[How does Xiaomi boil easily?

】 _How to cook_How to cook

[How does Xiaomi boil easily?
】 _How to cook_How to cook

Millet is a very important food crop in developing countries. This kind of crop is grown in most places. Although most people rarely eat millet, it is recommended that you always eat more, especially those who have a very fine diet.Eat the original coarse grains of millet. Millet has a very high nutritional value. It can only use protein and vitamins, and it also contains starch fiber. It can clear the heat and nourish yin, etc. Here is how to cook millet.

How does Xiaomi cook easily?
1. Soaking: Soak the rice with cold water for half an hour before making porridge to allow the rice grains to swell.

Benefits: a. Save time by boiling the porridge; b. It will turn in the same direction when it is stirred; c. The porridge will be crispy and taste good.

2, boiled water pot: everyone’s consensus is cold water porridge, but the real connoisseur is to boil porridge with water, why?

You must have had the experience of cooking porridge in cold water?

There is no such phenomenon in boiling water pot, and it saves time compared to cold water congee.

3, the heat: first boil with a high fire, and then turn to a low heat to cook for about 30 minutes.

Don’t underestimate the change in size of the fire, the aroma of porridge comes out instantly!

4. Stirring: Originally, when cooking porridge, it was for fear of the bottom of the porridge. Now there is no correction of the bottom of the porridge in cold water, why should we stir it?

In order to “thicken”, that is to make the rice grains full and the grains crispy.

The stirring technique is: stir a few times when opening the underwater pot, cover the pot until the heat is boiling for 20 minutes, and start stirring continuously for about 10 minutes, until the pan is thick and thick.

5, some oil: cooking oil to put porridge?

Yes, a small amount of salad oil is added at about 10 minutes after the porridge is modified, and the finished porridge is not only bright in color, but also fresh in the mouth.

6. Bottom and ingredients: Most people are used to pouring all their brains into the pot when cooking porridge, which is not the case for centuries-old porridge shops.

The bottom of the porridge is the bottom of the porridge, the ingredients are the ingredients, boiled separately, simmered, and finally boiled for a while, and never more than 10 minutes.

The congee made in this way is refreshing and not turbid, and the taste of everything is boiled out without staleness.

Especially when the ingredients are meat and seafood, the bottom of the porridge should be separated from the ingredients.