Six beautiful legs killer destroys the beautiful legs


Six beautiful legs killer destroys the beautiful legs

Now in the spring, you can use your clothes to cover your big legs, but spring is the time when the meat grows. If you are not careful, your legs will be destroyed by the tangible killers.

Let’s learn the secrets of the legs!

銆€銆€Beautiful leg killer one: the dark black top shorts and the knee-length skirt, how to make the dark black alignment to the beauty of the big discount.

In fact, in addition to the cause of the darkening of the stratum corneum and dead skin, resulting in too long time and some trauma can also form blood stasis, sinking.

銆€銆€Beautiful knee tips: 1.

Use fiber to wipe away the waste keratin on the sieve. It is necessary to straighten the incision to avoid erroneous wear and tear on the skin.


Pick a whitening mask, participate in sugar, if necessary, participate in a small amount of olive oil, vegetable oil can not only add lubrication, but also harden the keratin to maintain the skin.


After exfoliating the skin is very soft, apply a leg cream and apply a thick cotton pad. It is best to use a spray bottle to spray warm water to enhance the soaking of the leg cream.

銆€銆€Beautiful leg killer 2: The cleft leg and leg are not shorts, so it will not let the leg cleft to affect the beauty of the dress.

The splitting of the leg is not only related to the loss of water, but also the sun protection of the legs.

銆€銆€Tips for beautiful legs: 1.

The nourishing reproductive water is dedicated to the dry skin, which can be mineral water, flower water, plant flower pure dew and so on.


Pour 6 drops of pure essential oil directly into a sufficient amount of water and put in a piece of repairing leg membrane for 15 minutes.

Other essential oils that have the function of repairing skin cleft palate are calendula, chamomile and so on.


The best way to deal with the chromatic aberration of cleft palate is to apply a physical sunscreen every day to prevent the chromatic aberration from becoming clearer.

Sun protection in the morning, whitening at night, the legs can quickly recover white.

銆€銆€Beautiful leg killer three: The dry heel of the beautiful dress to match with the beautiful sandals.

However, the boring climate and the excessive alkalinity of the shower gel will make the heel dry, and the cracked heel and high heels are really unmarried.

銆€銆€Secrets of the United States: 1.

Use dead skin flour to quietly frustrate the hard skin, pay attention not to fall back and forth, and must prevent the skin from being scratched in the same direction.


In a pot of warm water, take an excess (two teaspoons, about 6ml) of the foot lotion, stir gently, then soak your feet for about 20 minutes, dry with a towel.


瓒?When your feet are warm, lick the thick foot cream and put on the breathable cotton socks to make the foot film for the feet.

銆€銆€Beautiful leg killer four: calf edema long standing for a long time sitting in the subway to make the leg pressure double, edema will first appear nowadays calf, serious words will cause varicose veins, calf crawling full of “small green snake”, so that the legs can be worn thicker,More beautiful.

銆€銆€Go to the edema secret: 1.

Slightly raise the legs, with a fiber-legged product that can help drain the water. Massage the small calves from top to bottom with a small massage roller.


After 5 minutes, he was beaten with a fist and helped the muscles to tighten further.

The midline of the back of the leg is a collection of acupuncture points that help eliminate fatigue and remove toxins.


After the acid swells and relaxes, it can be lightly applied with ice. After a hot and cold treatment, the skin of the legs is firmer.

銆€銆€Beautiful leg killer five: follicular keratinization In fact, many people’s calf is not beautiful because of follicular keratosis.

The appearance of follicular keratosis is very similar to “goose bump”. Due to the relationship between sweating and clothing placement, hair follicles are accompanied by redness and swelling, indicating that the oil hardens to form a small embolism, just like a small volcano.銆€銆€Hair follicle keratinization tips: 1.

First clean the skin of the legs, quietly circle, wash away the pores and the small embolism of the hardened oil.


With toner, it may be able to harden the keratinous toner, moisten the cotton sheet, and stick it in the area where the keratinization of the hair follicle is particularly serious, causing hardening embolism and opening the pores.


The particularly serious pores in the depression have an inflamed tendency. It is necessary to use a scrub mud to massage while rubbing, and finally use a small scraper to remove the scrub mud. The pores that were originally severely plugged open, and the small volcano will disappear.

銆€銆€Beautiful leg killer six: small hairy legs in the legs, small hair is not elegant, it is easy to affect the mood of wearing a skirt.

However, the hair on the legs is a light-colored fine hair that can be easily removed without any allergies.

銆€銆€Go to the leg hair tips: 1.

Take a little talcum powder on the outer part of the hair to be removed. It can not only absorb the oil, but also prevent the skin from being sensitive and red after shaving.


Shave the hair from the bottom up along the direction of hair growth.


In order to prevent repeated shaving and scratching of the skin hair follicles, the roots that can’t be shaved are removed with a flat hair removal clip.

During the process of plucking, the epidermis will be instantly congested and easily sensitive. It is necessary to take a calming toner to converge the pores.