I love you”, he usually does not express his current feelings, but solves a problem to let her know his intentions.

  4, one cry, two troubles, three breaks up: lovers have been weaving their dreams in love, let us help you wake up your six dangerous daydreams, help you out of the misunderstanding, and act out what you can really haveModern Romeo and Juliet.

  Crying is okay and has some aesthetic value; the trouble is a little bit past, but it is also cute; the lowest level is that the word must be “break up”, sharpening, aggressive, actually shouting “wolf is coming” onlyIt’s a show, but it’s annoying.

“Fake play” sometimes makes men “really do”, and men can’t bear the support of women.

  5. “Do you like Lin Zhiling?

“Then the man rejoiced and waited for his answer.

In fact, many times, women like to listen to a “perfect answer” instead of “real voice”, which makes men feel very tricky.

  A person who pays no attention or has no thought to other women must be Sun Wukong or Tang Seng.

Most men are strengthening their sexual desires and fantasies by admiring women.

With this in mind, you should stop forcing the tiger into a cat to catch mice!

  6, “Is it important to be friends or me?

“Once in love, men lose their freedom.

If the boyfriend is playing or drinking with his buddies, and does not go to the girlfriend’s house to change the bulb in time, it is a very serious matter, because he lost face in front of his parents!

In order to show his “first” part, he always likes to dominate his boyfriend, let him betray his relatives, and be an orphan “love” person!

In fact, how much your boyfriend cares about you, he also needs friends. If a man is lonely because of his lust, then the cave is like a prison cell.

  7, be sure to diamond ring!

  Proposing marriage is a checkpoint and it’s about economic issues.

Girls like to compare and pass the pressure on to her boyfriend. If you do n’t have a diamond ring, do n’t think about “dyeing your fingers”

Anxiety before marriage can make a man run away.

Love needs proof, but don’t show off in vanity.

Men are used to lean on, and more so to hold.

  8, pillow man’s arms fall asleep, in fact, causing men to be tired, women are not comfortable.

Don’t carry the bride’s shelf. Going to bed like a sedan is a big burden for a man.

If this kind of psychological satisfaction of women is based on the “nausea” of the husband, the husband will later regard the bed as “afraid of the way” and numb his hands and feet as soon as he lies down.

  9, sexual punishment If the husband does not agree with some of your unreasonable demands, “strike the bed”, throw the husband’s pillow and ask him to roll!

This act of using sex as a weapon to force a husband into aversion or compliance may eventually evolve into a husband ‘s sexual coldness. In the long run, men will have a sense of frustration. Therefore, this behavior is equivalent to torture a man and isThe kind of hit in the dead, once the pillow of hate seeds sprouts, the pillow becomes a time bomb!

  10. Discipline her husband in public. The man who kicks his feet under the table has a bigger face than his buttocks, and he is cautious.

Afraid of his wife Although some people call it “virtue”, but they are afraid that his wife is a bit “dead” because it hurts people!

A man who is weak is afraid of his wife, but what pride and self-esteem does a weak man have?

  11. It’s not good to be indifferent to your husband-in-law, but the relationship between husband and wife is the worst. Because of the war between two women, it is often the one who turns into cannon fodder.In this situation, the man must live a fierce life.  12, check the phone out of the pocket to pay attention to the husband’s “life style problems”, the other is to check the husband’s “economic problems”: whether there is a small coffers, whether to conceal or falsely report income.

Three words: distrust.

Men in this family who are begging for life must be oppressed and miserable. A little carelessness will make mistakes. It is a bit like combing hair to queen mother Empress Cixi.

  13, “Empty” his “fine” power to participate in her husband’s “homework” every night, not “romantic” does not matter, most afraid of her husband’s strength to “throw away” outside.

So Ye Ye Sheng Song, cut off every day; strong desire to make these women become unreasonable lionesses!

Don’t think that men are thinking about “sex” at all times. Men also think with their brains.

  14, “You’re dumb”, “What are you thinking.

“After having sex, a man in stress often loses his mind and loses self-control, so he is clumsy and overwhelmed. He must take simple actions to restore intimacy. If this is the case, the excited wife wants her husband to be like herMany, and let him think about some cutting-edge issues such as how “God Six” got to heaven, it was too difficult for him.

  15, “Neighbors have changed cars again!

“This kind of strong stimulus that hates iron and steel can cause men to be annoyed and to develop inferiority complexes, so some men who are anxious will blurt out:” Neighbors have also changed their wives! ”

“Many men believe that their financial status reflects their intrinsic value, because when you make fun of his income, you are actually despising his ability to be a man.

  Men are stressed, but they don’t bother to talk; men are bitter, but they have to be happy; after the ribs are pulled off, the man still needs to be very strong . At this time, the man, a woman he loves, a gesture, an expressionAn unintentional injury . can be fatal, so relatively speaking, women live longer than men; then, good women should give them a way out. In fact, they need more care.

Do n’t forget to take the scent

Do n’t forget to take the scent

Nowadays, Huoxiangzhengqi oral liquid, capsules and soft capsules are everywhere in the streets of large and small pharmacies, and have become a standing medicine for every household.

“It’s a cold and a heat stroke. Just drink some fragrant scent.

“This is a superfluous perception of Ayaka’s righteousness.

In fact, heatstroke, cold with fragrant righteousness, should still be carefully armed.

  From the beginning of summer each year, sales of Huoxiangzhengqi heatstroke drugs have been increasing.

However, the Chinese patent medicine of Huoxiangzhengqi is not a sunstroke-proof medicine, and people think that there is a certain misunderstanding of its efficacy.

  Huoxiangzhengqi is released according to Huoxiangzhengqi in the Taiping Huimin Mixture Bureau in the Song Dynasty. It is classified as a “dehumidifying agent” in prescription science. Its function is to dehumidify and dampen the qi and neutralize the wind.Wet stagnation card and so on.

For example, in the sultry weather after a heavy rain, or a longer “sauna day”, when the ambient humidity is often more than 60%, people will feel nausea, headache, loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, and it is more appropriate to use Huoxiangzhenqi.

  Heatstroke is due to the invasion of summer heat. The clinical manifestations are high fever, heavy sweating, fatigue, and fatigue. Serious collapse may occur.

Treatment should be clearing heat and purging fire, nourishing yin and relieving heat.

Huoxiangzhengqi drugs have mild temperature, which may aggravate the symptoms of heat stroke.

In addition, the human body will be dehydrated in the hot sun, and Huoxiangzhengqi has a “dehumidifying” effect. At this time, the application will “pour oil on the fire.”

4 jujube delicacies to keep young and old

4 jujube delicacies to keep young and old

Jujube has been one of the five fruits since ancient times.

“Shen Nong’s Materia Medica” listed it as the upper fruit.

The beauty effect of jujube is even better.

The ancients said: three dates a day, red face is not old.

  The vitamin content of jujube is very considerable (especially the highest content of fresh dates). Among them, the content of vitamin C reaches 380 grams to 600 milligrams per 100 grams of fresh fruit, so it is called live vitamin C pills.

The content of vitamin P is more than ten times higher than that of lemon.

The sugar content of jujube is also very rich. The dried fruit is 50% to 80% larger than sugar cane and sugar beet.

In addition, jujube also contains protein, trace amounts, carotene, precipitated fiber, nicotinic acid, free amino acids, malic acid, tartaric acid, saponin, bio-robustness, flavonoids, vitamin B, vitamin B2, calcium, iron and many more.Nutrients.

  The beauty effect of jujube is more comprehensive. Regular consumption of jujube can make your body shapely, your skin plump and delicate, your face white and tender, and it can delay skin aging.

  Tip: Avoid jujube with garlic, turtle, and crab.

  Here are four ways to eat jujubes: 1. Jujube celery soup ingredients: 50 grams of fresh dates, 250 grams of celery, shredded ginger, 5 grams each of chopped green onion, 2 grams of refined salt, 1 gram of MSG, 29 grams of vegetarian oil, and pepper6 grams of oil.

  Production method: (1) Wash and remove the fresh dates, chop them; choose to wash the celery and cut into small pieces.

  (2) Heat the wok, add oil and heat, stir-fry the shallots and ginger, stir-fry with celery, add an appropriate amount of water, add fresh dates, refined salt, and boil over high heat for 3 minutes.MSG, topped with peppercorn oil.

  Cosmetic effect: Jujube and celery are the best products for beauty and beauty, and they are eaten together to transform the face to be ruddy, smooth, white and delicate, and are used for adjuvant treatment of gynecological diseases such as irregular menstruation, scalp, and coldness.

  2, osmanthus jujube cold cake ingredients: 500 grams of glutinous rice, 200 grams of red dates, 200 grams of cotton sugar, 25 grams of cooked sesame seeds, 25 grams of osmanthus sauce.

  Production method: (1) Wash the glutinous rice and add it to the basin, add the water to the basket and steam it to make soft rice.

Let it cool down in the cage and mix it with 150 grams of cotton sugar.

Wash the red dates and steam them in a basket to make them soft.

  (2) Take a small wooden frame and spread a damp cloth on the bottom. Spread half of the glutinous rice on the cloth. Spread the red dates evenly on the top. Cover the remaining glutinous rice with red on top.Flattened and compacted.

When it’s cool, tip over on the case, lift the wet cloth, and cut into small pieces with a knife dipped in cold water.

  (3) Roll the cooked sesame seeds, mix them with 50 grams of cotton candy and sweet-scented osmanthus sauce to form sesame sweet-scented osmanthose sugar, and sprinkle it on the cold cake.

  Cosmetic effect: make the face rosy, smooth, white and delicate, and delay skin aging.

  3, red dates porridge materials: 100 grams of rice, 50 grams of red dates.

  Production method: Wash the red dates first and soak in warm water for 20 minutes. After the rice is washed, add an appropriate amount of water to the pot and cook with the rice.

Wait until the rice rotten soup is thick.

Take daily morning and evening.

  Cosmetic effect: It can make the complexion ruddy, smooth skin, and reduce wrinkles.

  4, jujube almond cake materials: 500 grams of glutinous rice flour, 300 grams of red dates, 100 grams of almonds, sugar.

  Production method: (1) Add almonds to hot water for 10 minutes, peel them, put them in a wok and fry them on low heat, and then grind them into pieces.

  (2) Wash the jujube with warm water and put it in the pot. Add water and cook it softly.

  (3) Put the glutinous rice flour into a clean pot, increase jujube puree, almond powder and white sugar, add an appropriate amount of porridge synthesis dough, add it repeatedly until it is smooth, and knead it into long strips to form a uniform size.

  (4) Flatten each preparation, roll it into round cake embryos, put it in a drawer, steam it over high heat for 20 minutes, then put it in a pan and serve it while serving.

  Cosmetic effect: The comprehensive beauty and beauty effect of red dates and almonds can make the face rosy, white, tender and clean, and can enhance physical fitness at the same time as glutinous rice, and can delay skin aging.

Face problems that middle-aged women cannot ignore


Face problems that middle-aged women cannot ignore

Middle-aged people also have blackheads, and because some middle-aged women no longer care so much about their “face problems”, blackheads will come to you without mercy.

It is understood that about 90% of female friends are suffering from black spots, and most Asians have mixed skin. The T zone is relatively oily and the two places are relatively dry, so blackheads are more common in T-shaped zones.

Blackheads are like dust in the house. They must be cleaned frequently and not lazy. This is more important for middle-aged women because not cleaning the skin in time is one of the main causes of accelerated aging.

  Easy to go to the blackhead recipe So, let’s take a look at the simple and easy to go to the blackhead recipe recommended by the famous host Li Jing!

You will know that it is economical, safe, effective and convenient.

  This blackhead cleaning recipe requires four major ingredients: baking soda + purified water + cotton flakes + paper towels. Baking soda is the type that can be eaten.

First, add the baking soda and purified water, immerse the cotton pieces in the water with baking soda, and wring dry.

Then, stick the cotton pad to the place with black head and remove it after about 15 minutes.

Finally, use a paper towel to gently rub out blackheads.

  Wang Dan, a senior beautician at the Laser Beauty Center of Dermatology Department of Beijing Military Region General Hospital, said that the reason why baking soda plus purified water can easily remove blackheads is because baking soda powder is alkaline, and our oils are acidic, so we will conduct acid and alkaliAnd, blackheads will be softened and won’t get stuck in the pores. You just need to clean it up to clear it.

In addition, this method will definitely not damage the dermis, and you don’t need to worry about the problem of large pores.

  How often?

Experts suggest that if you have never cleaned up the black spots on your nose, or if your skin is very bad recently, you can do it every day. Slowly you will find that the interval can be extended, and it may be done once a week, orDo it once every two weeks.

You will clearly see this better.

6 great beauty detox foods to eat and lose weight

6 great beauty detox foods to eat and lose weight

The following 6 types of beauty and detoxification foods have very good effects, and can also help to lose weight. They are the best products for weight loss and beauty. Eat more foods and easily develop a good figure.

  1. Cucumber acid contained in cucumbers can effectively promote the metabolism of the human body and help the toxins to be discharged.

The content of vitamin C in cucumber is 5 times that of watermelon. It has the functions of whitening skin, maintaining skin elasticity and inhibiting melanin.

Cucumber can also inhibit the conversion of sugar foods into feces, which is very beneficial to the lungs, stomach, heart, and liver.

  2, bitter gourd bitter gourd has the effects of detoxification and detoxification, anti-inflammatory, beauty and beauty.

It has a unique active protein with obvious anti-cancer effect. This protein can stimulate the defense capacity of the immune system in the body, increase the activity of immune cells, and effectively remove harmful substances in the body.

  3. Cauliflower Cauliflower has the functions of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, purifying blood vessels, digesting and appetizing, detoxifying and detoxifying.

Its potential sulforaphane can promote the production of protective enzymes in human cells, which can effectively destroy a variety of carcinogens in the human living environment, and become a powerful weapon against human cancer.

Eliminating toxic substances is also quite effective for weight loss.

  4. Chinese cabbage Chinese cabbage has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, invigorating the stomach, digesting and nourishing the stomach. The large amount of crude fiber in it can promote the peristalsis of the intestinal wall, help digestion, convert to toxins, and prevent constipation; a variety of minerals can helpIt can strengthen the human body’s immunity, reduce hypertension, increase vascular elasticity, prevent atherosclerosis, can effectively prevent cardiovascular disease, and is extremely helpful for weight loss.

  5. Honey Honey has the effects of nourishing the lungs and coughing, moisturizing the bowels, and detoxifying the skin.

Modern medical research shows that the main components of glucose and fructose in honey are easily absorbed and utilized by the body.

Regular consumption of honey not only can easily expel toxins from the body, but also has a good effect on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and neurasthenia.

  6. Coix seed Coix seed is recognized as a beauty detox for detoxification and edema. Numerous stars have publicly stated that they usually rely on coix seed water to save the scene.

Kernel has the effects of eliminating edema, diuresis, anti-tumor, and clearing heat.

Drinking Renren decoction often can detoxify, dispel dampness and dissipate blood stasis, strengthen spleen, soak up moisture, stop diarrhea, relieve pus, and accelerate metabolism.