How many confidants do you need?

How many confidants do you need?

Geographically, people need to determine their position so that they don’t get lost. Psychologically, they also need to determine their position in order to find the power of action.

If you want to have a long-term relationship with “Lan Yan Confidant”, then you first need to position yourself, and then set a position for “Lan Yan Confidant” to see which position is most suitable for him.

  So, how does a woman position herself as a “blue-confidant” or find a few “blue-confidant” the most suitable?

According to several girlfriends who claimed to be “coming people”, women had better or at least three “blue-confidants”.

  This first “blue-yan confidant” is of course her husband; the second “blue-yan confidant” is a boyfriend willingly sharing your troubles, but without gender awareness; the third “blue-yan confidant” is appreciationAnd respect your thinking man.

  If you really have these three types of “blue confidant”.

This is always a woman’s happiness, but also a kind of luck.

  Intimate lover Lan Yan confidant love is the best beauty teacher for women.

Fruits are as beautiful as flowers in the season of love.

In fact, before he fell in love with his boyfriend, Guo had devoted himself to his talents and admired his tall and magnificent shore.

The two of them fell in love with each other unconsciously, and finally on that journey, Guo’s boyfriend found an opportunity and naturally came up with his own ideas.

If this sentence has been waiting for a long time, the love between the two has finally begun.

  In love, men are far more romantic than women.

In Guo’s love, his boyfriend often comes up with a sudden romantic plot, so that while surprised, Guo will give birth to a strong love and feel that he is the happiest woman in the world.

For example, on the 25th birthday of Guo, the company asked his boyfriend to work overtime. Because he could n’t push it, he could n’t celebrate his birthday.

What Guo Guo didn’t expect was that when the needle was pointing at 23:58, he was sweating and holding 25 roses standing at the door of Guo’s house. He said, “It’s okay, I didn’t miss today.
“These 25 roses almost bloomed in the spring night, and more in the heart of Guo, so she decided to be his wife.

  In marriage, men are far more realistic than women.

Entered into the palace of marriage, while maintaining a romantic relationship, her husband is more realistic than when in love.

His love for fruit is no longer inexorably loved or restrained.

Making Guo’s willfulness too much, but she still felt the deep love of her husband.

The husband is very busy with work, but maybe someday he will take the time to make a delicious meal for Guo; the husband needs a business trip, but he will often come back early; often when he opens his eyes in the morning, he finds that the husband is lovingLooking at her.

  Women are not born, but created.

Accompanied by her husband, “blue-faced confidant”, the fruit has matured a lot today, and she still maintains her personality when she is gentle; she fully demonstrates her advantages when she struggles; she captures the man’s confused heart when she is in love.

The husband said she was a mature and attractive woman.

  Opinion: Love is a kind of creativity. The success of love, to a certain extent, the creativity of your love.

Love is also a deliberate business, and “husband and wife” is the most worthwhile business for you.

  Gender-conscious confidante Lan Yan “When a woman approaches a man she trusts, she will unreservedly show her thoughts and thoughts, while revealing her colorful feelings, she will also expose her shallowness, herTrivial, her ignorance and her mediocrity.

Therefore, it is necessary to find a man who can show his heart and talk.

Because people need to vent.

What’s more, some things cannot be said to the husband.

From this point of view, you need to hand in a buddy-like ‘blue-confidant’.

Lan Qi was deeply moved.

  Among Lan Qi’s male friends, Qiang is the kind of friend who holds Lan Qi as a buddy.

Not only him, even Lan Qi in front of him, never considered himself a girl.

The two have almost no gender awareness, and belong to the kind of friends who are absolutely dead.

  The iron of their relationship is enviable.

When Lan Qi encountered sadness, the first thing she thought of was Qiang.Lan Qi had a quarrel with her lover that time, because the lover’s ex-girlfriend often contacted Qiang, but Qiang kept Lan Qi from hiding.

When Lan Qi knew this, she was very sad and wanted to give up her lover, but fell in love with him. Lan Qi, who was in pain, didn’t know what to do.

  At that time, Qiang was on a business trip in Shanghai and received Lan Qi’s mobile phone.

Qiang helped Lan Qi analyze three points: first, the reason why he did n’t tell Lan Qi did not prove that he still loved his ex-girlfriend, maybe he was worried that Lan Qi would think more, so he wanted to reduce the trouble;He contacted, he felt that he was able to handle this matter well, and there was no need to allow Lan Qi to have an extra psychological burden; third, if he really wanted to rekindle his former girlfriend, do n’t worry, you know that since he chose to leave the former girlfriendIt must be that she has something he cannot accept.

Under normal circumstances, men rarely regret what they have given up.

After analysis, Qiang helped Lan Qi to plan corresponding countermeasures.

Lan Qi acted according to plan, and it really paid off.

  Don’t look at Lan Qi’s quietness, but she is lively and straightforward, a little boyish.

Dealing with problems is not thorough enough, especially in the workplace, only skilled business is not enough, sometimes with skills in male bosses.

When she encountered a problem that could not be solved in the workplace, she would ask for advice on how to get along with male bosses, male colleagues, and how to crack men’s workplace psychology.

The “strategies” and “countermeasures” she asked from Qiang applied to practice, and they really worked very well.

Of course, Lan Qi also often helped Qiang, deciphering the true meaning of his girlfriend’s seemingly fickle mood.

  Opinion: A man understands a man is one kind, a man understands a woman is another kind, and a comprehensive man is a comprehensive man.

Similarly, men understand women as one kind, and women understand women as another.

Therefore, only by combining the different characteristics and perspectives of the sexes, can we really get the answer.

Also, when a woman is hurt and needs to cry, a dead party without sex is one of the best people you can talk to.

To obtain such a true confidant without gender awareness, it needs to be cultivated normally.

  The confidante who appreciates your thoughts in the relationship between men and women feels that most of the errors are women.

Therefore, women do not need to worry about their boyfriends being misplaced. The key is that women themselves should not be confused, maintain a rational mind, get along with men rationally, and be able to interact with men with confidence.

  Among mortals’ confidants of the opposite sex, sword is the kind of man who cares more about her thoughts than about her looks. He respects and appreciates Fan’s thoughts, and often communicates with Fans.

When encountering an unsolvable ideological problem, the two naturally think of each other, find a place of quiet, and for a few hours of communication, each other will feel a sense of relief.

  At that time, Fan was very upset with her husband, but couldn’t think of a good solution to the problem. She was distressed and thought of the sword.

On a phone call, she and Jian met in the cafe. An hour later, Fan Huarong finally smiled.

The problem of the mortal was solved, the sword talked about several difficult problems he encountered in the “mall”, the mortal who has been fighting for many years in the “commercial war”, and helped the sword to come up with several plans.The feeling of Mousseton opened, and his thoughts were opened.

  Anyone who thinks that if you look closely at a man, you can’t see all its charms without getting deep into his thoughts.

If you can find a “blue-faced confidant” who is thinking and can really treat you, there will be a qualitative leap in women’s thinking.

Communication and communication between a thoughtful man and a thoughtful woman are tantamount to absorbing the essence of gender thinking.

This is a very lucky thing for both people.

  Therefore, if a woman has her own thought, she must dare to express it in front of the opposite sex. Don’t think that I will do this?

Will it upset him?

Will it disappoint him?

Will it offend him or something.

This resists your thinking and normal play.

You know, the reason why you can become his “confidant” is mostly your thoughts, especially for thoughtful men.

  Of course, as a woman, you have to know how to choose.

If there is a man who appreciates your thoughts, then you must take good measures of how you get along with each other. Don’t let this rare friendship go astray, or you won’t be able to make a friend in the end.

You know, since he appreciates your thoughts, he will love other women’s looks, figures, and other good qualities just as he loves your thoughts.

At this time, you must not be afraid of jealousy, you must know that you may be “blue-faced confidants” in your mind.

If you want him too much, it’s not good for both sides.

Therefore, it is best for women to position themselves and their “blue-faced confidants” so that this friendship can develop healthily.In this way, both parties will benefit.

  Opinion: While admiring the thoughts of men, women must also show their excellence. This is the “gender confidante” that complements each other and attracts both.

Of course, this kind of attraction is limited to ideology, and we must keep a good balance.

You know, it’s not easy to meet this kind of “confidante”, and it is even more difficult to cultivate this friendship.

Therefore, we must cherish it. Do n’t lose this rare “blue confidant” because of your personal feelings.