Do a plump woman need to add estrogen


Do a plump woman need to add estrogen

Estrogen is very important for women, it is an important factor in maintaining the second characteristic of women.

Estrogen can make a woman plump and sexy, and the skin looks soft and delicate.

However, with the gradual growth of aging, the amount of estrogen secreted is also reduced, and the skin loses its former luster and elasticity.

If you want to delay aging, then supplementing estrogen will become a daily consideration.

銆€銆€Every day, a cup of thick soy milk experts recommend that women should pay special attention to the supplement of soy foods from the time of youth. After entering the age of 25, a cup of thick soy milk or a piece of tofu should be guaranteed every day, because the supplement of soy to estrogen is impossible.Reflected, so the supplement of soybeans should start early.

銆€銆€Pay attention to foods that delay skin aging: high-protein foods such as lean meat, eggs, fish, milk, and soy products.

Protein is one of the essential nutrients of the human body. It is often eaten to promote the fullness and elasticity of the subcutaneous muscles.

銆€銆€Vitamin E foods: such as vegetable oil, sesame oil, wheat germ oil, peanut oil, lettuce leaves; in addition, such as cream, cod liver oil can also be used, vitamin E in such foods can prevent subcutaneous oxidation, enhance the vitality of tissue cells, canMakes the skin smooth and elastic.

銆€銆€Foods rich in vitamins and minerals: such as radish, tomatoes, Chinese cabbage, celery and other vegetables and apples, citrus, watermelon, jujube and so on.

The vitamins and minerals in these foods enhance the skin’s elasticity, softness and color, and have a good effect on preventing dry and rough skin.

White fungus is also a good skin care product, you can usually add rock sugar stew to eat, or add red dates soup to drink.

With more than 10 pieces of longan meat, add tea to drink, the effect is not bad.

銆€銆€Homemade drinks supplement estrogen When the early symptoms of menopause appear, use Angelica Jianshui, about 10 grams per day, when tea supplements, can significantly change the symptoms caused by estrogen reduction.

In addition, the use of hawthorn, dandelion and ginger to make tea, when they enter the age of 35, began to overlap, as a daily must-drink tea, step by step, can naturally supplement the progressive estrogen.

銆€銆€Taking or applying fresh royal jelly to an earlier woman should take about 10 grams of royal jelly per day to supplement estrogen.

Because royal jelly has the function of retaining water, it does not affect the daily addition of soy-sized royal jelly in simple skin care products, smeared on the face, supplemented with estrogen, and also caused the role of rejuvenation.