Five magic weapons to depress the working mother

Five magic weapons to depress the working mother

One of the magic tricks: keep in touch with friends. Modern mothers must not use their own family and career development as a reason to close themselves in the small space of the family. They must use open eyes to accept themselves and the people around them.

For example, moms can meet with friends once a month, call friends on holidays and ask for a good one, or substitute for a helping hand when friends are in trouble.

In this way, when you feel very nervous and worried, you can easily find a person to talk to, and friends can give a lot of specific help.

  Magic No. 2: Keep communicating with your family. Moms are better off making a plan to talk to their husbands about their worries and distress, and there are certain aspects that require their husbands to cooperate with themselves.

Once a week for about half an hour.

Communication can take place before bedtime or while watching TV.

When the child is 3 years old, the communication with the family should include the child.

Find a fixed weekend and spend half an hour on a family communication meeting.

If your child has some bad habits, such as picky eaters, you can discuss with your child how to solve this problem.

Children can also give their parents views and hopes.

  Magic weapon three: Self-consciousness of all kinds of pressure Moms can record their recent five major stresses according to their nervousness and severity of worry.

For example, a baby is sick and often works overtime .

Then, think about it one by one: These pressures will have some kind of impact on me. What is the worst result?

When mothers record these worst results one by one, they will find that these pressures are not so much, so that mothers will have the courage and confidence to face them.

  The fourth magic weapon: self-suggestion. When moms are in a bad mood, make self-suggestions before getting up in the morning and before going to bed at night, and persist for one to two months.

Take a deep breath first, then say aloud to yourself higher than the following sentence: “I’m a competent mother,” “I have confidence in myself”, “My mood will get better and better”, “I have the ability to do everythingEvent “and so on.

  Fifth magic weapon: treat stressful events with a positive attitude. For example, the mother dragged her tired body home, but the child is always entangled in the mother.

At this moment, the mother may feel very irritable, think that she is very hard, the child is annoying, and the husband has no sense of family responsibility.

If the mother changes her perspective at this time, she thinks about it this way: This shows that the child has a good relationship with me, but I can let the husband play with the child first. This not only meets the child’s needs, but also makes the child learn to be considerate of the adult.Hard work really kills two birds with one stone.

After changing your way of thinking, everything suddenly becomes relaxed and happy.

Anti-plaque starts at the age of 5

Anti-plaque starts at the age of 5

Whitening is a compulsory task of a woman’s life. As the saying goes, there is no ugly woman but only a lazy woman. Therefore, if you want to get rid of the spots thoroughly, you must understand the cause of the spots and the time period when the spots are prone. In this way, targeted whitening and freckle will be more effective.

  Children must be sun-protected when they are 5 or 6 years old. Otherwise, their skin is damaged and it is difficult to recover freckles. It is a congenital genetic disease.

Mostly appear at the age of five or six, and gradually increase with age.

The depth of freckles is related to the sun, dark in summer and light in winter.

Therefore, the best way to prevent freckles from increasing or deepening is sun protection.

Currently the safest way to remove freckles is liquid nitrogen freezing and laser treatment.

  16-20 years old is the easiest to keep acne scars to avoid squeezing women into puberty.

Due to the strong secretion of sebaceous glands, “acne” is very long. After the “acne” subsides, it is easy to leave “acne marks” on the part, which is medically called “pigmentation after sterilization”.

The spots are caused by local infection and inflammation that stimulate melanocytes in the basal layer of the epidermis to overproduce and secrete melanin.

Therefore, in the acute attack period of “acne”, anti-inflammatory should be eliminated, the condition should be controlled quickly, and at the same time avoid squeezing to effectively reduce the occurrence of “acne marks”.

  25-year-old women are stressed and prone to plaques.

If you work hard in the workplace, if you are in a bad mood, lack of long-term sleep, high mental stress, excessive fatigue and neurological dysfunction, decreased adrenal sebum function will also cause skin pigmentation.

Therefore, it is very important to adjust your mindset, combine work with rest, and cultivate good habits.

  Postpartum women are prone to plaques, which can subside naturally after delivery. Women who are pregnant are prone to chloasma.

Melasma, also called liver plaque, is the most common pigmented skin disease in women.

Both hair and crotch are prone to different shades.

Melasma in pregnant women may be related to the activation of a series of complex physiological processes after elevated levels of estrogen and progesterone in the body, which often disappear after delivery.

  A 40-year-old woman who has some estrogen and progesterone supplements can eliminate spots over the age of 40.

Near menopause, ovarian function gradually declines, women’s hormone secretion is insufficient, and women may also have chloasma.

You can follow the doctor’s advice to add some estrogen and progesterone, which can treat melasma and delay skin aging.

  Menopause is the age at which the female genitals (ovaries or uterus) are benign, and malignancies are prone to occur. These diseases may cause melasma to appear quietly.

Therefore, the sudden increase of melasma in the face of middle-aged women must not be taken lightly. Gynecological and pelvic B-ultrasounds should be performed in time to rule out the possibility of tumors.

  Age spots are a normal response to skin aging in women in their twilight years.

Age spots develop, which is a normal response to skin aging and is also related to family inheritance.

Some people have senile plaques protruding from the surface of the skin, also known as senile moles. Freezing with liquid nitrogen is the best way to get rid of them.

  I think that every age group is in danger of developing speckles. If we want to completely fight the stains, we must prepare for anti-spots from the age of 5. How can you say that you are over the age? It does n’t matter from now on, loveBeauty is never too late.

Excessive tension can disrupt normal pregnancy

Excessive tension can disrupt normal pregnancy

Early in the morning, Xiao Qing cried and ran into my consulting room, her eyes were red and swollen.

Xiao Qing is an “old patient”. At the age of 28, she has been seeing my clinic for treatment since she had a spontaneous abortion six months ago.

  ”what happened?

“From Xiaoqing’s intermittent words, I heard it probably.

It turned out that Xiao Qing had just been diagnosed with a pregnancy last Friday. I gave her a treatment plan to protect her pregnancy. I also told her to pay attention to rest and nutrition.

After returning from me, she has been immersed in joy, but she kept drumming in her heart, worried that she would repeat the same mistakes.

  Xiao Qing choked and said, thinking of her last experience, she couldn’t sleep and couldn’t sleep. “It’s better to go to check!”

“Yes, in order to ensure safety, she reports to the community health center every day, draws a tube of blood, and after receiving the test report, she sees that the indicators are good.

She tests her own early pregnancy test every day.

But this morning, when she went to check again, the indicator suddenly fell down. She was holding a test sheet. The doctor told her the last thing she wanted to hear was “maybe a miscarriage.”

  I was really sad to see her crying in front of me.

After prescribing her, I told her to go back and take a good rest. She was still young and there must be a chance.

  In the clinic, patients often like Xiaoqing are often encountered. They often suffer from loss and gain, often causing psychological infertility or miscarriage.

Because of the stress, the body is in a state of stress, which disrupts the original stability. Disturbances in the body’s neuroimmunity and endocrine system, especially changes in progesterone, cause changes in normal pregnancy.

Progesterone is an important hormone to ensure long-term development and is closely related to the hypothalamus.

The change of human emotion is related to the hypothalamus. When the emotion is in a long-term tension, the progesterone level in the body decreases, and the placenta is not well developed, which is not conducive to evolution.

Moreover, the uterus is in a highly sensitive state, and small stimuli can cause the uterus to contract, which can cause miscarriage.

Ask yourself if it’s time to resign

Ask yourself if it’s time to resign

A person’s occupation lies in his partner, which consumes most of his life’s energy and time. According to estimates, the time spent by a working person in the office and colleagues is about (39 per week).

1 hour) longer than waking up with a partner.

Therefore, people have a reason to choose between looking for a career.

  When you feel like you are living in the job, you should ask yourself the following 6 questions. Is there still a good reason to stay in this position?

  1. Is there any “passion” when you first started working?

  Before you submit your resignation letter, you may wish to think again about why you fell in love with this job in the first place and exclude the worst factors that cause the current bad situation.

  2. Is your labor recognized?

  Wei is a business consultant for a company. She can’t remember when her boss praised her.

“Oh, of course, I often hear them blame me for doing things inaccurately, being late, or having no contracts.

“Weichen refraction,” but I just want to hear positive feedback, and I want to hear it more than once.

But no.

I feel frustrated and just want to go home and stay. ”

Accumulation of all kinds of discomforts at work will evolve into anger, which may cause you to be hit by a boss or colleague in a violent storm one day, which can only put yourself in a more passive state.

Maybe you two don’t know exactly where you are lacking.

The so-called bystanders are clear.

May wish to talk to your boss, explain to him how you feel, and ask him how you can do better.

You may be able to figure out from your supervisor’s words how far you can go in this business.

  3. Do you think you have a great future?

  In other words, do you think you could be promoted?

Or is it a dead end ahead?

Sometimes your career is like the opposite sex friend you make, and you always want to know if you can get a meaningful promise one day, otherwise, you should withdraw and quit.

  Lu Yan was a former employee of an advertising company. She said, “I have been an ordinary employee in that company for two years, and then I found another company. They promised me a higher position.

Out of the nostalgia of the previous company, I asked my boss again if I had the possibility of promotion.

The leader expressed regret and said that I am afraid it will have to wait a few years.

I was completely disappointed and did not stay again.

I think I got it right, I shouldn’t stay in a place where my dreams can’t be realized for a long time.

“4, do you still want to learn as you go?

  Faced with a hopeless career, you may no longer care about what you can learn from your job.

And in a work of amazing heart, people look for continuous development.

When you stop learning, you will be stagnant.

Only continuous improvement can push people to make new evaluations of their needs.

Perhaps it may be appropriate to request some industry training.

New knowledge and cognition can stimulate people and keep you from falling behind in the game.

  5. Do you feel that work brings you happiness?

  Some people, because of their introverts, are particularly reluctant to speak in front of everyone. Whenever they encounter such occasions, they feel that they are being punished. Others feel overwhelmed by the armed work and suffer from invisible pressure.

  Wang Ying has been a lawyer before and is now the head of the marketing department of a company.

She said: “When I was a lawyer, every Sunday afternoon I was surrounded by a sense of helplessness.

Eventually, I confirmed that I was no longer suitable as a lawyer and re-trained.I never regret the alternative I made.

“Sometimes, some small adjustments can often change the stereotype of work.

  6. Do you feel you are no longer loyal to your job?

  You hate your current job and don’t care about it.

You look elsewhere, write back to some recruitment advertisements, go to some recruitment consulting offices to inquire about the news, and accept interviews.

All this shows that you have betrayed your original work.

At this point, is there any room for recovery?

  In fact, even if you have got a new job, before you leave, you always ask your boss if they are willing to pay you a higher salary to retain you. Of course, the attitude must be sincere, low-key, and earnestDon’t yell with madness.

You can tell him that someone wants you to work for them, but you still have no idea what to accept.

After all, I should be nostalgic for the place, I don’t know if the company has other better opportunities for you and so on.

You will most likely get the most sincere and heartfelt retention.

Fruit diet to eliminate age spots

Fruit diet to eliminate age spots

It is often seen that there are some “senile plaques” in the bladder of the elderly. These “senile plaques” are a sign of physical aging. How can these plaques be removed scientifically and safely?

Xiaobian introduced several freckle-removing fruits, which are safe and effective.

  Tomato anti-spot index: ★★★ ☆ Tomatoes have the effect of maintaining skin and eliminating freckles.

It is rich in lycopene, and vitamin C is the best weapon to inhibit melanin formation.

Experiments have shown that eating tomatoes can effectively reduce melanin formation.

  Small reminder: Tomatoes are cold. If you eat them on an empty stomach, it is easy to cause abdominal pain. Recommended: Use 1 cup of tomato juice per day with a small amount of cod liver oil to make your complexion ruddy.

  Anti-plaque “hero” list-foods with vitamins and vitamin C: Kiwi anti-plaque index: ★★★★ Kiwi is known as “fruit goldmine”.

It is rich in dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin D, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and other trace elements and minerals.

  Vitamin C in kiwi can effectively inhibit the oxidation of dopa free radicals in the skin, convert dark oxidized pigments into reduced light pigments in the skin, interfere with the formation of melanin, prevent pigmentation, and keep the skin fair.

  Small reminder: people with cold spleen and stomach should not eat more, and are prone to diarrhea.

After the autumn equinox, health points

After the autumn equinox, health points

This article is the official official content of Fengxian said, “Bai Luqiu night, one night cool night”, “A cold autumn rain, ten autumn rain is good to wear cotton”, from the autumn, the weather is getting colder every day.

After the autumn equinox is also the most vulnerable season, Chinese medicine often said that “the disease is three points after the summer.”

The body goes through the summer heat and is most likely to get sick in the fall!

First of all, the seasonal alternation will have an impact on the body, and the body can’t adapt at the moment. It is like a high altitude reaction and is prone to disease.

Basically, the autumn air is dry and the temperature difference between day and night is large, which causes the body’s respiratory system, heat balance system and skin’s immunity to decline, unable to adapt, and naturally vulnerable to disease.

Third, many people suffer from loss of appetite during the summer, prefer cold drinks, leading to damage to the spleen and stomach, and the lack of some nutrients in the body, which are likely to cause disease problems.

After the autumn equinox, be careful about 5 major diseases to find the door.

Cooling – Respiratory disease After the autumn, the weather turns cold. If it rains, the temperature drops more obviously.

Cold air will irritate the skin. The body’s immunity is reduced due to cold, and it is unable to resist the cold and evil. It is prone to lung and respiratory diseases such as fever, cough, bronchitis, etc. In severe cases, pneumonia may occur.


Autumn dryness – When the skin is dry and the autumn wind is cooling down, the moisture in the air is also dried. Chinese medicine refers to this climate characteristic as “autumn dryness”. At this time, dry mouth, dry lips, dry nose, dry throat and stool are prone to occur.Dry knot, itchy skin, chapped, nosebleed and other symptoms.


Greedy – gastrointestinal disease folk song “Qiugua bad belly” refers to the continued birth of raw a large number of melon fruits after the fall, cold food is easy to cause disease in the body.

In the summer, in order to prevent heatstroke and cool down, people often eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, cold food, leading to damage to the spleen, spleen and yang, then diarrhea, diarrhea and other acute and chronic asthma diseases will follow.


Temperature difference – cardiovascular disease in the early morning and evening temperature difference.

For abnormal cardiovascular events such as abnormal angina and even myocardial infarction, too cold and too hot are the predisposing factors.

Therefore, patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should pay special attention when the seasons are replaced.


Insect-allergic rhinitis is also a season of high allergies, which is closely related to the climate characteristics of autumn.

In autumn, the wind is strong, pollen and dust are scattered in the air, which is easy to cause allergies.

In addition, the temperature and humidity in autumn are suitable for the reproduction of venous insects, which may cause allergies.

Keep in mind the “345 Gold Principles” to help you through the “sick autumn” and “three” places can not be frozen!

The doctor introduced, as the saying goes, “Spring, Autumn and Autumn”, but there are three places that can not be frozen!

Head: The head is one of the most vigorous parts of the whole body.

Under the cold, the yang in the body will be lost, causing headaches and so on.

In addition, people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should be especially vigilant in this regard.

It is best to wear a hat when going out, and use water when washing your hair.

Navel: Chinese medicine says the navel is a god’s acupoint. Warming this acupuncture point can encourage the body’s yang, especially those who are weak in the spleen and stomach, cold, and easy to diarrhea. Pay special attention to the warmth of this part, and take the method of often applying heat in the navel., to promote the cold and help the sun.

Feet: The foot is the farthest part of the body from the heart. Therefore, the blood flows through the longest distance, and the foot gathers many meridians of the whole body. Therefore, people often say that “the feet are cold, then the whole body is cold.”

When the feet are cold, the body’s resistance will drop, and the disease will be able to take advantage of it.

“Four” regimens for the treatment of health.

Slow autumn dry – Qingfei pear 1 pear, Chuanbei 5 grams, rock sugar, honey, the right amount.

One way is to empty the interior and put it into Chuanbei, rock sugar, honey and other cooking.

The second is to cut the skin with a piece of skin, put it in a bowl and steam it. It is best to put rock sugar in the bowl. After cooking, it can be mixed with honey.

Third, after the white fungus is soaked, put it in the cold water with the pear and cook the soup. According to the taste, you can add glutinous rice, jujube and so on.

3 times a day, served in the morning, evening and evening.

Autumn cough – white radish juice autumn cough is the most annoying, drink radish juice to accelerate the effect, the effect is good.
Add fresh white radish and a small amount of water into the juice. Be careful to cut off the radish skin. Otherwise, the taste will be too hot and the stomach can be stimulated.

Drink 1 a week?
2 times.


Anti-cold-on-white ginger porridge is cold, pale, sputum, autumn weather turns cold, cold and cold also come to the door, you can drink “onion white ginger porridge”, usually drink can also prevent colds.

First, the previous rice is simmered into porridge, prepared for a small piece of scallion and chopped, then added, put the ginger into the pan, and cook 5?
10 minutes.

Both scallions and ginger have the effect of dispelling cold and dissipating heat, which can dispel the cold in the body and help eliminate cold symptoms such as cough.

In addition, scallion also has the effect of relieving phlegm and relieving cough.


Xie Qiu–American ginseng stone 斛 broth “spring sleepy autumn lacks”, many people fall easily in the fall, can not afford the spirit.

Jieqiu can drink “American ginseng stone 斛 broth”.

Both sarcophagus and American ginseng have the effect of nourishing yin and fluid.

The two are cooked together with lean meat to make American ginseng stone slime broth, which is effective not only for long-term diabetes, or coronary heart disease, thirst caused by heart failure, fatigue and other qi and yin deficiency, but also can alleviate the heat damage.Rejuvenate, ease the lack of autumn.

“Five kinds of food” should eat one more.

Citrus: Citrus is warm, sweet, appetizing, and thirsty.


Pear: Pear has the reputation of “the fruit of the hundred fruits”. The pear is cold and sweet, which can help digestion and increase appetite.

It has the effect of moistening the lungs and clearing the heart, eliminating cough and relieving cough.


Apple: Apple is flat and sweet, and it is a good product for spleen appetite.

Apples with high crude fiber content contain malic acid and precipitated acid, which have astringent and antidiarrheal effects.


Radish: Radish is cool, spicy, sweet, with stomach and digestion, cough and phlegm, good for diuretic and clearing heat and detoxification.

Eat fresh radish before going to sleep every day to enhance heart function.


Persimmon: Persimmon is cold, sweet, and fragrant. The fresh persimmon is rich in vitamins and minerals, second only to citrus, and higher than pears and apples.

Persimmon can cure hiccups, hernias and other symptoms; persimmons can cure blood in the stool; persimmon cream can cure sore throat, cough, mouth sores and other symptoms.

In addition, the temperature and humidity in autumn are suitable for the reproduction of venous insects, which may cause allergies.

“Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classics”: Qiu Duo Yang Yin to prevent the consumption of Yin and blood, the first thing to follow the “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” autumn and winter nourishing yin principle, eat more nourishing Yin Run and dry products, to prevent autumn dry injury Yin.

Dry autumn climate, should eat more sesame, walnut, glutinous rice, honey, dairy, pear, sugar cane and other moisturizing foods, and reduce the consumption of onions, ginger, garlic, leeks and other spicy products, to prevent the consumption of Yin and blood,And increase the feeling of dry lips.

Dietary balance in autumn is the harvest of all kinds of fruits and fruits. Eating more fruits can correct the health and prevent the occurrence of “autumn dryness”. However, the autumn climate is getting colder, and people with poor constitution should not eat more fruits to avoid damage.The yang of the spleen and stomach.

In autumn, fish, meat, and egg foods are also abundant. The range of food choices has been expanded. At this time, attention should be paid to the balance of food and nutrition in the quantitative allocation. Pay attention to the combination of the main and non-staple foods, and the combination of vegetarian foods.It is necessary to comply with the principle of “autumn and winter yin”.

In the morning, eat porridge, push Chen Zhixin Chinese medicine to promote porridge every morning in autumn.

In the Ming Dynasty, Li Wei believed: “Gaichen began to eat porridge, push Chen Zhixin, Liqi nourish the stomach, and produce fluid, which makes people refreshed and refreshed.

“Drinking porridge is especially beneficial to people’s health.”

In addition, it is also necessary to remember “the autumn melon”.

After the fall, no matter whether it is watermelon or melon, you can not eat more, otherwise it will damage the yang of the spleen and stomach.

Need to be reminded that although the autumn is the season of tonic, but can not blindly tonic, depending on their physical needs.

Pay attention to the sentimental sentiment in the autumn, the yang is disappearing, the yin is on the rise, everything begins to fall down from the mature tip of life, the flowers and trees gradually fade, and the vitality is lost. At this time, the human emotions can also go downhill in the natural world.If the emotions and the body are not reconciled, it often leads to sorrow and low mood.

Just as Wu Shiji said in the “Liang Li Wen”: “The disease of the seven emotions is also good, reading books to relieve boredom, listening to music, and better than taking drugs.”Therefore, when you are in the “Autumn Wind and Autumn Rain”, you can listen to music, enjoy drama, or watch a humorous cross talk, so that the feelings of depression will disappear.

Here we can use a sentence to summarize the principle of autumn spiritual health, that is, to calm and rejuvenate, but to achieve this, the way is to try to eliminate distracting thoughts, in order to achieve a state of peace of mind.

In real life, people should use energy in their careers instead of “competing their names in the DPRK and competing for the city.” They should look at their fame and fortune, do more good things, and make more contributions.

Feeling nervous seeing blue can improve

Feeling nervous seeing blue can improve

Are you depressed?

Maybe look at the blue stuff.

A new British study shows that, although scientists have long believed that blue is related to negative factors, this color may enhance self-confidence, reduce stress and make people more happy.

The benefits of blue don’t stop there. It also makes people think faster.

  Researchers at the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom have volunteers placed in various coloured lights.

The results showed that volunteers in blue were able to complete the test 25% faster.

Their response time increased by 12%, and hand-eye coordination and ability to recall words improved.

The physical strength of volunteers in bright colors also increased.

  The researchers recorded brain activity, heart rate, and perspiration each time the volunteers were exposed to a color.

They found that blue helped calm men and women.

Purple is relaxing, but only for women.

Blue and green make men happier, and blue, purple and orange make women better.

  The study showed that blue and red are helpful for men, and blue and purple are most effective for women in building confidence.

A total of 1,000 volunteers participated in the survey.

Although red enhances men’s self-esteem, it makes people least likely to feel happy or relaxed.

  Researcher Duncan Smith said: “Many people think that a certain color makes them happy, nervous or calm down, or makes them happier, sadder, more lazy, and energetic.

The purpose of our research was to discover these benefits based on solid scientific evidence, not ridiculous statements.

“Since conducting this study, Smith has been wearing brightly colored socks.

He suggested that we use color consciously in our daily lives.

He said: “There are all kinds of bright colors in our house, and there are lights everywhere on Christmas.

We now need to understand the benefits of color.

Putting on a pair of red socks, putting on bright lipstick or buying a few potted plants may help you.

5 things you can’t sleep before going to bed

5 things you can’t sleep before going to bed

Introduction: Some people sleep while lying down, but some people ca n’t sleep over and over. Do you know why?

This may have a lot to do with your bedtime habits.

TCM reminds you why you can’t sleep, 5 things you should not taboo before going to bed!

  First, talking before bed because talking too much can easily stimulate the brain and active thinking, which makes it difficult for people to fall asleep.

  Second, drink strong tea before bedtime, coffee strong tea, coffee is a stimulant drink, contains caffeine and other substances that can make people excited, drinking before bedtime can easily cause sleep difficulties.

  Third, emotional excitement before bedtime can easily cause nerve center excitement or confusion, making it difficult for people to fall asleep, and even cause insomnia.

Therefore, before going to bed, try to avoid being overjoyed or worried and annoyed, and make your mood stable.

  Fourth, after the person who eats before going to sleep enters the sleep state, the rhythm of some body activities slows down and enters a state of rest.

  If you eat before going to bed, your stomach, etc. will be busy again, which will increase their burden, and other parts of your body will not be able to get a good rest.

  5. Excessive use of the brain before bedtime. If you have the habit of working and studying at night, you should finish the more inconvenient before going to bed, and do something easier before going to bed to relax your brain, so that it is easy to fall asleep.

Otherwise, the brain is in an excited state, and it is difficult to fall asleep even in bed, and it is prone to insomnia for a long time.

  Therefore, if you want to have a perfect sleep, you must know what you can’t do before going to bed.

Why can’t you sleep? 5 things you shouldn’t do before bedtime, don’t make mistakes.

Education for twins must be fair

Education for twins must be fair

Having a cute twin babies is naturally very happy.

But there were two more children in the family all of a sudden, so I often accidentally messed up, and sometimes I had to put one of them up to support my relatives.

As time goes on, the child naturally gets closer to the person who raised him.

Although she returned to her home, she was rusty, so it was normal to cry.

  Your eldest sister is raised by your grandmother, and your little sister is raised in your own home.

Although you love them the same.
But the eldest sister lived in her grandmother’s house for a long time. For her, it was her most familiar place. It was not suitable for her to go home, so she would often cry.

I want my mother to hug her. There is another person (little sister) in her mother’s arms, to share her caress with her, which makes her sad, so she will cry and want to go back to her grandmother’s house to find comfort.

From the side of the little girl, who could have monopolized her mother, how could anyone personally share her mother’s love?

It’s intolerable for her!

So the subconscious fear and jealousy caused her to explode. She wanted to “rob” her mother, so she didn’t accept the caress of others, as long as her mother.

  I suggest you better take your big sister back to your own home.

Over time, they will gradually establish a “sisterhood.”

If there is really no way to raise and raise two at the same time, we must pay special attention to fair treatment, and we should give more care to the big sister, so that she realizes that although she is not often with her parents, her parents love her very much.

Internet addiction is actually a social intention

Internet addiction is actually a social intention

The General Hospital of Beijing Military Region has created the so-called “Internet addiction diagnosis and treatment standard”, which defines Internet addiction as a mental behavior disorder and replaces the diagnostic sample of mental illness.

So-called, the standard has passed the expert demonstration organized by the Medical Administration of the Ministry of Health of the General Logistics Department of the PLA, and it is planned to be promoted to hospitals across the country after it is reported to the Ministry of Health.

  After the media reported the incident, it caused some controversy.

Most voices oppose the rate of replacing Internet addiction with mental illness. However, unfortunately, these voices are suddenly pale due to a lack of analysis of the formation mechanism of Internet addiction.

Watching a large group of people gesticulate around a hot topic, muttering a bunch of nonsense, and there are still people paying for such nonsense, is really a fun thing.

  The author also does not mean that Internet addiction is included in the category of mental illness. Although Internet addiction can cause mental behavior disorders, the cause of its formation cannot be attributed solely to psychology or mentality, and it may not be cured by the treatment of mental illness.Good internet addiction.

Perhaps converting Internet addiction to the local part of mental illness will bring considerable benefits to the mental hospital or the psychological clinic of the hospital, but that’s all.

The soft ribs of the “Internet Addiction Diagnosis and Treatment Standard” only look at Internet addiction from the physical and psychological dimensions, and just ignore the most important aspect of Internet addiction, the social dimension.

  In a sense, adding Internet addiction to the psychiatric site is actually a “demonization” of the Internet, and it is even a sign of another psychosocial disorder, the “Internet phobia.”

Since the majority of Internet addicts there are adolescents aged 13 to 17 who are online game addiction patients, here I take this group as an example to analyze the social dimensions of Internet addiction, and perhaps to treat Internet addiction.Not without help.

  According to statistics, there are currently about 40 million under-age Internet users in China, of which there are 4 million “Internet addiction teenagers”, accounting for about 10%.

In fact, there are very few people with Internet addiction in western countries. If it is only from a psychological and physical level, it is difficult to explain why there are so many people with Internet addiction in China, especially young people, and the proportion is so large.

In a certain country, “Internet addiction” is often regarded as the same thing as “drug addiction”. Naturally, many people are called “detoxification” in the same way to help young people quit Internet addiction, that is, using the “isolation method””, To keep them away from the Internet,” seeing nothing and keeping the mind out of the way “-this” firm wall and clear field “thinking is even reflected in some government regulations or policies, such as stipulating that Internet cafes cannot accommodate minors.

It must be said that this is a stupid way of “headache, foot pain and foot pain”, and the effect can be quite limited-because the cause of Internet addiction among teenagers is not the Internet itself, or even the InternetSeek from other places-the Internet is only a medium, and it can only show its various functions and effects, whether it is positive or okay, when it is integrated into a certain social and cultural context.

  In my opinion, the “Internet addiction” of adolescents is actually the product of the intersection of traditional Chinese culture and modern civilization, especially the Internet-in a sense, every Chinese person is a potential “Internet addict”Because traditional Chinese culture is inherently immune to the destructive side of the modern medium, the Internet.

Adolescents are more likely to become addicted than adults. In addition to their lack of judgment and self-control, it is more important that they do not encounter so many trivial issues in the adult world.

  China’s traditional culture values collectives rather than individuals, and even does not even have the concept of “individuals.” Naturally, it lacks the respect that people should have as individuals.

Thousands of years of feudal autocracy has shaped the nation’s severe slavery, and their deep sense of weakness and incompetence has captivated them, making it easy for them to gain some kind of psychology by controlling or abusing similar paths that are weaker than them.Compensation-Moreover, when a minion becomes a master, he is often more brutal than his original owner (this kind of cruelty can be a virtual violence in online games)-this is the most important socio-psychological basis of Internet addiction.

  Mr. Tao Hongkai, a visiting professor at Central China Normal University, who is famous for helping young people to quit internet addiction, said in a “deep breathing in mind” speech to more than 500 minors and their parents in Yinchuan:In people, the root is the unsuccessfulness of family education, the failure of exam-oriented education and the influence of bad social culture.

There is no panacea for quitting Internet addiction. It requires families, schools and society to take responsibility.

In fact, the reasons that Mr. Tao Hongkai said are mainly because our “adult-oriented” society affected by feudal dictatorship lacks due respect for human rights and does not regard them as “persons” with self-conscious individuals.”Looking at the cause-culture is quite inert and is the most difficult thing to change. The traditional” authoritarian cultural field “makes everything in it operate in the same direction of spin.

The Internet is diffuse, democratic, autonomous, and interactive. These characteristics of the Internet have made young people who face the oppression of the adult world in real life and lack autonomy find the feeling of being the master or controlling and manipulating others.So that the mental energy accumulated by them found a legitimate vent.

But slaves are still slaves after they belong to the master. If he cannot emerge from the dual structure of master / slave – the “master” of the virtual world of the network will eventually become the slave of the network.As an independent individual, he entered the network as a virtual “master”.

  In addition, the increase in population density resulting from the urbanization wave and the continuous increase in living space is another important cause of Internet addiction.

The increase in population density does not mean an increase in human-to-human communication. On the contrary, it means an increasingly brutal competition for survival and the loss of sincere relationships between people.

In modern urban society, man is lonely and lonely. Although he is a member of the crowd, it still does not help-he has become an atom.

This atomic existence makes people yearn for communication, whether it is a real or virtual substitute.

  A small reader of Ningxia’s “Huaxing Times” once wrote to the newspaper by e-mail-“I really want to thank the Internet!

Without the Internet, maybe more of us will fall into criminals or psychopaths.

Mom, I love you, and I can only tell you on the Internet, do you know?

I’m very lonely.

I long for the communication of the heart, when I am hurt, when I long for freedom . I don’t feel your love for me at all.

Did you know?

Sometimes I hate you.

I’m like a lifeless puppet, all my words and deeds can’t shrink the track you embed for me.

As a life, I bear the hope of the whole family, and this responsibility has crushed me.

It’s not hard to find out that the voice of this little reader has condensed almost all the causes of “Internet addiction”-contrary to what the “Internet addiction diagnosis and treatment standard” thinks, “Internet addiction” is notPsychosis, even the treatment and prevention of various types of mental illness, is actually a way of self-protection for those who are close to collapse to cope with or avoid the harm of reduced environment.

  Doctors have made clear the pathogenesis of a certain disease in order to prescribe the right medicine and better cure the body’s diseases.From the analysis of the mechanism of “Internet addiction”, we can trim it and try to quit the Internet addiction or avoid the destructiveness of the Internet with the “isolation method” of “not seeing the desire and disturbing the mind”.Is not a wise move-reality has also proven that this method has little effect.

The treatment of “Internet addiction” is a huge systematic project. Only by improving the social and cultural environment and eliminating the various social and cultural factors that produce “Internet addiction” can most people, including adolescents, be guided reasonably.Use the Internet and play a huge role in promoting social development.